Fall Equinox Meditation and Prayer Celebration


The fall or autumnal equinox marks equal hours of light and darkness, but particularly it is a time for appreciating and giving thanks for the fruits of our gardens and labors in life - at home, school or work.

Here is a plan for an equinox celebration for a group of people to hold outdoors - at the beach, park, in the mountains, or another space big enough wherever you live.

The Celebration Ceremony

  1. A central focal point is established. It could be a bonfire or table of offerings from the summer’s harvest of fruits, flowers or vegetables placed in the center of a large circle.
  2. To begin, everyone gathers round the central focal point in a circle and holds hands.
  3. The leader or group recite a prayer for world peace. See Below! 
  4.  After the prayer follows a minute of silence for contemplation on the meaning of the equinox as a point in time signaling spiritual balance.
  5. The silence flows into uplifting group singing or peace chants. If the group knows a simple circle dance that could come next.
  6. At the end of singing and dancing everyone sits down in place for a few minutes of silent meditation on the theme of thankfulness for the season’s harvest.
  7. Rounding out the ceremony, all rise, join hands and sing an uplifting song for world peace and harmony.

Interfaith Prayer for Peace

Lord, we each and everyone

See You shining as a sun.
Keep us sheltered in Thy sight.

In every culture, language, clime
We feel Your presence in our time.
We look to You and in our way
Call out our need and daily pray.

With peace our present beck and call
Lord, keep us centered, one and all.
And as we try with all our might
Keep us striving toward the light.

May Your peace
spread through all lands
We’re standing together
hand in hand.

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