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Weekly Forecast ~ April 16


2017 is a 1 Year, and your personal number for 2017 is obtained by adding 1 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on September 29, add 9+2+9 +1 =21.  Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2+1=3. In this example, the personal year number for 2017 is 3 *.

Use your yearly number to read your monthly & weekly forecasts throughout 2017. 


NOTE 1: CALENDAR WEEK 16 runs from April 16 to 22. Karmic 16/7 represents secrets, lies, conspiracy, exposure, indignity, and the classic ‘fall from grace’. Sometimes there is an actual physical fall or ‘trip’. And since scandal is already a major part of our lives these days, we can expect it to increase this week.

Karmic 16/7 involves partnerships that form for the purpose of outdoing or controlling others. This is the ultimate ‘smoke and mirrors’ conspiracy energy in which arrogance, abuse of power, and lack of accountability can be clearly seen in the transparency of our times. What is usually kept under a cloak of secrecy, such as spying, and other matters of international intrigue, are brought further into the light of day.

Of course, 7 is not all skullduggery, plotting, and outrage. 7 is also a deeply spiritual number – the number of CONSCIOUSNESS, INTROSPECTION, LEARNING, ANALYSIS, INSIGHT, INFORMATION, and DEEP INTUITION. What happens this week can change the way we look at and understand what’s happening in our world – permanently. The key, however, is not to get too caught up in criticism, guilt, blame, and shame, but to focus on finding solutions.

NOTE 2: 2017 is a 1 global year, and the 1 energy is affecting us all. So, be sure to read the 1 forecast as well as your own. The 6 and 7 forecasts are also extremely powerful now.


You have the ability to move your life in a new direction, but you do not have the power to stay afloat in an old situation or frame of mind. This major crossroads is so busy that you cannot backtrack without the risk of some kind of collision or clash. So, look forward instead. Something new is calling. There’s no going back to the old you, or to the old reality in which the old you existed. It’s all changed.


How can you proceed with dignity if you feel you are not being respected or taken seriously? With great patience, that’s how. Change the way you communicate. Be more aware of what others may be experiencing. You must understand them if you want them to understand you. As something from the past enters the present, remember how you felt back then – and how your feelings have changed over time.


As your mind expands, do not cut off from your thoughts and feelings before you have a chance to understand them. In order to stand on your own two feet, you need clarity. But that cannot be achieved if you don’t let your thoughts and feelings complete themselves. Independence of thought and freedom of expression are essential to your progress. Have patience with unusual ideas.


Look for ways to combine the needs or ideas of others with your own. Be aware of what you’ve got, see where it is needed and prepare to offer your support or service to others. Your success depends on whether you are patient enough to notice the various details involved, and don’t push ahead until you fully understand them. This is all part of getting organized.


Think before you act. When you realize that you’re on automatic pilot, bring yourself back to manual control and notice all the details of your situation or surroundings. Reassess your position and needs. Even the best ideas must remain mere concepts until they are taken beyond the idea stage and brought to life. Be careful how you judge others, especially if you feel you cannot reach them emotionally or intellectually.


Emotions are not meant to be acted or blurted out. They are meant to be FELT – as sensations – within the physical body. It is frustrating when your answers produce more questions, but at least you’re asking the right questions now. Your desire to live more fully and take life in, (rather than merely protect yourself from it) is trying to push its way through the false belief that you cannot make a difference. You can!


The more you accept your own reality, the more you will be able to appreciate the realities of others. Wisdom is not handed to us on a plate. Insight reaches us after experience opens a space for it to enter the mind. The only way to embrace others without losing your precious individuality is by being yourself – and by accepting them just as they are, too. We are diversity. We are chemistry. To each their own.


If shallow rewards are what you seek, you will find them at the shallow end of life. However, this is a chance to swim further afield. In order to stay afloat when you are out of your depth, discard that competitive streak, and know the difference between a friend and an acquaintance. Make time for all that is important to you. Don’t let anything distract you from what truly matters.


Just look at that ball of confusion you’re living in: thoughts, feelings, memories, disappointments, hopes, joys, fears, relationships, responsibilities, all jumbled up together with no separation between what feels good and what does not. It’s time to sort it out and regain some stability. Feel those buried feelings and express them safely and privately out of your body. This is how you heal from the inside out. It is how you let go of the past.

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