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8-8-8 The Lion’s Gate of Love

8-8-8 The Lion’s Gate of Love

How fiercely can you love?

Can you love with the heart of a lion? Ready or not, you’re being asked to do so.

Much has been said this week about the amazing 8-8 Lion’s Gate portal. This is happening with a fiery culmination of Leo energies, while the Earth is in alignment with Sirius, our brightest star.

The Lion’s Gate portal is happening on 8-8.

The number 8 associates with courageous Leo. It expands you beyond your limits.

In the Tarot, the 8th card depicts an angel opening the jaws of a lion.


One of the most potent illustrations of the passion that can be unleashed during the 8-8 portal happened in 2015 (which is an 8 year 2+0++1+5 = 8). On 8-8 there was a rare amazing alignment with Regulus. Regulus is known as the Heart of the Lion and is the brightest star in the constellation, Leo.

During the 8-8-8 portal of 2015, you might remember the untimely and unfair passing of beloved Cecil the Lion by the hands of a trophy hunter.

In Numerology, the number 23, the Royal Star of the Lion, associates with Regulus.

Amazingly, in numerology the name Cecil adds up to the number 23, as does the word Lion. Coincidence? More likely it is a divine synchronicity.

So why did Cecil’s tragedy happen? How is a courageous lion’s death by the hands of a coward possibly helping us? It has to do with your heart.

Leo, in astrology, rules the heart. Big-hearted lions are famous for their affectionate and courageous nature. They have a lot to teach us.

As spiritual people, especially since the Law of Attraction has become so widely misinterpreted by the mainstream, we are completely and totally afraid of anything we perceive as negative. Sometimes it takes a global event to make us process deeply buried, unwanted emotions like fear, anxiety, sadness, grief, anger, jealousy (you know, human emotions).

Yes, it is great to limit your intake of news. However, to completely ignore all the suffering in the world, and in your life, is not only unsustainable, it is irresponsible. If you want a life of limitless abundance, you must accept the infinite aspects of the Universe. That means loving those parts of yourself, and others, that you find unacceptable. That’s true courage. That’s living with the heart of a lion!


Since 8 is the number of abundance and material rewards, many people felt that when it is present, money will fall from the sky and opportunities will appear magically.

And yet the reason 8 associates with abundance is because it opens you to the fullness of your emotions.

Sometimes we experience larger than life events so that we can open our hearts to EMOTIONS that need to be processed.

If you want a life of passionprosperity, and abundance, you have to live fully from your heart. You can’t think your way to fulfilling your purpose. Listen to your intuition. Let this powerful resource guide you.

Your heart always knows your path to your destiny, yet your mind gets in the way.

Your heart wants you to express all of yourself, in your authenticity, because the only way you will be loved and accepted by others, is if you love yourself – completely.


If you want to truly experience the love, abundance and passion that this amazing 8-8 gateway is availing to you, you MUST have the courage to be yourself. Whatever your goals and ambitions are, they are meaningless without the energy of love.

Accept all of yourself no matter how unspiritual or not “nice” you think you are.

Give yourself permission to FEEL your FEELINGS and love every ounce of you.

Allow yourself to be the unique, kooky, quirky self no matter how you feel others will perceive you. And then – you will open yourself up to the amazing possibilities the Universe has to offer. YOU are the Royal Star of the Lion.

Live it up. Love with an open heart. ROAR!

Kari Samuels
My intention for you is that you stop​ playing small so you can dream big and live large. You can experience TRUE happiness. You can wake up every morning feeling excited because you are enjoying a life of freedom, sharing your God-given talents that only you can express.Yes, you can have an incredible life. I’d love to show you how. I can help you realize your dreams and live your soul’s purpose.
There’s so much more to you than you ever imagined. We’ve only just begun… 
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