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Collective Tarot: Pisces Full Moon

Collective Tarot: Pisces Full Moon

1 Goal: Queen of Wands (rx) 3 of Swords (rx) :Outcome 10
2 Problem: 8 of Swords Ace of Swords (rx) :Emotions 9
3 Collective: Knight of Cups The Tower (rx) :Environment 8
4 Past Energy: 4 of Swords (rx) 2 of Wands :Current Approach 7
5 Passing Influence: Strength (rx) King of Cups :Incoming Influence 6
Overall: Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Spread Connections

*this spread was found in “The New Complete Tarot” by Onno & Rob Docters van Leeuwen

1-5 Recovery of our confidence in our power and self expression comes by way of honest self review in a safe space where our insecurities can be verbalized and worked on without risk of public exposure or rejection & our egos are not needlessly triggered.

1-6 Turning our enthusiastic compassion inward stabilizes the emotions and prepares the collective to channel them into effective service & deeper connection to self and the world around us. Incoming influences make space for us to go deeper while supporting us with their calm, empathy and practicality as many make a conscious choice to ruthlessly explore motivations and compulsions in pursuit of self acceptance.

3-8 While we may be optimistic, the cards and the astrology warn us to remain aware of external and internal influences that are resistant to the transformation we are pursuing, or to change itself….

5-10 Many of us have transcended showmanship and ego gratification in favor of engaging the controlled processing of our feelings and the healing of our hearts. Detachment from sources of past trauma & the reactions that rehashing those situations illicits within us is the result of 7-9 quiet consideration of our means to improve and our expectations re: success or failure in light of new self awareness. ( Thaaaaanks, Lionessence )

6-10 Our healing & emotional mastery is a direct result of a willingness to adjust motives & methods, and pace ourselves through the uncovery of more current needs, desires and aspects of shadow.

Collective Tarot: Pisces Full Moon

Shadow Works

This month begins in deep cleansing water for all of us. Pisces  energy is that of unconditional understanding, a near seamless merging with the object(s) of our affections, escaping into depth itself. It is self awareness and acknowledgement whether we are knee deep in the muck of our shadow shit or soaring high as our limitless light.

The tarot for the lunar cycle culminating with this full moon  will take us through most of month since September has only just begun. It asks us to sit with all that makes us who we are until every detail rises to consciousness within, especially those parts in need if nurturing and all encompassing compassion… the wild and the child in us.

Our feelings, thoughts, and experiences are the obvious places to begin this work, but if we intend to heal as deeply as possible, we must also address our aspirations (acknowledged & achieved or not), our fears (hopefully before we make them real), and those bits and pieces we’ve repressed to such a degree that they manifest as external triggers to the psyche or attacks on our confidence. (It’s really all you, pimp.)

These cards are not suggesting endless ruminations and replaying of traumatic relationships & events or self blame and deprecation. In fact, there’s a clear warning against such self-inflicted slavery of the mind as symbolized in the 8 of Swords being the problem position. True shadow work requires that we not only seek truth, but solutions to whatever we find inside us that might hinder self actualization.

Collectively our ideal going into the month is stillness as suggested by Manzel’s Tarot. A reversed queen  as a goal, to me, symbolizes repose, or rather a withdrawal and internalization of her purest expression (in this case, (action, sating the desire nature, assertiveness, individualism, sexual receptivity) ). Also, Leo  Season is more than officially over as the Sun and Mercury speed through Virgo  withabsolute efficiency. Letting go the need to stand out, act out, and be out  allows us to focus on our self care and be of more effective in our service. Aligning with the change of seasons, we now look to take compassionate action in the interest of recognizing, analyzing, and acting to heal our shared hurt, lack, oppression, and destruction.

Newer and better are moving over the horizon to us, so close our energy and creative impulses are confirming with certainty what is to come. Still, we need remember to look at the whole message in this spread. Part of being of service to the group is ensuring one’s own reserves, through rest not avoidance, reviewing and clarifying intentions & recalibrating our aspirations so that they directly mirror who we’ve become and facilitate movement towards and evolving ideal of who we may become (or who we know within our hearts is already being born in us).

If those in our environment or the foundations of it are unstable or averse to meeting the needs and challenges of the current moment, allow them space and continue your work, seeking expansion of experience and expression, balancing creative priorities and amassing energy (2 of Wands). Our quiet being brings us to the insights about blindspots and frees us to move forward into peace and healing that is complete.

Rest well, Loverlies The shedding leaves fall where they will.


Author: kOri Woo (AstreauxBytch)

This blog is a reflection of my personal growth journey, creative writing pursuits and general energies I encounter in the day today. I am currently mastering both Tarot and Astrology and you can find my posts regarding those subjects @AstreauxBytch I also post biweekly tarot videos for each month and new moon on my youtube channel http://youtube.com/c/AstreauxBytch
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