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The March 2020 New Moon at 5 Aries Pt. 1

The March 2020 New Moon at 5 Aries Pt. 1

- What’s Happening in March-April -

This New Moon ushers in 4 weeks of radical new fast paced developments opening the door to self-transcendence through seeing a “higher” point of view. Welcome to the first New Moon of the Saturn in Aquarius era!

An Overview of the New Moon

Today we’ll do an overview of the Lunation and some of its primary qualities. In part 2 we’ll cover Sabian Symbols, aspects, distributions, and patterns.

This initiating, activating, pioneering, stabilizing and highly specializing New Moon at 5 Aries occurs at 2:28 am PDT, 9:28 am GMT on March 24. This will bring us into the Light of feeling a new way of acting and Being as we connect with the World Soul. This connection will expand dramatically this year in extraordinarily organic, practical ways, showing us why we trained in some specific ways between September and December 2019. This marks the first emergent “crisis” phase shift relative to what began at the Christmas Solar Eclipse.

This Lunation marks the first emergence of one of the inner planets from the outer planet occupied zone between Jupiter in late Capricorn and Uranus in early Taurus. Old Capricorn patters are already being shut down by the recent Eclipses, allowing new forms of responsibility and a sense of what’s important to come forth.

We had a lot of Capricorn conjunctions in January which Mars has activated in recent days. It is now past its conjunctions with Jupiter and Pluto, setting those long wave cycles into motion as well. Obviously Jupiter will be dancing back and forth on all those points this entire year, so for better or worse, things will be expanding!

We’re now on the far side of this year’s great Compression in earth signs, with Venus allowing us to stabilize many things once we see what’s personally relevant to us. As Venus can bring beauty, harmony, and pleasant interactions, we should find some things relatively delightful despite the harsh Capricorn outer conditions during the epidemic.

Because of all the Capricorn conjunctions now set in motion, we’re in the heart of the beginning of a great reorganization. At this time, because Saturn is now in Aquarius, we’ve begun our countdown to a new 200 year era! This marks the threshold of the new vision of a greater good for a greater number, and as usual, because Capricorn energies are still so strong, Saturn is on the main stage, helping us see a more timeless role to play to help create a better world.

This New Moon will jumpstart Aries energy wherever it falls in our chart, and because it is quintile the Capricorn stellium, there is high specialization and gifts to be claimed and demonstrated. With Venus also trine the stellium, this should be a time of practical stability through simple, natural organic ways to getting through the day. I believe Venus will offer us times when we can feel happy just being natural, receptive, and appreciative.

Just remember now that Saturn is in Aquarius, it is square Uranus! I’ll discuss more tomorrow. The next 4 weeks will lay out the patterns of the future conflict to come when Jupiter and Saturn square Uranus late this year into 2021.

The Great Compression

In the first 90 days of 2020, we’ve had a “Great Compression” of planets involving Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all making conjunctions in the last decan of Capricorn, setting off a number of cycles, one of which will last 33 years! This starts another phase of our collective spiritual evolution which will take us from the threshold of the Age of Aquarius into the Age itself.

The last conjunction in this series is when Mars conjuncts Saturn at 1 Aquarius on March 31, setting a cycle into motion which will expand in huge ways beginning at the Grand Mutation of late 2020. That Jupiter/Saturn conjunction launches both a new 20 year Aquarian cycle AND a new 200 year era of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in Air signs. That means no more of the materialism of the past 200 years, with more of a focus on our commonality and ability to share ideas over the next 200!

Wherever we have late Capricorn through late Taurus continues to be a very “crowded house,” showing a lot of activity wherever we have that span in our chart. Because all the inner planets are between Pisces and Gemini over the next few months, we will not experience any transit to transit oppositions except those the Moon makes each month. The next transit oppositions will resume this Summer when the inner planets make oppositions to Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Capricorn.

That said, keep in mind that anyone with planets in Cancer, Leo, Virgo, and Scorpio will have some VERY long wave outer planet oppositions in their charts, with potential for very high awareness and a realization of how to ground a new ideal, a new public function, and a new way of related to their larger spiritual group. The various types of the “Tension of Opposites” involved in those signs will come to the fore as the recent Eclipses take away old Capricorn and Aquarian patterns, allowing newer ones to take shape as Jupiter and Saturn occupy those signs.

This New Moon at 5 Aries is the seed theme for the coming Full Moon at 19 Aries/Libra on April 7/8 just after Mars squares Uranus. This implies a major theme of the New Moon involves seeing the tension between Aquarius and Taurus in our lives, and dealing with it on our own terms so we know how and what to do next January and February when this conflict explodes in outer affairs. It also shows the dynamic tension will come to externalization in the Light of a “strife transcending, unattached outlook” on worldly troubles made manifest as an ability to accomplish some sort of “repair work” in a group context.

At this point in time, we are at the far end of the long run of the “alternate” Sun/Moon relationships, where the Sun of the New Moon is in the same sign as the Sun of the following Full Moon. Beginning in July 2020, we’ll again enter many months of the New Moon Sun being followed by a Full Moon with the Sun in the next sign. So while this month’s New Moon is at 5 Aries and the coming Full Moon Sun will be at 19 Aries, in July we’ll have a New Moon at 29 Cancer with the following Full Moon Sun at 12 Leo.

How The Sun/Moon Sequence Shifts

There are two patterns: one with the Sun in the same sign as the Sun in the following Full Moon (New Moon between 1-15 degrees of a sign), and one with the Sun in a different sign than it’s in at the following Full Moon (New Moon between 16-30 degrees of a sign).

Before the April 2019 New Moon, the last Lunation where we had the New Moon Sun in the same sign as the next Full Moon Sun was the July 2017 New Moon at 1 Leo, which was the fifteenth in that sequence. The next Full Moon had the Sun at 16 Leo, and finished the run of Full Moons with the Sun in the same sign as the preceding New Moon Sun.

The next New Moon was the August 2017 Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo, when we shifted to the second (reverse) pattern, since that New Moon Solar Eclipse was followed by a Full Moon with the Sun at 14 Virgo and Moon at 14 Pisces. We were in this “reversed order” between August 2017 and April 2019. Since April we’ve been back in “the natural order.” This will again shift to the reverse pattern in July 2020. I also explain more about this phenomenon and what it means in the Full Moon articles.

The New Moons and Full Moons are “God’s footprints in time.” Each shows the next in the 12 phases of how things come to be each year. The cycle could be described as follows: Life energy is initiated in Aries, substantiated in Taurus, explored in Gemini, grounded in Cancer, renewed and creatively expressed in Leo, refined and ordered in Virgo, balanced and made pleasing in Libra, purified and focused in Scorpio, expanded in Sagittarius, organized in Capricorn, solidified into a vision in Aquarius, and ended/perpetuated in Pisces.

Jupiter and Saturn

This is the first of four New Moons of the Saturn in Aquarius era! We have now launched many new Saturn cycles during the Great Compression happening in January, February, and March. In 2018 Saturn helped us get beyond fear; in 2019 Saturn taught us through some sort of “planned group behavior.” As it’s now moving forward after its rare and very powerful conjunction with Pluto in January, we see it’s now in a phase of “Contribution” in actional/material ways, on a degree of “solidly in the second half of Capricorn, putting the focus on “Group Performance” on a degree of “concretization of an ideal.”

This is the fourth New Moon of the Jupiter in Capricorn era! We can now use “structured humor” or “disciplined adventure” or “structured abundance” to utilize what we’re building on the emotional and/or social level. This one helps us see the way to “a transcendent security” which we’ve already glimpsed several times before now. We’re solidly in a phase of group performance, and the expansive view we take this year will yield even greater group work next year!

So What Rules the Lunation?

This New Moon in Aries has Mars as its worldly ruler, and Pluto in Capricorn as its spiritual ruler. As Mars is in Capricorn and Saturn is also in its home sign of Aquarius, it is the worldly dispositor of the Lunation, as well as all the other planets except Venus, Uranus, and Neptune! This month we have three planets in their home signs. Venus, Saturn and Neptune are in the signs they rule, making things very clear and natural in all matters ruled by those planets.

This moves Saturn out of a totally dominant place on the world stage, and introduces Venus. In terms of dispositors, while Saturn rules the Lunation, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, itself and Pluto, we now have Venus ruling itself and Uranus. Of course, because Saturn still rules so many planets in the near and far term, it is an overwhelming influence behind most planetary affairs. As usual, Neptune continues as a longwave “standalone” dispositor of itself, ruling the fogs and mists of the current collective consciousness.

So Venus, Saturn and Neptune rule all the other planets except for when the Moon is in Cancer, and will until Venus enters Gemini, when it will again be ruled by Mercury and therefore Saturn. You can find out more about dispositors in general, chains of dispositors, and mutual reception by going to dispositors and Mutual Reception at the link.

Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend

Because Saturn plays such a large part in ruling the stage of Life for many months and even years to come, if you haven’t gotten your copy already, please give yourself the timeless gift of my book, Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. We all need to make friends with our inner Saturn if we would claim our power to fulfill our higher purpose for being alive as Spirits in the material world.

This book shows you the way to take command of your power to steer your life in a conscious way, using Saturn’s strengths and skills to be led to mastering life on our own terms. As Saturn is such a dominant energy at this time, by owning our ability to manifest the best of Saturn's virtues in our world, we take command of our destiny and become the living purpose we were born to make manifest!

It was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers, and will assist your understanding of how your life experiences assisted your Soul growth and power to turn away from unhelpful karmic cause and effect patterns. Each time you re-read any part of it you’re sure to find undiscovered gems of insight helping you throw off attitudes which frustrate your ability to live your higher Purpose on your own terms.

Is the Grand Irrationality A Factor in this New Moon?

Because this section is so long, I decided to create an article which explains what it is, how long it’s been in effect, and which zones of the zodiac have been most impacted and when. You can find all you need to know about this configuration associated with widespread irrationality and hard-edged “forks in the road of destiny” we’ve all confronted at various times by going to The Grand Irrationality.

In this chart, we have an echo of the Second Grand Irrationality (2018-2021) as Jupiter is barely separating biseptile to Uranus. The next period triggering this “fork in the road of destiny” energy will be in a few weeks, when planets in early Taurus will conjunct Uranus and biseptile Jupiter and Pluto. That one will help us all find our “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” though it might now come until Inauguration Day 2021.

Neptune and Chiron in Pisces and Aries

I have offered this segment each month for years to give you a broader perspective on the collective atmosphere, and the long wave changes humanity is going through. Because this section has gotten so large over the years, I’ve decided it deserves its own article, which I’ll link to in coming months and update as needed.

If you’re wondering about why we’re all navigating the fogs and confusions in the collective atmosphere, or why we’re healing into our Higher Self in a different way that we used to, when you’re done here please check out Neptune and Chiron in Early 2020 – Long Wave Collective Healing and Mentoring.

In that article I go into detail about the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in late Aquarius, and how each of those planets have been manifesting in Pisces. Now that Chiron is in Aries, we truly are mentoring and being mentored in a much different way than we were when Chiron was in Pisces! Please check out the article to know more.

The North Node

The coming 4 weeks indicate the line of greatest development is though actions which support new allegiances and new life directions which help us integrate and stabilize. Beware of “cat and mouse games,” and those who want to argue in circles. We continue to grow through contacting our primal innocence as we cooperate within the web of Life.

In November 2018 we left the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius era which began in May 2017, and entered the NN in Cancer and SN in Capricorn era. When the NN is in Cancer, our greatest development is through our ability to be tender, caring, and nurturing of all that we feel close to. This is where we learn through the “Mother principle,” and use “enlightened self-interest” to gather what we need to make our lives more secure. Because the SN is in Capricorn, we will demonstrate these qualities through being mature and responsible, organized and willing to work to demonstrate our personal skills in forms of social power.

The North Node in the first decan of Cancer brings a specific focus to the Cancer qualities of the sign of Cancer. This will bring forth a greater personal interest in things, learning techniques of exploring the emotional and social realms to feel our connection with the invisible world.

These will express through the South Node in the Capricorn decan of Capricorn. This should help us express our emotional growth through demonstrating our ability to see a new law of Life giving us a mandate to do what we need to do.

Summing Up - The Big Picture

We have now begun new cycles wherever we have late Capricorn in our charts. Planets in harmony with late Capricorn in our charts will find easy growth and many good things to come. Planets in disharmony with late Capricorn will either have to change how they operate, or will become mechanisms we can use to release the dynamic potential of coming years. We continue to be in a phase of full mobilization in moving toward whatever we have trained to do.

We’re all feeling squeezed wherever we have Capricorn, and can get very clear where the larger tides of Life are taking us. The Law of Economy of Energy has already been set into motion, and the quickening we’re experiencing will give us an entirely different understanding of our capabilities.

This is the next phase in our quest to find “transcendent security,” with the emphasis on play and comfort rather than austerity. This activates elements of Dharma, since Mars in Capricorn has set multiple cycles into motion, including the last Superior Conjunction, Mercury and the Sun conjunctions with Saturn and Pluto, as well as Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto. Along with these, Mars also set more cycles into motion when it conjuncted Jupiter and Pluto, with another big one to come with Saturn at 1 Aquarius, setting the Grand Mutation formative pulses into motion!

2017’s Solar Eclipses in Pisces and Leo, and 2018’s Eclipses in Aquarius, Cancer and Leo have quickened us, and we’ve been eliminating a lot of expectancies, considerations, and excess baggage. We continue to dump all kinds of old ghosts and elements of pride that would hinder our hearts from its authentic self-expression, and are getting clear about our priorities and what we should and should not expect of ourselves and others.

As a result of the 2018 Eclipses, we’ve hit the end of an old quest, attained some ambition, and now are learning a new freedom and togetherness. The 2019 Eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer have continued to remove old patterns from those sectors of our charts, with this “Cosmic Recycling” energy again set into play by the recent late December and mid-January Eclipses.

Summing Up – The Immediate Picture

We are now in a long period of intense mobilization in the part of our lives where we have Capricorn and Aquarius. We’ve been immersed mainly in Capricorn energies so far, and been exposed to the Light of Aquarius in recent weeks. We now enter a new phase of quickening, with more major endings and beginning promised over the next few weeks! The pulses set into motion these past 4 weeks finished an era and began a new one, with themes springing to life in April which will dominate the stage of Life, ours and the world’s, by this time next year!

As I said earlier, Mars is now assisting us to know how the World Soul operates and manifests. As Mercury, the Guide of Souls, is now conjunct Neptune and quintile Venus, be open to intuitive flashes of insight, see what you stand for, say what you must say, and use spiritual discrimination to get to the heart of any matter (even if you can’t say everything you know!) With Venus in harmony with Jupiter, Pluto, and Mars, keep it pleasant and easy, generate enjoyment and optimism, and bring forth good will to counter any collective vibe of discouragement.

Saturn’s patient, gentle, and wise understanding has prepared us for the group work already in motion, and Jupiter now expands our capacity to bring humor and imagination to any task or situation. Because of so much Capricorn influence, keep in mind the coming weeks may be dominated by “serious people saying serious things,” so remember to take some of it with the proverbial “grain of salt,” not giving the illusion more power than it deserves, which is none. Aquarian patterns will soon reveal themselves, so prepare for “thinking outside of the box” and joining with others in a greater work which will outlive you!

We now have trained to use power efficiently and get to demonstrate our discipline, maturity, and ability to craft our lives with an understanding of natural boundaries. All of this serves the “new quality of being rendering the old patterns obsolete” we’ve awakened to since last Summer. Be efficient as you quicken to rise to occasions, and listen to the inner voice. Know what you stand for, and if you don’t know, look for what is meaningful to you within your social framework. As I mentioned earlier, this one continues to show us our “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow,” and a new understanding of where the collective consciousness is at.

See you soon with part 2, which will cover Sabian Symbols, Jones patterns, element distribution, and a whole lot more!

© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson -
Reprinted on with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson -

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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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