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Intuitive Astrology: December New Moon 2015


“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life”– Robin Sharma

The December 11 New Moon will fall in the sign of Sagittarius, helping all of us to step out of comfort zones and pave the way for a fresh new start.

The energy of this New Moon will require us to take an explorative look at life and what we have been choosing to give our attention to. 

We all become guilty of getting stuck in our patterns and repeating the same cycle or having the same goals year after year and this New Moon is going to challenge us to think differently.

It is going to challenge us to unlock a new wave of thought or belief system in order to proceed forward.

It is going to challenge us to break down some of the repetitive cycles we have been stuck in and replace them with something new.

Starting something new or doing things differently can always be daunting, but when we fall into the trap of running on autopilot we start repeating the same life themes over and over again. We start falling into a pattern of monotony.

While there is a lot to learn from routine, any patterns or behaviours that are no longer serving our highest potential will be made clear this week.

In fact, these patterns may have been trying to get our attention since the last Full Moon on November 25.

Think back to this time and see if the Universe presented you with any clues as to what you needed to let go of.

All New Moon’s signify a new beginning and a time to shed your skin and start fresh and December’s really holds true to this, but perhaps not in the way you think.

There has been so much upheaval this year that December doesn’t require us to make any more radical changes. Instead, this energy requires us to think about how we can approach the things that we have been doing differently.

December’s New Moon requires us to continue on the same path but transform ourselves from the inside out.

It will require us to shift the way we have been doing things in order to discover or learn something new about ourselves and the world we live in.

Often we forget that we have a limitless potential inside of us that is just waiting to be released. Often we forget that we are the Universe expressing itself as human.

There is nothing in this life that we can’t do, no matter what outward appearances may be.

We all have the same potentials living inside of us, it is just up to us how we choose to use them.

Within your body you contain the secrets of the Universe, you hold infinite wisdom that can be unlocked at different levels of consciousness.

If you allow it and welcome it in, this New Moon is going to help you unlock a different box of potential. It is going to allow you to think about things differently and therefore approach life differently.

This energy is going to support you to shed what no longer serves and to liven things up by stepping outside of your comfort zone.

December’s New Moon is really about learning something new and not allowing yourself to become complacent with your current reality.

Now is the perfect time to seek, to go further afield, to explore more territory and to do something new everyday that brings excitement and awe.

Now is the perfect time to update your goals, dreams and wishes and to think of new ways to approach or handle things.

Know that you will be fully supported by the Universe this week to step outside of your comfort zone and break those repetitive patterns once and for all.

December’s New Moon is really a reminder for all of us that life is a journey, which is meant to be explored and lived to the fullest.

So, ask yourself the question- Are you living the same year over and over? Or is every year a new and wonderful journey full of adventure?


Tanaaz is an intuitive coach, astrologer and the creator of Forever Conscious. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Tanaaz now lives in Los Angeles, USA.

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