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New Moon in Aquarius - Upgrade 10.0 An Epic Shift


We are starting the New Year off with 22 degrees and 8 degrees New and Full moon cycles. The numerology behind this energetic shift is an important gateway and it provides great shifts in our collective consciousness. Aquarius is the sign of evolutionary thinking, it is an air sign and it is asking us to start to shift our thinking in developing new ways of looking at our lives and our collective humanity.

This January is a portal gateway for balancing our masculine and feminine energies in full force - bringing back eons or eras of our lives in order to see from a new light. The Aquarius New Moon on January 27/28th, 2017 is happening at 8 degrees. Numerologically, 1 is a symbol of new beginnings and Aquarius is all about moving forward with new visions for the future and for humanity. So we are being asked, even pushed to leave behind outdated beliefs, paradigms or timeframes which we construct our reality. Think sci-fi, think star trek, think however you can think in order to see with futuristic eyes.

What is more fascinating with this particular transit is that there is an immense soulmate, masculine-feminine or twin-like energy. January is a number 1 month, plus 2017, equals 11 - which is the soulmate/twin energy code of balancing and healing our collective masculine and feminine energies. Also, at this time we should not forget that Venus and Mars have been visible to the naked eye all month long in the sky. Venus, the planet of love, beauty and finances is bringing into fruition a final call to integrate our life choices so that both love and abundance is possible in our lives - and both equally important. Mars, the planet of action, will give us the drive and push to take the actions necessary to make these changes a reality - or for some, a new reality (as the Aquarian energy would envision.)

This is a universal Upgrade 10.0 - this is an epic shift in time for our collective consciousness. You may come to realize a new understanding, new ways of looking at life and this new knowledge will completely upgrade your life. This New Year 2017 also equals 10 - another universal code for the turn of a century. Where we spiral into infinite possibilities overcoming our collective history and renewing our lives for the better.

Much Love,

Starlight Coach

Guest Article From: Ange-L - Ascension Coach See her on Facebook!


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