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An Introduction to Automatic Writing


Automatic writing means the writing material does not come from the conscious thoughts of the writer, the writer's hand forms the message, with the person being unaware of what will be written. In some cases, it is done by people in a trance state. Other times the writer is aware of their surroundings but not of the actions of their writing hand

How to practice Automatic Writing:

  1. Find a quiet place without distractions.
  2. Sit somewhere where you'll be comfortable, with paper and pen (or pencil).
  3. Take a few moments to clear your mind and take some deep breaths.
  4. Touch the pen or pencil to the paper.
  5. Try not to consciously write anything. Ask your guides / angels for help in writing a message.
  6. While keeping your mind as clear as possible, let your hand write whatever comes across.
  7. Try not to look at the paper; you might even keep your eyes closed.
  8. Breathe easily and give it time to happen. When automatic writing does occur, look over what your hand has produced carefully. The writing may appear to be nonsense or just scribbling, but try to decipher it as best as possible.
  9. In addition to letters and numbers, look for pictures or symbols in the writing as well.
  10. Keep trying. Nothing might happen your first few attempts.
  11. If you start to achieve success, you can try asking questions to see if you can receive responses.  Never forget to say Thank You.
​Don’t give up if this does not happen on your first attempt, it will come with practice. A useful tip is, if you have a guide or angel that you feel you have a close bond with, ask them personally to help you, with reference to Angels, even if you do not feel you have a connection to these divine beings, believe me you have, just put up thought and ask them to help and let the words flow.

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