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The October 2020 New Moon at 24 Libra Pt. 1

The October 2020 New Moon at 24 Libra Pt. 1

- What’s Happening in October-November -

This New Moon is the fourth month of the New Moon Sun being in a different sign than the following Full Moon Sun. This is an important shift in the Soli-Lunar sequence, since now we have different Light signs in the Lunation cycle! We continue to be in a time where spontaneity and enthusiasm is favored, whether in breaking up old complexes or penetrating insights into the truth of a thing.

This New Moon brings us to a major mutation, and marks the culmination of the Capricorn “Light lessons” for the year. There are major benefits and rewards promised in the next 4 weeks, and justice is in the air! A lot of karma will be resolved in the next 4 weeks, with changes in the old power structure indicated by Sun waning square to Saturn. As Venus is triggering a major evolutionary configuration, keep it simple, steady, pleasant, and get mobilized.

Because Mars is still retrograde and still squaring Jupiter, keep things in perspective and proportion, keep playing good defense, secure and protect the means of supply, and take a new look at your past, present, and future consecrations. This is a very expansive energy, so “curb your enthusiasm” when things start swinging out of control!

Mars square Jupiter and the Lunation square Saturn keeps the void in Cancer highly active at this time! As with the past weeks, this continues the theme of a) taking a balanced careful approach to all interactions, or b) “breaking on through to the other side” using practicality and directness to cut through defensive stances.

Mercury is now retrograde and again opposing Uranus, but also quintile Pluto and Jupiter, showing our X-ray vision can be tuned to perfection! Just keep purifying your mind and perceptions, keep meeting people on the highest social level, and go for permanent knowledge while enjoying what you can where you can with your spiritual Brothers and Sisters.

An Overview of the New Moon

Today we’ll do an overview of the Lunation and some of its primary qualities. In part 2 we’ll cover Sabian Symbols, aspects, distributions, and patterns.

This initiating, balancing, mutating, and “dues paying” New Moon at 24 Libra occurs at 12:31 pm PDT, 8:31 pm BST on October 16. This one continues the long term rebalancing and recalibration of many things, with adjustments in the air and karmic returns promised, for better or worse. Venus in Virgo stabilizes a period of “breaking up old complexes” so allow your “will to wholeness” to ground whatever is needed to stabilize your material well-being.

As Libra is a Cardinal sign, this begins a month of mobilization toward an ideal, and a challenge to current structures left over from last year. This one continues a time of research, review, reconsideration, rehearsal, reflections, reversals, and renewals in several life areas. This one brings “karmic returns” of various sorts, with many refusing old power structures due to spiritual necessity. Because we’re still in a time of massive conflicts shown by squares and oppositions involving Libra, Capricorn, and Aries, remember to count your blessings, and show appreciation for basic comforts and needs being fulfilled by your spiritual Sisters and Brothers.

This continues the cross currents of past weeks, with the most intense focus on the dual pulses of Sun and Moon square Saturn and Mars square Jupiter. At least we’re past the Sun opposition Mars, which should begin to decrease some of the retrograde pressure, even if we’ll experience one last blast when Venus opposes Mars on November 8-10 and then squares Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn between November 14 and November 21. At least the Sun in Scorpio will make very favorable sextiles to the Capricorn stellium bringing relief through regeneration and refusing to be roused to unnecessary agitation.

Now that most of the squares to the stellium are done for the year, we’re again in the “season of approach” to the next great compression coming in January. We’ve now completed a phase of the evolutionary configuration involving Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in 7th harmonic aspects, showing recent “forks in the road of destiny” are now setting the course for the rest of the Autumn.

This New Moon will jumpstart late Libra energy wherever it falls in our chart. This Lunation sees both Saturn and Pluto in direct motion on their stationary degrees. This has crystallized our connection with the World Soul and brought “seeds of rewards” for our courage in discharging our duty under abnormal conditions. Jupiter direct is now approaching its third and final conjunction with Pluto. The compression of January through March 2020 now begins a renewed expansion of Capricorn energies after the retrograde reviews of the Spring and Summer.

The Great Compression

In the first 90 days of 2020, we had a “Great Compression” of planets involving Sun, Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all making conjunctions in the last decan of Capricorn, setting off a number of cycles, one of which will last 33 years! We have now begun an accelerated phase of our collective spiritual evolution which will take us from the threshold of the Age of Aquarius into the Age itself. You can find out more about the very powerful Sun, Mercury, and Saturn's conjunctions with Pluto by revisiting The Great Compression of January 2020 – Mercury, Sun, Saturn and Pluto all Conjunct in Capricorn. That lays out the long wave patterns set into motion then.

Because of all the Capricorn conjunctions now set in motion, we are in the heart of a great reorganization. The forms were set into motion in January, accelerated during Mars’ transit of Capricorn in March when it conjuncted the January points and made its own contacts with Jupiter and Pluto. When we add the fact that Jupiter has been dancing back and forth on all those conjunction points between 21-25 Capricorn this entire year, it’s easy to see that for better or worse things have been expanding!

The last conjunction in this series was when Mars conjuncted Saturn at 1 Aquarius on March 31, setting a cycle into motion which will expand in huge ways beginning at the Grand Mutation of late 2020. That Jupiter/Saturn conjunction launches both a new 20 year Aquarian cycle AND a new 200 year era of Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions in Air signs. That means no more of the materialism of the past 200 years, with more of a focus on our commonality and ability to share ideas over the next 200!

Saturn’s 90 day visit to Aquarius in April, May, and June began the countdown to a new 200 year era! On this “Edge of Cosmic Time” we have been offered visions of a greater good for a greater number, and as usual, because Capricorn energies are still so strong, Saturn is a major player on the main stage, helping us see a more timeless role to play to help create a better world. What is your purpose? What structures and self-disciplines do you need to fulfill the ideal of that purpose?

Occupied Signs and Oppositions

We’re now in a period where we are back to one heavily occupied area in our charts, which involves the second half of Capricorn with Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto there. The inner planets are spread between Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio indicating a wide interest in the coming month wherever we have those signs in our chart.

Because Mars is retrograde and re-tracing its early August degree path, we have been in the second phase of the storm zone which is almost done. The final squares from the Lunation and Mars to the Capricorn planets is made more productive this month due to Venus trine the Cap stellium. These trines from Virgo to Capricorn help to release that energy through Mars in Aries. The positive expression of Mars in Aries is that “the god of war” in his home sign is certainly able to put the brakes on the Capricorn stellium when bureaucracy or rules become too oppressive. As Mars will occupy Aries until January 2021, we have been and will continue to “flame on” for over 2 more months.

We are now in a season when we are experiencing many transit to transit oppositions from Virgo to Neptune, Libra to Mars, and Scorpio to Uranus. Remember too that anyone with planets in Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio will have some VERY long wave outer planet oppositions in their charts, with potential for very high awareness and a realization of how to ground a new ideal, a new public function, and a new way of related to their larger spiritual group. The various types of the “Tension of Opposites” involved in those signs will come to the fore as the recent Eclipses take away old Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius, Capricorn and Aquarian patterns, allowing newer ones to take shape as Jupiter and Saturn occupy those signs.

The Sun/Moon Sequence and Its Shifts

There are two patterns: one with the Sun in the same sign as the Sun in the following Full Moon (New Moon between 1-15 degrees of a sign), and one with the Sun in a different sign than it’s in at the following Full Moon (New Moon between 16-30 degrees of a sign).

At this point in time, we are at the start of “alternate” Sun/Moon relationships, where the Sun of the New Moon is in the previous sign as the Sun of the following Full Moon. So while this month’s New Moon is at 24 Libra, the coming Full Moon Sun is at 9 Scorpio.

In July 2017 the New Moon Sun was at 1 Leo, which was the fifteenth in that sequence. The next Full Moon had the Sun at 16 Leo, and finished the run of Full Moons with the Sun in the same sign as the preceding New Moon Sun. The following New Moon was the August 2017 Solar Eclipse at 29 Leo which portended the devastation of America, when we shifted to the second (reverse) pattern, since that New Moon Solar Eclipse was followed by a Full Moon with the Sun at 14 Virgo and Moon at 14 Pisces.

We were in this “reversed order” between August 2017 and April 2019. Between April 2019 and June 2020 we were back in “the natural order.” We have now shifted again into a pattern which will last through August 2021. I also explain more about this phenomenon and what it means in the Full Moon articles.

The New Moons and Full Moons are “God’s footprints in time.” Each shows the next in the 12 phases of how things come to be each year. The cycle could be described as follows: Life energy is initiated in Aries, substantiated in Taurus, explored in Gemini, grounded in Cancer, renewed and creatively expressed in Leo, refined and ordered in Virgo, balanced and made pleasing in Libra, purified and focused in Scorpio, expanded in Sagittarius, organized in Capricorn, solidified into a vision in Aquarius, and ended/perpetuated in Pisces.

Jupiter and Saturn

This is the fourth of six New Moons finishing up Saturn’s stay in Capricorn, and this year marked the beginning of many new Saturn cycles. In 2018 Saturn helped us get beyond fear; in 2019 Saturn taught us through some sort of “planned group behavior.” We are still in the first year of its rare and very powerful conjunction with Pluto in January, and are back being taught a third time about “Group Performance” on an individual, mental, and spiritual level of experience.

We’ve already been through a “cosmic visitation” which is “galvanizing us into action” to “escape from adverse conditions.” This is a time when Nature is challenging us to listen, look, and learn that we are not separate from Her, and during these months of Saturn in Capricorn, it’s time to re-evaluate our Self-disciplines and duties.

This is the eleventh New Moon of the Jupiter in Capricorn era! We have been learning how to use “structured humor” or “disciplined adventure” or “structured abundance” to utilize what we’re building in an actional, as well as emotional, social, and cultural way. This one is direct on a degree of “a choir rehearsing,” which indicates that though much is still “behind the scenes,” we are preparing for some sort of group performance. This dynamic period will yield dividends beginning in November.

As noted, we’re now on the final approach of Jupiter’s third conjunction with Pluto, so be vigilant! It’s still as intense as it gets, so be adventurous and have a sense of humor as you get to the core of any matter. Remember to play, since taking things too seriously for too long makes life heavy. There are many ways to play, just as there are many ways to find humor. We’re solidly in a phase of group work, and the expansive view we have taken this year will yield more idealistic group work and relationships next year!

So What Rules the Lunation?

This New Moon in Libra has Venus as its worldly ruler, and TransPluto as its spiritual ruler. As Venus is in Virgo, it is ruled by Mercury in Scorpio, which in turn is ruled by Mars in its home sign of Aries. This creates a “chain of dispositors” which all impact each other in multiple ways ending with the powerful Mars in Aries. That chain also rules Uranus, making the inner planets the “powers behind the scenes” for the next few weeks.

This month we continue to have three planets in their home signs; Mars, Saturn and Neptune, with Mars ruling itself, the Lunation, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus. Saturn rules Jupiter, itself, and Pluto. That makes Mars the primary influence behind inner planet affairs, and Saturn the primary influence behind outer planet affairs. As usual, Neptune continues as a longwave “standalone” dispositor of itself, ruling the fogs and mists of the current collective consciousness. You can find out more about dispositors in general, chains of dispositors, and mutual reception by going to dispositors and Mutual Reception at the link.

Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend

Because Saturn plays such a large part in ruling the stage of Life for many months and even years to come, if you haven’t gotten your copy already, please give yourself the timeless gift of my book, Saturn: Spiritual Master, Spiritual Friend. We all need to make friends with our inner Saturn if we would claim our power to fulfill our higher purpose for being alive as Spirits in the material world.

This book shows you the way to take command of your power to steer your life in a conscious way, using Saturn’s strengths and skills to be led to mastering life on our own terms. As Saturn is such a dominant energy at this time, by owning our ability to manifest the best of Saturn's virtues in our world, we take command of our destiny and become the living purpose we were born to make manifest!

It was written for both astrologers and non-astrologers, and will assist your understanding of how your life experiences assisted your Soul growth and power to turn away from unhelpful karmic cause and effect patterns. Each time you re-read any part of it you’re sure to find undiscovered gems of insight helping you throw off attitudes which frustrate your ability to live your higher Purpose on your own terms.

Is the Grand Irrationality A Factor in this New Moon?

Because this section is so long, I decided to create an article which explains what it is, how long it’s been in effect, and which zones of the zodiac have been most impacted and when. You can find all you need to know about this configuration associated with widespread irrationality and hard-edged “forks in the road of destiny” we’ve all confronted at various times by going to The Grand Irrationality.

We continue to have the configuration activated by Saturn’s biseptile to Uranus and septile to Neptune, with Uranus septile Neptune. This keeps three points of this 7-pointed “Star of Destiny” activated, indicating we are still at a huge fork in the road of destiny at this time. Because Uranus and Neptune are stable factors in the configuration, it keeps nonrational energies in play for those with a planet or point in any of the 7 affected “hot zones.”

Of course the energies are in full force each time the Moon transits those zones, as well as when Libra transits biseptile Capricorn planets while also in triseptile to Uranus and Neptune. Venus is yet to make these aspects, and the entire configuration will be triggered again during transits in early Sagittarius septile the planets in late Capricorn and biseptile Uranus. So we continue to be in a season of a heightened Grand Irrationality influence!

Neptune in Pisces and Chiron in Aries

I have offered this segment each month for years to give you a broader perspective on the collective atmosphere, and the long wave changes humanity is going through. Because this section has gotten so large over the years, I’ve decided it deserves its own article, which I’ll link to in coming months and update as needed.

If you’re wondering about why we’re all navigating the fogs and confusions in the collective atmosphere, or why we’re healing into our Higher Self in a different way that we used to, when you’re done here please check out Neptune and Chiron in Early 2020 – Long Wave Collective Healing and Mentoring.

In that article I go into detail about the Chiron-Neptune conjunction in late Aquarius, and how each of those planets have been manifesting in Pisces. Now that Chiron is in Aries, we truly are mentoring and being mentored in a much different way than we were when Chiron was in Pisces! Please check out the article to know more.

In this chart, Chiron is at 7 Aries, helping us to heal by experiencing life on multiple levels simultaneously and finding happiness on all of them. Its retrograde station has launched a period of us having to reconsider events and images of our past, and find a new meaning which helps us see more abstractly. You can find out more by going to the article Astrology Healing Cycles – Mars Conjunct Chiron Stationary Retrograde at 10 Aries. Neptune is still retrograde on a degree promising us what we need for nourishment “at the end of our day of labor.”

Neptune is now bringing us to another vast experience of wisdom, so listen to the inner voice and maybe you will “take a walk with your Teacher,” or at least understand what you are here to perpetuate into the future. As 19 Pisces is the degree where Neptune will go stationary direct later in November, settle into the wisdom you know and the wisdom being imparted to you at present.

The North Node

This is the sixth Lunation with the North Node in Gemini and the South Node in Sagittarius! This is pulling us to grow through our quest for knowledge and understanding which can be demonstrated by our ethical and spiritual values. The coming 4 weeks indicate the line of greatest development is related to the theme of Venus retrograde this past May and June. The degree is one of “richness of life in associations based in natural instincts,” and “warmth of simple living.” Remember how late Spring helped you balance mind and body, self and others in natural ways. This brings a new level of development based in our retrograde experience of May and June.

Summing Up - The Big Picture

We are still navigating a season of crosscurrents, conflicts, and finding balance as we protect what needs securing. This is the next phase of the new late Capricorn and early Aquarius cycles where the January and March conjunctions fell in our chart. These configure with our natal planets in countless ways, but generally speaking, planets in harmony with late Capricorn in our charts will find easy growth and many good things to come. Planets in disharmony with late Capricorn will either have to change how they operate, or will become mechanisms we can use to release the dynamic potential of coming years. We continue to be in a phase of full mobilization in moving toward whatever we have trained to do.

We all “graduated into a new realm of Being” in May, and between then and now have all been through a metamorphosis learning to navigate in a new social or group structure. Uranus continues to revolutionize us in our Taurus sector, and is now giving us a second look at what we are consecrated to, expanding our scope of dedication beyond the personal. Because of its stationary RX degree, we continue to get new information about how well we’ve “partnered with Nature” by seeing how our garden, whether of personality or Life, is doing. We are grounding our awakened “new quality of Being rendering the old patterns obsolete,” and are now at a turning point with our “Garden of Spiritual Purpose.

This is the next phase in our quest to find “transcendent security,” with the emphasis on renewal of long term rewards. Mars’ transit of Capricorn in March set multiple cycles activating Dharma into motion, including the Superior Conjunction, Mercury and the Sun conjunctions with Saturn and Pluto, as well as Saturn’s conjunction with Pluto. Along with these, Mars also set more cycles into motion when it conjuncted Jupiter and Pluto, culminating in the conjunction with Saturn at 1 Aquarius, setting the Grand Mutation formative pulses into motion. We’ve now launched 200 years of coming changes!

2017’s Solar Eclipses in Pisces and Leo, and 2018’s Eclipses in Aquarius, Cancer and Leo have quickened us, and we’ve been eliminating a lot of expectancies, considerations, and excess baggage. We continue to dump all kinds of old ghosts and elements of pride that would hinder our hearts from its authentic self-expression, and are getting clear about our priorities and what we should and should not expect of ourselves and others.

As a result of the 2018 Eclipses, we’ve hit the end of an old quest, attained some ambition, and now are learning a new freedom and togetherness. The 2019 Eclipses in Capricorn and Cancer have continued to remove old patterns from those sectors of our charts, with this “Cosmic Recycling” energy again set into play by the recent late December and mid-January Eclipses. The Solstice Eclipse helps us lower one flag and raise a new one, reorienting toward a more secure, playful, and fun course, if we’re open to it.

Summing Up – The Immediate Picture

We are now finishing a year of intense mobilization in the part of our lives where we have Capricorn and Aquarius. We’ve been immersed in Capricorn energies while experiencing the waves of the Light of Aquarius in April, May, and June. This month’s Lunation square Saturn marks a culmination of the conflicts of September and October, helping us to see greater future possibilities based in the concentrated dose of spiritual energies cut loose over the past few days.

Exchange information, conform to the social status you’re familiar with, and remember that when it’s time to be forceful, be forceful, and when it’s time to be soft in your approach, decrease the flame under the pot! We’re still learning a new way to apply various forms of power, so open your heart and mind to using either or both in appropriate ways, shifting between the two when necessary.

Mars in Aries has brought an entirely new phase of life for all of us! As Aries is the lower (waxing) square to Capricorn, this is a crucial point of emergent power. How it’s being used is either productive or destructive, depending on how the Capricorn stellium has been structured before now. This is definitely a time when we have been in conflicts and can see more coming, but also the potential inspiration and practical expression possible if we don’t jump the gun or get too impatient with the process. Again, right now we need to practice good Cancer and Libra traits. Tenderness, balance, care, nurture, balance, perspective, moderation – and balance - are all good skills to cultivate now. Be enthusiastic in demonstrating your power, since forward movement is just around the corner!

The long term friction between Mars in Aries and the stellium in Capricorn requires our full mobilization, navigating the generic tensions with equilibrium, humor, and awareness of the need for protection against heightened aggressive elements. Though things will be very intense because of Jupiter so close to Pluto, there is no better time to purify ourselves and the parts of our life related to our late Capricorn sector.

Saturn’s patient, gentle, and wise understanding has given us a vision which mobilizes us and prepared us for the group work already in motion. Jupiter is expanding our capacity to bring humor and imagination, as well as truth and ethics, to any task or situation. As Jupiter is direct and Saturn is about to go direct, we stand on the threshold of claiming the power promised us back in March.

Mercury is now retrograde and making its second opposition to Uranus. This is an intense “awakening” type of polarization, with the promise of the emergence of “group personalities” and a sense of deep connection based in actions done together before now. As Mercury quintiles Pluto and Jupiter in the near future, so for the gifts of deep insights as you continue to operate at a higher social level of expression.

Venus encourages us to allow “our will to wholeness” to “break up old complexes” to stabilize our expression and move from searching to direct action! It will make many trines to the Capricorn planets in the very near future, which should bring harmony to any planets we may have in late Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, and Capricorn. Venus is how we appreciate what we appreciate; this year it finishes the inner planet transits and aspects as it is far behind the Lunation and Mercury, at least for now.

We now have trained to use power efficiently and get to demonstrate our discipline, maturity, and ability to craft our lives with an understanding of natural boundaries. All of this serves the “new quality of being rendering the old patterns obsolete” we’ve awakened to since the Summer of 2019 now in dynamic manifestation! Be efficient and visionary as you move through your “liberation from adverse conditions,” since the building Aquarian Age energies cannot be stopped nor contained.

Stay clear about your long term best interests, and allow what is blowing up and out to help you release all which would inhibit your new social expression. Feel your way to decisions, and then allow your mind to reflect on how they fit into your long term evolutionary track. This fulfills the old building energies; your structures should be clear, and though there may still be work to be done, we’re now moving quickly toward the Grand Mutation, ushering in 20 years of Aquarian energy!

This marks a time of new heart strengths, new mutations on the social level, and letting go of old rules and limitations. This can bring us a new experience of a more ideal way to be with others in our world, with interesting ways to do repair work, or reconstruct how things got to where they are now. It’s a natural time to look back, re-evaluate recent developments from different angles of interpretation, and find a new enthusiasm in our self-expression.

This will soon give way to a new cooperative era, so continue to adapt to the slowed pace, monitor aggressive or assertive energies, see what holds things together, use soft power and hard power in alternating ways, and remember your consciousness is as much a verb as a noun. See the promise, see what has been slowed down and/or reworked to attain that promise, and simplify, simplify, simplify, since the creative expression is being shaped by our Divine Discernment with Venus in Virgo.

Old relationships, ideas, and perspectives are giving way to a greater heart strength and a clarified focus. This is the final “dress rehearsal” before we begin the big show, so continue to be clear about your duties and responsibilities, and turn toward the bigger picture of a much larger future on the way! This will help us shake loose of lesser things and people, as well as find our tribe. Keep the course steady despite the imbalance of this time, and know you’ve almost made it through the cross currents!

See you soon with part 2, which will cover Sabian Symbols, Jones patterns, element distribution, and a whole lot more!

© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson -

Reprinted on with persmission from Robert Wilkinson.


© Copyright 2020 Robert Wilkinson -

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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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