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2019 Star Code - 3 Tips To Manifest Your Mission!

2019 Star Code - 3 Tips To Manifest Your Mission!

Yesterday I gave several readings, and in the process one of my clients shared her fear about her goals not being “worthy” of being called her "divine mission".

She felt her work wasn’t important enough. (She renovates homes, making them beautiful places to live in.)

Of course, creating beautiful renovations is a wonderful divine mission!

"Divine mission" doesn’t imply that you have to be a healer, spiritual coach or the like (she mentioned working in a soup kitchen would be seen as more “worthy”.).

Not at all!

Any positivity you create for others in any way by enhancing and uplifting their life, is worthwhile!

Some of our preconceptions of what is "worthy" and what is not (soup kitchen vs. renovating homes), is pretty skewed and old-school.

With Capricorn, the sign of achievement powerfully activated for the next couple of years, it is important to get that kind of old programming purged once and for all.

Here's what matters:

It’s not WHAT you do (any job/career/calling can be turned into a divine mission), but HOW you FEEL as you go about fulfilling your calling/career/job.

Are you working just to make a living?

I gave my client two criteria to live by:

  1. Are you happy and fulfilled when you are working / creating / manifesting / producing?
  2. Is your mission serving others, enhancing their lives?

If the answer is YES to both questions, you’re set!

Renovating homes is as valid as anything else as long as the activity aligns to high vibrational energy using the two criteria above.

The fruits of your own joy will always spread MORE joy.

She said that she needed to hear that, because she’s been having an internal struggle in her head about what is worthwhile.

She needed VALIDATION. (We all do!)

Don’t feel guilty about what brings you pleasure.

Embrace it and thank your lucky stars! What lights YOU up, lights up the world around you (and far beyond).

The only thing to watch for is an idealism that is not blended with realism.

If you’re being idealistic without being realistic if you are a dreamer without a plan – if your brilliant ideas are only imaginings in your head and never translated into viable services or products, then yes, you are not implementing your divine mission, but procrastinating.

You may be reading about the “how”, or you might be taking a course or getting a degree focusing on the “what or why” or maybe you like attending seminars.

But none of that will be as important as translating the information into ACTIONABLE results.

If you are not turning the wisdom you are gathering into viable services – by having fun working, planning, strategizing, manifesting and celebrating your big and small successes every step of the way, then you are not actualizing your gifts.

You may be asking, how do I have FUN when I’m working?

FUN is a natural byproduct of diligence and determination (Capricorn qualities) - working on something you would happily do for free. Meaning, you just can’t help yourself but help someone who is asking for what you love to give!

Someone asks you about your favorite topic or hobby and you naturally jump right in and answer/help/advise/create – at no charge.

That’s your divine mission.

Find that magical thing.

Most likely you already know what that is.

Work on perfecting it.

Work on broadening your education.

Work on gathering a toolkit of resources in that FUN area.

Work on monetizing your mission.

Always remind yourself - Money is an energy exchange. You are helping someone and they give you money in return for your most precious asset – your TIME.

Here are 3 Tips to inspire you (I use these every day!):

  1. Simplify your life by accomplishing your most important task of the day or week first. Accomplishing your biggest priority first will bring a wonderful flow to your week while giving you peace of mind (so important to create more beauty and joy).
  2. Prepare your Environment for success. If you live in a cluttered, unclean, toxic environment you cannot accomplish much.
  3. Surround yourself with People who uplift, inspire and motivate you. When you are surrounded by negative people you are sabotaging your happiness and success.

Place yourself intentionally in a beautiful environment and with high-quality people, so you can stick to life-enhancing habits easily and eliminate negative influences and distractions from your life.

Consciously create an environment that supports the achievement of your Divine Mission!

Do this by signing up for high-level masterminds. Hire a coach. Join groups that are relevant to your niche. Move into a new home or city!

Do whatever it takes to place yourself in the most optimal environment!

Be OBSESSIVE about your accountability to yourself and the people you surround yourself with.

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Doors close for the year once these 3 spots are filled.

Here’s an opportunity to mentor with me and join this special group of spiritual game-changers – entrepreneurs, sacred warriors and visionaries.

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Love and Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle is a Wealth Astro-Numerologist, spiritual teacher, author, composer and speaker. She has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide — helping them to design prosperous lives by leveraging the secret numbers’ code in their names, birthday and personal cycles.

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