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Mastering Astral Travel


The Serious OTB Student Must Perform Certain Exercises

Astral travel can be accomplished by following this guide. The aura is the vehicle of the light body. Here's how to safely experience your first astral flight with ease.

Chances are you may have experienced astral travel also known as OTB (out of the body) experience, thinking it was a vivid dream. Many times in the dream state there are interactions with people and places long forgotten, not discounting the fact that some are just ordinary dreams. It is important to be able to distinguish the difference.

A good method to evaluate is remembering details. If the dream is diffusive in content then one can be certain it is just a dream. An OTB is more complex. It feels like an actual experience.

These spontaneous trips for the other self are difficult to control. Therefore the serious student should perform certain exercises to acquire dominion.

Attempting astral travel simply for the sake of disproving or proving it is never a good idea. It can get one into all sorts of trouble that relates to the physical body. Thus, it is important to remember, any blow you sustain while in the light body can manifest in the physical.

Perform these Simple Steps to Visualize the Aura Fibers

A simple exercise that will help master control is to visually experience seeing personal fibers -- more commonly known as the aura. Since it is the vehicle of astral travel, it is one to become not only familiar with but to understand its inner workings.

Assume a comfortable position where there are no disturbances such as a ringing phone, talking or any interference that may break the required concentration. Make certain the room is well lit.

  • aura_sensingOnce seated or lying down flat on the back, extend arms outward. Next bring palms together in a touching manner. Move them toward the body until elbows are bent, palms pointing upwards in a prayer-like position.
  • Very, very slowly, begin moving the palms apart. Slowly, meaning counting to 10 as palms move apart at one quarter of an inch intervals until palms are a distance of 10 to 12 inches apart. This depends on the personal line of vision.
  • Concentrate on the empty space being created between the palms. Keep concentrating until white fibers manifest. The fibers resemble spider webs connected to each finger.These are the filaments of the astral body.
  • As the palms reach the required separation point of 10 to 12 inches, slowly turn the hands keeping fingers tight one against the other including thumbs.
  • Extremely slowly, as above, allow all fingers to separate and note the web of fibers between each finger.

When to Begin the First Controlled Astral Flight

Once this simple exercise is mastered and the fibers appear, the first controlled astral flight can commence.

Achieving that initial flight can take as little as the first attempt or up to three months. Do not proceed with the next step until this technique is mastered. Some providential individuals actually see the colors of the aura!

Begin the Astral Journey with these Five Easy Steps

Assuming the preparatory method has been completed, the journey can begin. Many people are consciously aware of their flight. Others fall asleep. Either way is fine, it is the outcome of recalling the experience that counts.

  • astral_travelLie down in a comfortable position.
  • Eyes may remain open or closed.
  • Mentally call upon a spirit to guard the physical body and its cord.
  • Begin counting backward from 100 to the number one.
  • At each interval of 10, mentally repeat: before reaching the number one I will find myself outside of my body to astral travel to (choose destination). This phrase must be accompanied by: when I am ready to return to my physical body I will do it simply by saying, I am ready.

The final phrase is extremely important. It is referenced as recalling the body. Otherwise one will return to the physical body with a massive three-day headache.

The Silver Cord Connects Astral to Physical for a Safe Return

When the process of separation begins (leaving the physical body) quite noticeable is a silver cord. This cord emanates outward from the solar plexus of the physical to astral body. Fix the attention on this cord. Once it severs there is no returning back to the physical body.

Do not be discouraged if unsuccessful the first time. Rest assured, it is normal for mastering astral travel to take years. Patience.

Obviously there is always the option to seek the services of an instructor. However, the instructor can do just that, instruct. Rarely are there a great deal who are proficient enough to astrally accompany the novice on their journey. Finding a competent instructor can be difficult.

If astral travel is the heart's desire, by all means perform the outlined instructions in their entirety and venture outward. Bon voyage!


Copyright 2008 Joyce Luciano. All rights reserved. Reprinted by Crystal Wind with permission.
Mar 25, 2008 Joyce Luciano


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