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Numerology for Relationships - Love by the Numbers

Numerology for Relationships - Love by the Numbers

They say opposites attract.

Numerology for relationships and love is a powerful tool to help your romantic life.

Although it is be fantastic to be in a relationship with someone who understands you completely, you really wouldn’t want to date someone exactly like you. The Universe wants to keep you on your toes. That’s why you are often attracted to people who are your polar opposite.

As much as that leaves you scratching your head (or banging it against the wall), know that it’s for your own good! You’re drawn to people who have qualities that balance you, or have traits that you want to learn. For instance, if you are a dreamer, you will feel safe being with someone who is grounded and practical. If you are emotionally sensitive, you will be drawn to a partner who lets things roll of their back. When you connect with someone who has opposing qualities to you, not only does it make for spicy chemistry, you both become better people.

Numerology is a wonderful tool for understanding your partner’s desires, drives, and romantic urges.

It’s your owner’s manual. Think of it as knowing what breed of dog you’ve adopted.

Your numbers reveal what you and your partner both need to be happy, and helps you communicate with each other. If you want to know your partner’ s unique love language, the number that most reveals a person’s needs is the Life Path Number.

You can use this guide for ANY type of relationships, not just romantic ones. 

The easiest way your Life Path number is by using the numerology calculator below:

Now you can discover what you and your partner need to have a harmonious, happy, and va-va-va voom relationship!

1 Life Path

This person needs to take charge! They never want to be told what to do. They must know they are making their own decisions so let them tell you what they want without trying to change or fix them. Nagging is a no-no! Neediness is no-can-do! Their need for independence is strong; it is essential to their life purpose. That doesn’t mean they can’t be cuddly and affectionate, they are! In fact, they are known for having magic hands, so you can expect some awesome massages! If you want them to do something come right out and say it directly – no hinting. Don’t act sullen and hope they will notice. Be direct. If you say what you want and mean what you say, you’re speaking their language!

Your 1 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

They need to be in charge so they sometimes fear their own power. When this happens they allow others to make their decisions and then resent them for it. Sometimes they will try to control others through jealousy or emotional manipulation. When a 1 is feeling insecure they will either try control you or escape from you. At those times they are feeling unsure about their own power and need to find their sense of security and authority within themselves. The more you try to change them, even if it is your intention to help them, it will inhibit them from finding their strength within. Allow them to voice their opinion and express their ideas. Trust that they have all the answers within them, encourage their unique creativity in the world and then both of you will thrive.

1s are creative; that means recreative and procreative. They require a great deal physical activity including exercise, and that means sex too (lucky you!). If you are partnered with a 1 make sure you can handle it!

2 Life Path

These peaceful people are in love with love! 2s tend to travel in pairs and want to be in partnership always whether that’s romance, business or recreation. That doesn’t mean they don’t need time alone, they most certainly do. They are extremely intuitive and sensitive, and therefore require peace, quiet and reflection – so make sure that you give them plenty of alone time. Don’t let their need for quiet fool you. They want to be assured that you are always there for them – always! They are very sensitive to the needs and feelings of others and will do everything possible to make sure you feel loved, cared for and happy. They require a great deal of affection in return. You cannot take for granted that these sensitive souls know that you lovethem. You need to show them through your actions and words as often as you can.

Your 2 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

These gentle beings are so sensitive! They will know what you are feeling before you say anything. It is wonderful to be on the receiving end of such care and generosity. Sometimes they give of themselves to the point of excess and resent their partners for not reciprocating. They tend to put their partner’s needs and feelings first, and can feel hurt if they don’t feel supported in the same manner. It is essential that you are both very clear about what you are each feeling at all times. If you recognize your 2 partner is putting their own needs on the back burner, even if they swear up and down that they love doing things for people, make sure you acknowledge them (remember, they love to be appreciated!), and also take time to ask them what they want as well. Not only will they LOVE you for taking time to get to know what’s going on inside of them, you are reminding them that they have feelings too, and you are both equally valued and important. What a beautiful harmonious relationship you two love birds will have!

3 Life Path

Anyone would consider themselves lucky to be with such a lovely person! 3s tend to feel very deeply, and are extremely sensitive to other people’s emotions. Even if they appear aloof on the outside, you can be certain they are feeling very deeply on the inside. They make wonderful hosts or hostess and enjoy making everyone feel at home and love socializing. A quiet evening at home is great, but these social creatures need to go out and have fun. Because 3s love to create, they often are the ones baking something from scratch, growing their own food or flowers, or making art. 3s are optimists and always look on the bright side. They love to make people laugh and smile and often have the kind of smile that can light up a room. They will be your cheerleader for life.

Your 3 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

Due of their sensitive nature, if they weren’t appreciated at a young age, they learned to become more shy and withdrawn. You will find that once your 3 partner begins to talk, there is no stopping them! They absolutely love to connect with people on a profound emotional level, and crave meaningful expression. When it comes to communicating 3s can want you to guess how they feel. They expect other people to be as emotionally sensitive as them and their feelings can get hurt when you don’t know how their feeling without you telling them! The best way to handle this is by making them feel special and loved as often as you can. Hand-written notes, holding hands in public, and random acts of affection go a long way with these lovey doveys. Don’t assume they are feeling good and everything is OK even if they tell you it is. Ask them how they are feeling don’t settle for one word perky answers. Keep digging for details about what is going on inside of them. Once you get past their sunny persona you will find out if something is bothering them (even if they don’t yet know it) and they will love you all the more for it. With beautiful surroundings, uplifting conversation, and heartfelt expression, life will be full of joy for the two of you!

4 Life Path

If loyalty, devotion and strength are important to you, you’ve chosen wisely. 4s are family people. They want to protect you. They want to provide for you. They want to make you happy by DOING things for you. It’s more important they feel they are taking care of you then their need for affection. Of course they require appreciation – but more for what they do than how they feel. Practical down-to-earth and grounded are the corner-stones of their way of life. The physical world and everything in it is important to them – home, real estate, having nice things, and savings in the bank are paramount. If you are convincing them to do something you want, don’t appeal to their heart, you need to appeal to their logic. If you’re expecting them to leave their job and go on a spontaneous trip around the world, look elsewhere. If you want someone to help you plan your trip around the world to go flawlessly – look no further.

Your 4 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

Security is very important to 4s, so don’t push them. If they’re not comfortable with something, give them time to figure it out. They don’t respond well to frivolity and if you think you can be dishonest or disloyal to them, don’t even try it. If you want them to know you love them, SHOW them. Words will mean nothing without tangible action behind it. Family is going to be number one priority for them, so if you love their family, you’re in the tribe. They need to be in charge so don’t tell them what to do. Let them feel important, honor their sense of protection and you will have a loyal companion for the rest of your life.

5 Life Path

Oh what fun it is to be with a 5 Life Path. There is never a dull moment with these witty, creative communicators. Life can be the most wondrous adventure with a 5! They have a flair for style, so they will always look their best and help you up your game too. Since they love to experience all life has to offer through their five senses, they can be quite sensual too. You can never run out of things to talk about because the 5s are interested in so many new and exciting things. They’re always learning, growing and finding new frontiers to explore. Got a bucket list? They’ll expand your and make sure you explore them all. Fun, fabulous adventures are their wheelhouse, so get ready for excitement!

Your 5 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

Did you say commitment? That word can send shivers up a 5s spine. They can make immensely loyal partners –  if and only if – you allow them to have their freedom and independence too. OR if you get too cozy, they resent you for restricting them – even if all you’re doing is supporting them. 5s tend to crave independence, and fear it simultaneously. As long as you reassure them that they have their freedom, and let them do their own thing, they’ll be happy.

Their commitment fears can extend to their jobs and careers as well. 5s often thrive having more than one career but the process can be exhausting. Since 5s can be prone to drama, they can stir up drama if things get too routine. They can also tend toward escapism through sex, drugs, alcohol, or even entertainment. A healthy dose of indulgence is necessary for the 5 to thrive, but it needs to be in moderation. If they have the right combination of independence and support, these 5s make a fun, exciting partner that will make sure your life is a wondrous adventure!

6 Life Path

Sexy 6s always need to have a partner. It’s not to say they’re not independent – quite the contrary, they thrive on responsibility. They NEED to be responsible to others. They want to nurture you, adore you, adopt all the stray cats in the neighborhood, do the job of 10 people, and make your home cozy, comfy and beautiful. They are very sensitive to their environment so their home must be filled with love, beauty, and serenity. If there is a conflict on the horizon, they can smell it a mile away and will avoid it at all cost. Harmony is what they seek, so they will go out of their way to make you comfortable, so they can feel peace. 6s need to have a family, even if that means your neighbors, pets, or a tribe of friends.

Your 6 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

6s are empaths, they can FEEL what you are feeling. You don’t need to say anything for them to know what you are thinking. Because of this, they NEVER want you to have a bad opinion of them. It’s difficult for them not to take things personally when they’re picking up on your energy.  That’s why they will do anything to make sure you like them. They want you to see them as perfect, smiling, happy and optimistic – even if inside they are confused, burdened, and upset. They will have difficulty allowing others to support them and asking for help. It’s important if you have a 6 partner to help them even if they tell you they don’t want it. Ask them about the aspects of their life and feelings they are afraid to share with you. Soon, they will learn that you will love them no matter what they are feeling. When you do this, you allow them to let down their guard, and open their hearts.

7 Life Path

These magical, mystical beings will always engage your mind and stir your soul. If you crave deep meaningful conversations, these beautiful souls will have you blissfully contented. They are always seeking the deeper meanings of life, delving into the depths of the TRUTH, whether it relates to the Universe of other people. They can often have an other-worldly energy that can captivate everyone they encounter. When you’re with them, you don’t need to tell them how you’re feeling, they can sense energy that’s beneath the surface. It’s almost as if they have laser vision. It’s a wonderful feeling to be so deeply understood without having to explain yourself. 7s are incredibly intuitive, so they can discern what’s going on beneath the surface. It’s almost as if they can see into your soul! Their mind is always active, so you will always been learning new and fascinating things with The Seeker 7!

Your 7 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

7s have a sixth sense about things, but that can sometimes lead to paranoia. One of their main lessons in life is learning how to TRUST – whether that’s other people, or life itself. They can fear the worst and expect it too. They can often expect to be disappointment or betrayed by people. Since that is what they are expecting, they can attract those circumstances over and over again, therefore affirming their belief that nobody can be trusted  – or that life can always find a way to sweep the rug out from under you. Tey typically have had many red flags that they didn’t listen to that lead to those feelings of betrayal. Once they learn to trust their intuition and LISTEN to that inner knowing, they will find trustworthy reliable relationships, and know that they can trust life implicitly.

7s also need a LOT of privacy and alone time. If you are expecting them to be with you all the time, if you are needing constant attention, they are not the right partner for you. In order for them to be truly happy, they need ample peace and quiet to process their highly-attuned intuition. You might need to prompt them to express  their feelings instead of analyzing them. When they learn to combine their analytic minds with their emotional and intuitive aspects, they make for wonderful, balanced and beautiful partners.

8 Life Path

8 is known as the money number. These magnetic, magnanimous souls have tons of charisma. You are drawn to their power and strength. Life with them can be exciting, exhilarating and super fun. They have a larger-than-life energy. Everything they do is on a grand scale, so it makes for some exciting adventures. When they are talking with you, they shine so much light on you, you feel like a million bucks (or more!). They can help you better yourself by their belief in you, and overflowing your cup with awesome energy!

Your 8 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

Most 8s aren’t inherently comfortable with wealth. It’s the money number because they have lessons around money – receiving it, managing it, and stewarding it wisely. Many 8s struggle with money until they learn that they are worthy of receiving it, and can handle the responsibility of managing it. They also have many spiritual lessons regarding power dynamics. 8s are born leaders, yet often shy away from their own leadership qualities. Since they are afraid of seeming too bossy or domineering, they will suppress those instincts, which will often come out unconsciously. Their personal power, whether it’s expressed or repressed gets worked out in  relationships. They will often keep their emotions locked up, and then resent their partner for stifling them. It’s important to encourage them to talk about their feelings, so they don’t bottle them up.

8s can also be quite blunt or opinionated. This is a wonderful quality if you want to know how they feel, but you might want to show them ways to talk to you if you need a little more tact. They want to make an impact on the world, so can tend toward workaholism. If you remind them to take time to play, life with them can be exhilarating.

9 Life Path

If you are seeking depth, spiritual insight, and a meaningful conversations, the 9s will keep you infinitely engaged. The 9s are known as the old soul. In fact, when you meet your 9 Life Path partner, you’ll have a feeling as if you’ve known each other before (and it’s very likely you have!). These sensitive souls are very tuned into their intuition. They’ll know things about you with you needing to mention them. They are humanitarians and want to make this world a better place, so don’t be surprised if they enjoy their weekends building homes for Habitat for Humanity, picking up trash on the beach, and adopting a stray cat along the way. Their kind and compassionate hearts make them great companions, always making sure your deepest emotions are tended to, and that you feel loved. They’re also highly creative, so it’s always fun to be in their world.

Your 9 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

Family issues. They’ve got them. Whether it’s because they feel completely and totally responsible for their family (even if it’s not their birth family, it can be their “work family” or whoever else they’ve adopted as their tribe). They often felt “different” from other people growing up, so can be burdened with a fear of abandonment and rejection. Any perceived hurt from you will feel like it’s opening up their whole childhood wounding. They can project their fear of rejection onto you – in a sense that you’re never perfect enough for them, or you can’t do enough to please them.

They know how you’re feeling without you telling them. Yet, they expect the same from you. Unless you can read their mind, they won’t tell you what’s going on inside of them. Their fear of rejection can have them pushing you away first. In their minds (even if it’s waaaay in their subconscious) it’s better to reject you first than have you abandon them later. Once the 9s learn to let go of their past hurts and let in the people who want to love them, you will experience a depth of love and understanding that is pure heaven on earth.

11 Life Path

What lovely luminous lovebugs the 11s are! They have the leadership qualities and magnetism of the 1, combined with the psychic savvy and relationship drive of the 2s (11 reduces to 2 since 1+1 = 2). They want nothing more than to make their loved ones happy, while creating a sense of peace and harmony wherever they go. They can light up any room they are in, while being engaging deep listeners. They have a sixth sense, so they will know what’s your feeling without you having to mention anything. Always accommodating, they know what makes you happy and will make it their mission to be the best partner you can imagine.

Your 11 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

Your 11 Life Path partner wants nothing more than to please you and needs to be appreciated for it. Being super-sensitive psychically and emotionally is a wonderful gift, but can often have them taking everything personally. They can feel different than other people, and if they are not using their unique gifts to benefit the world, can need constant reassurance from their loved ones that they are affirmed. 11s have a highly active nervous system. They need ample exercise or else they overthink everything and second-guess their intuition. They might require you to affirm their choices in twenty different ways until finally listen to themselves and trust their OWN intuition. When they DO trust their amazing insight and are expressing their vibrant gifts with the world, they are the most loving inspiring partners in the world!

22 Life Path

As a Master Builder, the 22 Life Path needs to be in charge. They have a ton of charisma and a commanding presence, and can be captivating to be around. You can feel safe with them, since security is something they strive for providing for their loved ones. You want to have a 22 on your side, because they are fiercely loyal as partners and protectors. If you have (or want to have) children together, they can be fantastic parents – devoted to their families with a drive to be good providers. They’re great at building systems so you can assure your home will run in tip-top shape. They are natural teachers too, so love to share their skills and knowledge with anyone who will listen!

Your 22 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

Patience isn’t necessarily their virtue. They are good at building systems and processes but can get annoyed that their lives feel so restricted. They often see the BIG PICTURE Of what needs to be done, and not wanting to take all the steps to get there, wanting a quick fix. And please don’t tell them what to do! As natural leaders, they need to be in charge and won’t take orders from anyone.Honesty is one of their best qualities, yet they can often be blunt and too direct. You might need to advise them on more diplomatic and kind ways of communicating. Once you and your 22 partner find a harmonious way to communicate with each other, you’ll feel a deep sense of love and security with this loyal soul.

33 Life Path

33 is the rarest of Life Path Numbers and these beauties have the kindest hearts. Imbued with an intense creativity, they make the world more beautiful wherever they go. The ever-idealist, they want to see the world through the eyes of love, love to be in love. They are extremely partner-ship oriented, so a main focus of their life is to have a happy, healthy romantic relationship. They have a sixth sense about people and places, and know just what makes a person or place more joyful. These beauties can raise the vibration of everything around them.

Your 33 Life Path partner helps you grow because…

They can feel like they are responsible for everyone and everything. If you try to help them, or encourage them to delegate some of their major responsibilities, they’re reluctant to give up their tasks. They have such perfectionist tendencies, and know exactly how things are meant to get done, they most likely CAN do things better than other people. They can insist on doing everything themselves (even when you’re trying to whisk them away for a weekend beach getaway!). They can sacrifice their well-being trying to please everyone else, and wind up exhausted or sometimes resentful. That means they wind up blaming YOU for not being the ideal version of yourself they projected upon you. Once these beauties learn to allow you to support them, and let go of their perfectionist tendencies, life with them can be beautiful and blissful.

Every partner can be perfect for you!

When you begin to appreciate the beauty of your differences, and learn from each others strengths, life with ANY Life Path can be romantic, fun, and joyful.

Enjoy the experience!

Kari Samuels
My intention for you is that you stop​ playing small so you can dream big and live large. You can experience TRUE happiness. You can wake up every morning feeling excited because you are enjoying a life of freedom, sharing your God-given talents that only you can express.Yes, you can have an incredible life. I’d love to show you how. I can help you realize your dreams and live your soul’s purpose.
There’s so much more to you than you ever imagined. We’ve only just begun… 
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