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Weekly Forecast ~ March 19, 2017


2017 is a 1 Year, and your personal number for 2017 is obtained by adding 1 to your month and day of birth. For example, if you were born on September 29, add 9+2+9 +1 =21.  Keep adding until you reach a single digit. 2+1=3. In this example, the personal year number for 2017 is 3 *.

Use your yearly number to read your monthly & weekly forecasts throughout 2017. 


NOTE 1: WEEK 12 runs from March 19 to 25. It is a 3 Week in the world (1+2=3). This reinforces the 3 energy of March, and amplifies the power of words and images, and how they are communicated. Try to focus beyond the trivia and distraction. Be aware of 3’s ability to create illusion – after all, it is the number of creativity and the arts. However, if there is something you want to communicate, this is a good week in which to let your heart do the talking.

March in the 1 Year (3+1) produces powerful 4 energy which sorts and analyzes – and looks for fault. 4 represents structure, order, and system, correctness, and ‘properness’. 4 emphasizes work – and how things work; procedure and protocol. At the same time, the transparency and patience of 2 takes us behind the scenes and under the surface – and into the details. 2 is the number of depth.

As the insanity of greed and hatred continues to tear the old system apart, remember that the ‘human race’ is not our species. The ‘human race’ is this old self-destructive system in which we, humanity, are trapped – and out of which we must find a way to create a more loving, peaceful, and meaningful existence. The constant shock-waves of these dangerous times are shaking us, waking us, and triggering our emotions which in turn are forcing open our minds and expanding our awareness of reality. The human Will is our ability to feel and sense – which is equal to – but different from – our ability to think. The Human Will is what the system steals from us in order to control us. In the openness of the 2000s, the Human Will is rising in us all. And where there is a will that is striving to be free, there is a way.

NOTE 2: On FRIDAY, MARCH 24, your weekly forecast is repeated as a daily forecast. This ‘double dose’ occurs when the numbers of any date add up to 9. (3+2+4=9). On these dates, circumstances and feelings intensify or reach a peak. This is the energy of endings and completion and it’s a good day to finish things and tie up loose ends. (To get your personal daily reading every day, see “Creative Numerology Year Books” below.)

NOTE 3: No matter which year you happen to be in personally, the world is in a 1 Year in 2017. Therefore, much insight can be gained by reading the 1 forecast, as well as your own. The 2, 3, and 4 forecasts are also very strong this week.


A change in your daily affairs may be the catalyst you’ve been waiting for. The closer you get to it, the more intense the pressure will feel until, finally, you let go of the belief or habit that was causing the blockage in the first place. Knowledge is power – but do remember that a ‘point of view’ is just the angle from which you are looking at things, and seldom covers the whole picture.


How will you notice immediate opportunities if you are so focused on the long-term? Something tedious can now be expanded into something exciting. Mere tolerance can turn into patience, and patience can turn into a relaxing and insightful experience. But do watch where you are going and how you are getting there. It’s a chaotic world out there, and the intentions of others may be very different from your own.


As all your emotions try to express themselves at the same time, you may prefer to shut them down altogether, but you will not be able to sustain this level of denial for long. Your feelings will find a way to reach your consciousness, no matter how hard you try to hold them back. A door has opened. Progress is possible. And by allowing yourself to feel at this depth, you will realize that your feelings are your strength, not your weakness.


There is much reason to be hopeful, but fear of the unknown may be overriding your optimism. All you can do is hang on and ride it out. It is leading to a more comfortable situation, but it is up to you to create the right conditions in which stability can take root and expand. You really must believe, more than ever, in your ability to learn as you go.


This cycle makes you aware of other people’s realities and can trigger feelings of fear, disappointment, jealousy, or relief. It warns against comparing yourself to others, and to be careful about what you wish for. The real issue is to decide what you really want deep down, and what you don’t want, too. The insight you gain now can help you move towards this goal and, in the process, take full responsibility for your own life.


In this cycle of extremes, keep yourself in the balance of middle ground. Let your feelings and senses guide you and do not get distracted by other people’s opinions, reactions, and judgments. Face the facts and decide for yourself what is best for you and your situation. Be aware of reality and stay centered in it. This is the responsible way to proceed in a cycle in which responsibility is a principal theme.


You may feel ready to put the past behind you and move on, but where will you go? The way forward is unclear, and it seems that you must wait for what you want. You may want to throw yourself into something new, but this can only take you so far. Inner healing is the most important item on your agenda right now. A release of emotional pressure will change your direction and open a new path that you could not previously see.


If you feel that you are being stretched to your limits, slow everything down. Be gentle as you make your way through this cycle of sensitivity, connection, relationship, and cooperation – a cycle in which impatience or intolerance can backfire on you. Other people’s circumstances are as important to them as yours are to you. Cooperate where you can, but try not to take on someone else’s problems as your own.


Comparing your reality to other people’s can only bring unhappiness, and this pressure must end now. Then you will be able to see your connection to something or someone else in a more realistic light. By creating an impression that does not match your true feelings, you are suppressing essential features of your own soul and keeping vital and beautiful parts of yourself down. No matter what your circumstances, be as free as you can. Be your natural unpretentious self.

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