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When Life Throws You a Curveball

When Life Throws You a Curveball

What do you do when life throws you a curveball?

It’s inevitable. It happens to everyone. (Yes, even people with Instagram-perfect lives).

You’re going about your business, staying away from drama, keeping things simple, and then BAM! Something crazy happens.

It could be anything – someone gets sick, accidents occur, things break down (and are expensive and time-consuming to repair), people disappoint you, a person (or animal) from your environment disrupts your peace and quiet.


It doesn’t matter how skillfully you plan, shizz happens.

The question is, WHY?

You’re a peaceful, loving, positive person, making the world a better place. So why does life throw you these tricky curveballs?

It’s because you’re a spiritual being having a human experience. And that means your soul grows through change.  No matter how difficult it may feel at the time, if you’re experiencing a challenge, you’re strong enough to get through it.

There’s a shadow side to the law of attraction

You might have been taught that you attract what you think about. That’s only a partial truth.

Your conscious thoughts are only 10-15% of your mind. Way beneath the surface are your emotions and beliefs that have been buried deep in your subconscious.

When you experience a traumatic event, especially when you are a child and don’t have the skills to process complex emotions, those imprints get buried in your shadow.

You will continue to attract people and circumstances that trigger your shadow until you bring them to the light of your consciousness and transform them.

So if you find yourself in the same type of experiences over and over again, and wonder WHY, it’s because your soul is bringing your attention to something that needs to be healed.

Your challenges are a gift

If you find yourself in a challenging situation that you have no idea how you brought about, consider this…

Your challenges are here to help you heal.

If you had a buried emotion that you were unable to process as a child, then you will attract a similar situation as an adult, so you can process your feelings and move through it.

You are experiencing a challenge now because you have the spiritual and emotional maturity to move through it.

For example…

If you felt abandoned as a child, and never processed your feelings about it, you will continue to attract people (most likely in your romantic life) who are emotionally unavailable.

Or, if you were criticized growing up, you will most likely attract people in your life who you feel you can never please.

If you felt unprotected, you will continue to attract circumstances where you feel threatened.

Do you see how this works?

As a child you didn’t have the tools to transform challenging emotions. And now you do!

The challenges you’re experiencing now can help you process your emotions that have been buried in your subconscious for years, sometimes lifetimes.

As you bring your light of consciousness to your shadow, you can transform your life through love, compassion and clarity.

And good news!

Once you process what’s been buried in your shadow, you don’t need to attract those circumstances again!

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What am I feeling now about my challenging situation?
  • What emotions does this bring up for me?
  • When have I felt this as a child?
  • Is this a pattern I’ve experienced throughout my life?
  • How can I respond differently now than I did in the past?

Once you recognize the root cause of your situation, you can unravel the many layers of emotions that have kept you in a karmic loop.

The Universe is always supporting you. Everything you experience is to help you grow.

Your soul delights in all your experiences.

Remember, whatever you’re going through – you would not be experiencing it if you didn’t have the soul skills to transform it.

You’ve got this! Enjoy the journey.

Kari Samuels
My intention for you is that you stop​ playing small so you can dream big and live large. You can experience TRUE happiness. You can wake up every morning feeling excited because you are enjoying a life of freedom, sharing your God-given talents that only you can express.Yes, you can have an incredible life. I’d love to show you how. I can help you realize your dreams and live your soul’s purpose.
There’s so much more to you than you ever imagined. We’ve only just begun… 
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