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New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Pisces March 8, 2016


How deep is your love?

Get ready for some waves this month! The New Moon on March 8, 2016 in Pisces is rare event in the sky because it occurs not only with a Solar Eclispe but it is also a SuperMoon. The moon is related to feminine aspects we all hold within ourselves. She is symbolic of feminine qualities: our need for bonding, deep emotions and connection in our relationships. So when she is super charged with a Solar Eclispe and SuperMoon - get ready to ride some waves.

Pisces is the sign of unconditional love, intuition and spirituality and a new moon is about new beginnings. So when this energy combines it asks us to be patient with ourselves and others in creating new harmonious relationships or projects. This energy will also reveal to us some more hidden aspects of our relationships that may be out of balance - in terms of accepting differences in masculine and feminine interpersonal skills. There is no surprise that this event is happening on International Women's Day because this energy is really focusing on women's health - or more generally the importance of healthy emotional bonds. What is truly the root cause that drives our relationships? Is there emotional connection and reciprocal need for bonding? Are we allowing our spiritual, rather than practical needs, to drive these relationships? If not, perhaps the universe will reveal these more hidden aspects and demand for change whether we like it or not. These are just some of the waves we may feel this March.

We should not wallow in despair because luck is on our side. Symbolic of the divine mother who stands on a crescent moon, a new moon in the water sign of Pisces, will enable us to move through these emotions with profound self-nurturing and care - it will require a deep surrender on our behalf but also may ask some of us to play the role of an unconditional caregiver for another. Also, the New Moon will be in opposition to Virgo in Jupiter. This dynamic has been developing since August 2015 in the North and South nodes (which have been dancing away in Virgo and Pisces). However, the energy dynamic of this pair has now shifted with Jupiter the planet of expansion and abundance in Virgo because it enhances both energies and supports us all to bring our spiritual and emotional needs into practical everyday life. This change may bring up some emotional or spiritual questions left unanswered until the Full Moon enters Libra on March 23, 2016. Until then we should stay patient with ourselves and trust we are safe to know that all pieces of our life puzzles will eventually fall into place.

Intensity may be high, emotions may come up and all the while we can literally take a breath knowing that all this too shall pass. This energy is truly about riding the waves as they come up in our life but also about the importance of expressing our emotions during those times. Just like an undertow which brings up things left forgotten deep in the sea, we know they will now be revealed so we can patiently wait until we feel which emotion is triggered for us. The Solar Eclispe in a New Moon will reveal anything left undiscovered, as the sun shines on the moon, it will enable us to develop new beginnings, in our relationships, projects or in our health. This is an ultimate cleanse and detox to finally let go of our perceptions so that we truly embrace our feminine side - both spiritual and emotional. The more that we allow oursleves to express these emotions this month will ultimately determine how we flourish in the months ahead. Only then we will we be able to be more playful, lighthearted and joyful in our relationships thereafter - like a school of dolphins. So have those deep discussions, express your emotions and any vulnerabilities within your relationships. Neptune the planet of mysteries, secrets and fog also enters Pisces early this month. So trust that the energy in March may create some fog but only because it wants to reveal to us our hidden fears.

Because as they say ...sometimes what we fear most is truly what we love.

Much Love,
Ascension Coach


Guest Article From: Ange-L - Ascension Coach See her on Facebook!


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