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Monthly Tarot Forecast for March 2016


March 2016 is set to be an emotional month. You’ll become more consciously aware of your emotions and how you relate with others. It might create some troubled waters with loved ones, but breathe a sigh of relief, because this is only temporary and it will pass.

Watch the Tarot card forecast to discover exactly what’s coming up in March 2016 and how to make the most of the month ahead.

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Brigit, founder of Biddy Tarot, and this is the monthly Tarot forecast for March, 2016.

And we’re going to have a look at the Blessings, Challenges, and recommended course of action for this month – to help you make this a really great month.

Now I’ve gone ahead and drawn the cards, and I’m actually going to show you all of them. I don’t normally show you them. I usually do one at a time.

But let’s see, we’ve got:

  • For the Blessings we’ve got the Queen of Cups
  • For the Challenges we’ve got the Ten of Cups reversed, and
  • For the recommended action we have got the King of Cups reversed

Now you don’t have to be a talented Tarot reader to know that we have all Cups this month.

Now Cups represent relationships, but also represent the emotions.

So you might find that March is quite an emotional month for you.

Now there’s a bit of good positive emotions coming through, but also you might find you are feeling a bit unsettled emotionally. And this will no doubt play out in your relationships with others, and how you emotionally connect to other people.

But also given those two reversed cards it’s also a connection back to your inner emotions as well.

Okay, so we have the Queen of Cups here as the Blessing.

Now the Blessing is that you are connected to your emotions, and that is a beautiful thing.

You will feel more in flow with your emotions and your feelings in the month of March. And you might even have more insight into why you’re feeling a certain way; and that you are experiencing a certain or emotion.

You know often times we can go through life without really feeling stuff because we make ourselves so busy, but with a Queen of Cups your Blessing is that you are an emotional being, and you are really experiencing your emotions this month.

Now, the Challenges with the Ten of Cups reversed – so, as you’re starting to experience your emotions more during this month, you might find that every now and then you’re actually a little bit out of alignment with yourself and with others.

You know when we bring things into conscious awareness, we actually go through a period of feeling a little bit unsettled for a certain time – until it sort of comes back into balance. So as you’re growing more aware of your emotions with the Queen of Cups, you might actually start questioning what your real emotional values are, and your personal values are, and might even feel a little bit uncertain about it.

Additionally, with the Ten of Cups reversed, some of your challenges might be in your relationships with others; and wondering if you are really in resonance with  those who you are interacting with. There’s a possibility you might start looking at some of your friendships and other relationships, and realising: Wow, we’re actually on different paths. And maybe we need to take a break from each other for a certain period of time.

Now look, if you’re in a relationship, and you’ve been together forever, and you’re like, “Everything’s amazing,” don’t worry – it doesn’t necessarily mean that all of your relationships will be upside down this month. It’s simply a sign that you might be just sort of feeling your way through a couple of those relationships.

Now the Advice with the King of Cups reversed is to be okay with a little bit of rockiness with your emotions.

So whilst the Queen of Cups is about having that emotional stability, on the other hand the King of Cups reversed is actually having a lack of stability.

I mean take a look at the little waves in this card. It’s kind of showing that we go through emotional ups and downs. And I really do feel that March will be a month of emotional ups and downs.

And what I ask of you is: Don’t read too much into it.

You are naturally going to go through ups and downs, and particularly as you become more consciously aware of your emotions, you’re going to experience those. Really important to stay grounded; whether it’s just going outside for a little bit; getting your bare feet into the grass, really connecting in to the Earth energy so that it grounds you – that will just help you manage those ups and downs emotionally.

Alright, so we’re more emotionally aware – that’s a Blessing.

We might experience a little bit of uncertainty in our relationships as we question are we really in resonance with this person? Are we on the same page – or maybe we’re a little bit off track?

And be okay with experiencing your emotions, even though they might feel a little bit up and down.

Alright, so I want you to take care of yourself this month, and I hope that this month’s Tarot forecast was helpful to you.

I shall see you very, very soon. Bye.



Brigit is a professional Tarot reader & teacher, intuitive coach and spiritual entrepreneur. She is the founder of Biddy Tarot and inspires over two million people each year to transform their lives with the Tarot.


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