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2017: You are here to BE the Miracle


Happy NEW YEAR!!

Welcome to a brand new 9-year Universal Cycle! Celebrate 2017 – a 10 Universal Year of Money, Miracles and Manifestation!

10 asks you to pay attention, wake up and welcome the miracle of creation.

17 empowers you to BE the miracle – to walk the miracle, and SEE the miracle in the people, environment and events around you.

The Moon in the breakthrough sign Aquarius as we cross the threshold from 2016 into 2017 is a call into a brand new paradigm – a new life with new understanding, a new perception of others and the acceptance that we are all One.

Last year you let go.

This year you are letting IN.

What you focus on this year will manifest very quickly.

Focus on Allowing.

Focus on opening up and allowing creation to flow through you.

Focus on Manifesting Miracles.

How to begin? Begin by simple deep breathing. Breathe in Creation – and notice how the deeper you breathe, the more you allow.

Then breathe out joy.

What are you grateful for? Start with some common things that bless your life every day. Bless your ability to reach out and be able to communicate with anyone easily – communicating in today’s age is a miracle.

Get excited and involved in your life of blessings.


Celebrate both the joyful moments and the moments of growth – because BOTH are part of being alive.

To celebrate is healthy, uplifting, inspiring and fun! Celebrating intensifies your energy field so it expands out into the world.

Celebrating raises your vibrational frequency.


By sharing you are being the miracle. Sharing from the heart is sharing the energy of miracles.

Call on your guides to support you.

They are always there for you. Ask, and you shall receive.

And stop worrying about where you’re going.

Focus on your journey – and let the destination be a mystery. That is the excitement, the tension, the yearning and the breakthrough energy that keeps you engaged with life.

Don’t allow others to direct you, unless you are moved from deep within. You’ll know when something resonates deep inside of you.

On this beautiful New Year’s Day write down some big and small miracles you have experienced. They can be anything… don’t hold back.

Also write down what you are grateful for…who and what has blessed your life.

Do this every day and watch the miracles in your life manifest everywhere.

Look in the mirror.

Look into the eyes of others and see the Love of creation.

Be in a state of awe. You are here to BE the miracle.

Reach out, listen and allow. Miracles are here – in heavenly abundance!

Love, Blessings and Happy New Year!

Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle is a Wealth Astro-Numerologist, spiritual teacher, author, composer and speaker. She has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide — helping them to design prosperous lives by leveraging the secret numbers’ code in their names, birthday and personal cycles.


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