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The June 2020 World Teacher Full Moon of 16 Sagittarius-Gemini Pt. 2

The June 2020 World Teacher Full Moon of 16 Sagittarius-Gemini Pt. 2

- Sabian Symbols Showing the Light of A Deeply
Felt Message Expressed In An Alert Readiness to Act -

This Full Moon is the third one since the Great Mutation waveform was activated at the end of March. As this World Teacher “Christfest” Full Moon spreads the Wesak Full Moon “Buddha Wisdom” to humanity as a world teaching, this Eclipse is extraordinarily important in showing us the global wisdom needed this year.

All the conjunction points made by Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in January and March were activated by Mars in March, and its conjunction with Saturn at 1 Aquarius set structures into play which will be needed in the 200 era to come beginning with the Great Mutation of December 2020. That “Great Compression” of planets created a very crowded house in a very narrow span of degrees, impacting the houses where we have late Capricorn for many years to come.

Jupiter will conjunct Pluto all year, expanding Plutonic seeds at different points. Given Jupiter’s retrograde span, for the next 6 months it will open many futures related to the Capricorn conjunctions of January and March 2020 as it moves direct, then RX, then direct, over all of them. If you’re wondering how this Great Compression and those to come will impact us, please check out the linked articles on the bottom of Part 1 of this series published previously.

We continue our run of months of no oppositions other than those made by the Moon when it’s in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio. This makes the Moon extraordinarily important as the “nozzle” to express all the other planetary energies! If oppositions produce awareness, it would seem that each month for about a week when the Moon is far enough outside the occupied span we’ll be able to get a handle on things and a clear focus for the energies.

As the Full Moon fulfills the themes of the previous New Moon, we now can take the sense of purpose we’ve been experiencing since the New Moon, and now find ourselves on the threshold of swirling frictional energies allowing us to unlock our caged up power. We have the power of persuasion if we have integrated our lower mind into our higher triad. We can now use the light of formalizing a set of ideas we began at that New Moon and communicate what our inner Light has experienced in loving forms.

Saturn continues to be incredibly important, and still on the degree where it went retrograde which began a time of “cosmic visitations” that have “galvanized us to action,” and have begun to “liberate us from adverse conditions.” As we have 3 planets in Air signs including the Sun and Venus, communication will be very favored these next two weeks. Listen to the inner voice, and be willing to interact appropriately with others.

The Sun in Air and Moon in Fire shows a time of the Mutable Air (distributive relatedness and interactivity) of Gemini expressing its curiosity through the Mutable Fire (distributive inspiration) of Sagittarius. In this chart, 3 planets are in the first third of their signs, 4 planets are in the second third of their signs, and 3 planets are in the last third of their signs. This indicates a balance between the actional-material field and the individual, mental, and spiritual field, with a slight emphasis on the social/emotional fields.

Why Are Full Moons So Important?

At a Full Moon, that which has opened since the previous New Moon surfaces in a public form, and heads toward the culmination and fruition symbolized by the second half of any cycle. First half, birth into form and field. Second half, culmination and completion of the purpose of that cycle.

That’s why it’s important to regard the New and Full Moon charts as “God’s Footprints in Time,” since one follows the other in an unending sequence of births of newer and newer seeds. The New Moons show us the seeds that will flourish under the reflected light of the Full Moon.

Full Moons heighten feelings, due to the opposition of the Moon and the Sun. As there is only one forming opposition in this Full Moon, it puts the evolutionary “Tension of Opposites” at work wherever we have 16 Gemini and Sagittarius.

As I noted earlier, we’re now past all the oppositions of the inner planets and Mars to the outer planets. From now until the Sun opposes Pluto in July 2021, there will be no more planetary oppositions except those made by the Moon. After July, the Sun, Mercury, and Venus will all oppose the Capricorn planets, Neptune, and Uranus through the end of the year.

Dispositors - What's the Backdrop to the Energies?

The Sun is in Gemini, making Mercury its ruler. Mercury is in Cancer and ruled by the Moon in Sagittarius, which in turn is ruled by Jupiter. As Jupiter is ruled by Saturn, it makes Saturn the “final dispositor” of these planets as well as well as Venus, Mars, Uranus and Pluto.

The Moon in Sagittarius has its worldly ruler Jupiter in Capricorn and its spiritual ruler Neptune in Pisces. As noted, Jupiter is ruled by Saturn, while Neptune continues its “standalone” rulership of itself and spiritual rulership of Mars. That makes Saturn the ruler of all the planets in Capricorn and Aquarius as the final dispositor of that chain of rulerships. So this Lunation continues Saturn’s two year off-and-on dominance of center stage as a primary “final dispositor” of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. As Mars is closing on its conjunction with Neptune, it will have a stronger Piscean quality than in other signs when it was ruled by Saturn or will rule itself.. As I mentioned, as usual Neptune continues its “standalone” spiritual rulership of Pisces.

By looking at how “chains of dispositors,” “final dispositors,” and “mutual reception” are in play between the planets, we get a clear picture of the backdrop for how each planet operates. You can find out more about dispositors in general, chains of dispositors, and mutual reception by going to Astrology Class – What Is A Dispositor and What Is Mutual Reception Between Two Planets?

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon

This Full Moon falls at 16 Gemini and 16 Sagittarius. It is said that the second third (decan) of any sign deals with the social, emotional, and cultural levels of life, and as the Lunation is in the second decan of those signs, invokes a sub-influence of Libras and Aries.

Since the Moon always focuses the light of the Sun in specific forms, the degree symbols for both are important. The Sun degree is the illumination or enlightenment of the Lunation, whereas the Moon shows us the potential forms that enlightenment will take. Though I’ve given you a sense of what this is about up to now, here’s where we go into detail.

The Solar degree symbol for the 16th degree of Gemini is "A woman suffragist haranguing.” In The Astrology of Personality, where Rudhyar uses the original Jones class notes on the symbols, he states this is a degree of “Rising of the human Soul in demand for the recognition by the outer nature of the needs of inner being” and “self-assertion.”

In The Astrological Mandala, he goes on to say that this degree symbolizes “a passionate response to a deeply felt new experience.” He states that “what has been ‘discovered’ not only needs to be discussed and tested through an intellectual exchange… it also demands “exteriorization” in the world of those who are “still unaware of the new knowledge. A public is needed, and it has to be convinced; its inertial resistance to change has to be overcome.”

He explains this usually requires a form of “dramatization of the issues at stake,” and the imagery suggests someone who uses feelings and dramatic images “to sway the receptive public.” He states “what is at stake is a process of communication of new experiences” via “the proselytizing mind.” He says this degree falls in the Span of Restlessness, Act of Differentiation, and is the initial degree in the Scene of Exteriorization on the Actional-Physical level.

Dr. Jones tells us this is about “the soul’s demand for a full participation in the responsibilities of human society,” and how values “are maintained only as there is a mutual give-and-take” respecting differences in views. Here “right” is substantiated through “reasoned conviction,” as well as “enlarging the privileges of (all) through a broad extension of all common or community functions.

He offers us the keyword INDIGNATION. He say when this degree is operating positively, it represents “an unswerving determination to expand every potential of being and take part in every possible detail of world-wide reconstruction.”

So the Wisdom teaching for the year involves externalizing what we feel deeply about, finding “a receptive public” and being moved by a great message, or moving others with a great message. Here the Light shines a great message which needs exteriorization, resulting in the personality learning what the Soul needs, of “spreading the word,” of passionate pleas for the purpose of persuading others of something, and finding those who are receptive to a message or knowledge we deeply feel is important.

The Lunar degree symbol for the 16th degree of Sagittarius is "Sea gulls watching a ship.” In the original Jones class notes from The Astrology of Personality, Rudhyar says this is a degree of “the moments of pause which sustain and presage change” and “alert readiness to act; or distress at not knowing what lies ahead.”

In the Astrological Mandala, he goes on to say that this degree symbolizes “the easily acquired dependence of psychic desires upon the stimulation of social circumstances.” He states the sea gulls “symbolize the more wild and normally untamable energies of the human soul” but are “domesticated” because they are dependent on “the by-products of (our) adventures within the realm of the unconscious (the sea).”

He goes on to offer “natural instincts feed on the reactions … of the socially conditioned mind-ego,” and how human ambition, dominance, and societally cultivated dependence can dominate the landscape of our lives. He says this degree is the initial degree in the Span of Detachment, Act of Group Integration, and Scene of Transference on the Actional level.

Dr. Jones says this is a degree of “the spirit’s demand for its full share in the privileges and rewards of human society,” and our “realization that (our) personal interests are served only as (we) maintain an unceasing vigilance in (our) own behalf.” He speaks of the “continual and wholly impersonal give-and-take in every phase of life’s overall economy, so that what loses its usefulness in one respect will gain an immediate high potentiality in another.”

He offers that what we fail to claim for ourselves “is promptly surrendered to the devices of someone else.” He says the keyword is ALERTNESS, and when operating in a positive manner, this degree is our “gift for recognizing every opportunity at hand.”

So the Lunar focus of this Full Moon Eclipse gives form to some sort of expansion in the realm of Distributive Fire. Here we learn to feel how to take a break while being ready to act, examining our dependencies to see which ones are conscious and which are unconscious, so that we may be vigilant in tending to the “privileges and rewards” due us. It’s important not to get stressed when you don’t yet know something, and remember that every withdrawal of your energy from one life area opens the potential in another.

From these symbols it seems the next two weeks (and the global Wisdom theme for the year!) will bring us all the Light of the externalizing a great message so we can move others to greater awareness. This will express through our ability to act in the moment while taking a break from the routines of life. Because it’s a Lunar Eclipse and the Cosmic Recyclers are in motions, keep letting go of obsolete mental patterns, accept that you’re not living the life you used to, and love what is truly worthwhile as you let go of obsolete ways of experiencing yourself and life.

TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Tests of Human Redemption

I’ve included this section for many years to keep you all aware of the workings of Divine Mother on our Earth in this Age in Transition. Rather than simply reprint it each month, I created this material as a separate article unto itself a while back. If you want to know more about the vast spiritual field coaxing us toward a great redemption of the promise of Life itself, please take a new look at TransPluto, Divine Mother, and the Tests of Human Redemption


At the last World Teacher Full Moon of Sun in Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius I gave you a universal prayer/meditation offered to us by the Tibetan Master D.K. in April 1945 at the end of the war. Tens of millions around the world do this prayer every Full Moon, tuning into the Whole which we ALL are together. I said it every day for many years, and still say it every Full Moon. (It was a real trip to see eyes suddenly open and/or lightbulbs go on over people’s heads when I did it countless times riding the NYC subways when I lived there in the early 80s!)

In 1976 I changed a few words to make it more universal. For your consideration,

The Great Invocation

From the point of Light within the mind of God
Let Light stream forth into the minds of All,
Let Light descend on Earth

From the point of Love within the heart of God
Let Love stream forth into the hearts of All
May Christ return to Earth

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let Purpose guide the little Wills of All
The Purpose which the Masters know and serve

From the center which we call the Human Race
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.

Again, as I’ve offered you many times before, when you see the title "The Christ" if you are so inclined please substitute "World Teacher," "Bodhisattva," "Imam Madhi," "Krishna," “Kristos,” "Avalokiteshvara," "Maitreya," "Messiah," or any other term used to describe this Great Being. And if you substitute “Enlightened Ones” or “Wise Ones” for “Masters” I doubt it would offend anyone.

See you soon with part 3 covering aspects, planetary sequencing, and other important factors in this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Part one of this series here!

© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com
Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson - https://www.aquariuspapers.com

About the author:

Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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Reprinted on crystalwind.cawith persmission from Robert Wilkinson.

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