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Karmic Debt Numbers In Numerology – A Spiritual Perspective

Karmic Debt Numbers In Numerology – A Spiritual Perspective

Karma is not good or evil.

Let’s just get that out of the way first. When people hear the word, “karma”, it sends a connotation that you did something bad in a previous life. Well, that’s most likely true. Everyone did things that weren’t perfect in this life and previous ones, but “bad” is not an accurate depiction.

There’s no punishment. Merely, the soul continues to learn valuable lessons in every moment, in every lifetime.

Karma is simply the law of cause and effect. If you did something in a past life, even if that meant you gave your power away, your soul seeks balance.

We live in a loving Universe.

Every choice you make, and has ever made, has a consequence. There really aren’t mistakes on a soul level – merely tools for growth.

As a psychic, I can often see people’s “karmic patterns”. We tend to make the same choices lifetime after lifetime until our circumstances show us where we NEED to make a change.

That’s when I most often see karmic debt numbers.

A psychic’s view of karmic debt numbers

In classical numerology, Karmic Debt numbers are often seen as wrong-doings in another life that need to be corrected in this life.

However, that’s not how I usually perceived it while doing intuitive readings. Almost always, there was a TRAUMA in the person’s past life that has been unresolved. The Karmic Debt Number typically revealed what that is, and what the person MUST DO in this life to transform their negative beliefs into positive thoughts and actions.

Below, I will share with you my perspective about Karmic Debt Numbers based on the intuitive readings I’ve done for thousands of people.

Karmic Numbers 13, 14, 16 and 19 can show up as your birth day (the day of the month you are born), your Life Path Number or your Destiny Number. If you have any of these Karmic Numbers in your chart, you most likely have one of these past life influences.

Karmic Number 13

You have some work to do! In fact, you might feel as if your life is all about work. You might feel as if you need to work harder than other people. One of your main lessons in this life is learning about PROCESS. You can look at other people and think life has been so much easier for them – and success comes so easily to everyone else and it’s so hard for you.

You know in your heart what you want, yet it can feel like it takes you forever to get there.

Living in the positive of the 13/4 energy:

Patience is a virtue! Remember, your soul chose to learn how to gain strength through limitations. It’s through positive self-expression of your creativity, and having the discipline to achieve your goals that you will find true freedom. This doesn’t mean that you control others or your situations. Rather, you learn the step-by-step processes to achieve your goals, without taking shortcuts, allowing yourself flexibility along the way.

This also means expressing yourself with kindness and diplomacy. You can feel like you’re always in charge, yet you can learn so much from listening to other people.  You are a born leader, yet that can often mean knowing how to let others find their way. When you show humility, you can also allow yourself to be supported, instead of doing everything yourself. Life is so much more joyous that way!

Karmic Number 14

Your main spiritual lessons will be around FREEDOM. Either in a past life you indulged too much in hedonism and materialism, or you denied yourself life’s sensual pleasures. Another possibility is that in your past life you exploited your freedom at the expense of another, or you never allowed yourself personal freedom and allowed yourself to be controlled and restricted by someone else.

Either way, 14/5 is a number of extremes. You’re meant to learn the art of temperance in order to find true happiness. You learn by experience, and trying new things until you find the balance of what’s right for you.

Living in the positive of the 14/5 energy:

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel dependent on someone else – remember that it is YOU that is choosing to restrict your freedom. It is imperative that you find ways to have freedom and independence, even in situations where you feel restricted. If you find yourself blaming others, remember that it is YOUR spiritual responsibility to choose to live your life on your terms. Instead of blaming others, see all your relationships as a reflection of your self-image and your choices.

Yet, you must learn not to want to escape every time life gets challenging. You must stick with your commitments, without BLAMING others for your situation. As you take spiritual responsibility for your actions, you can find the freedom you seek.

It is important that you learn to be flexible and adapt to change. You can’t do what everyone else is doing, because you’re meant to be independent in your thoughts and actions. Your soul craves variety. You learn through experience, so let go of your past “mistakes” with forgiveness and know they were part of the learning process.

14/5s tend to struggle with addiction or complete self-denial of pleasure. The key is moderation. Enjoy healthy indulgences, and allow yourself to have fun, while honoring your health and well-being. When you do, you find a balance in your life that brings you joy beyond measure.

Karmic number 16

Do you ever feel as if something terrible can happen at any moment? Many people with 16 in their chart often feel as if life is going to throw them a curve ball – and tragedy can strike at any moment. (As a psychic, I found many people with 16/7  in their charts have had traumatic past lives regarding war and sudden loss).

Perhaps you feel as if you can’t trust other people – or that life will disappoint you somehow. You might fear betrayal. Or perhaps you have a fear of success. If you had the money, love and success you desired – maybe it could all go away! Perhaps you fear your partner will cheat on you. Usually, there is some fear of betrayal or loss lurking in your subconscious.

Living in the positive of the 16/7 energy:

You must learn to trust your intuition! Usually if you’ve experienced a betrayal from another person or situation you had red flags that you didn’t pay attention to.

Perhaps you had an early childhood experience that gave you a fear of losing everything suddenly (oftentimes 16/7s do!). You must learn to change your expectations so that you start attracting people and situations that are sustainable. Your intuition will ALWAYS guide you toward safety and success. As you learn to trust and listen to your intuition, you will find a sense of safety and security in your life that will be a constant source of strength.

If you look back on your life, you will notice that it was only the times that you ignored your intuition that things didn’t work out. Your inner voice will always guide you. Pay attention to your inner voice and you will always find your way. And remember, your life can get better every day. Expect the best!

Karmic number 19

You are a born leader, yet you can feel afraid to lead. If you are afraid of your own power, of which you have in abundance, then it will express itself in unconscious ways. Oftentimes, you are afraid of being bossy and domineering, so you can become co-dependent, or not wanting to assert yourself. You can fluctuate between seeming domineering and controlling, or not standing up for yourself.

This can leave you feeling isolated and alone with nobody supporting you, and having to do everything yourself.

Living in the positive of the 19/1 energy:

The key to happiness and success for the 19/1 is to claim your leadership role and authority, while allowing yourself to be supported. A great leader knows how to ask for and receive help. Even if you know how to do things better than others, it’s important to allow others to find their way on their journey.

It is also imperative for you to find the proper use of being an authority. You can give your power to other people, feeling exploited and resentful, until you learn to BE the authority. Claim your leadership in the world. It’s okay for you to know your expertise. You don’t need approval from others to know your worth. Stand up for yourself if you feel your worth is being diminished. You are worthy of respect, wealth and love.

As you express yourself clearly and directly, while allowing yourself to receive support with grace, you will truly thrive.

If you have a Karmic Number in your chart, do not worry!

You would not be born with any challenge that you cannot overcome. In fact, if you have a Karmic Number in your chart, it is your soul’s intention to address those issues in this life, and transform your fears into your strengths.

You are never alone on your transformation. The whole Universe is supporting you. Enjoy the journey!

Kari Samueals
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