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Value Of Life

Value Of Life

After reading again a few books like “Out on a Limb”, “The Tibetan Book of The Dead”, “Three Magic Words” and “Why is God Laughing”; books which aside from other things help one release the fear of death, I decided to share the following with you. We often take this plane of life for granted until it’s too late. But when is it too late? It’s too late when you no longer can do anything about it; while you have your cognitive senses, you can always change the course of your life. Just like another day will come after yet another night, everyday is a new opportunity to reassess what is valuable in your life, what things can you fix and what you need to let go of; each day the power lays in you.

This is not an article nor a poem, it is simply expression of self…..

When you die, don’t worry about your body,

your relatives will do whatever is necessary according to their possibilities.

They will take your clothes off,

They will wash you,

They will dress you,

They will take you out of your house and take you to your new place of rest.

Some will come to your funeral to “say goodbye,”

Some will miss work so they may attend your funeral,

Some won’t even bother taking the time to make it.

Your belongings; even the things you may have considered precious; will eventually be sold, given away or burned…

Your keys

Your tools

Your books

Your cars

Your shoes

Your clothes

Even your house

Rest assured that the world will not stop to cry for you.

The economy will continue,

At your job, you will be replaced; someone with the same or better abilities will take your place,

Your assets will go to your heirs,

No doubt you will continue to be cited, judged, admired, questioned and criticized for the small and great things you did in life.

People who knew you only by your outer shell will say “poor man” or “he was doing so well”.

Your sincere friends are going to cry for a few hours or a few days but then they too will laugh again.

The “friends” who pulled you to “enjoy” and not to give a damn about other aspects of your life, will forget you even faster.

Your pets will get used to their new owner.

For a time, your photos will continue to hung on the wall or will continue on some piece of furniture but then they will be kept in the bottom of a drawer; if at all.

Someone else will sit on your couch and eat at your table,

The deep pain felt in your house will last a week, two, a month, two, a year or two … then you will be added to the memories and then your story ended.

It ended among the people left behind; it ended here, it ended in this world.

You will start your story in your new reality, in your life after death,

A life where you cannot take the things you worked so hard here to attain,

The things for which you forsook even those who truly loved you,

The moment you left this world, those superficial things lost the value YOU gave them.

The moment you take your last breath on this plane of life, you will leave behind your….




Last name





Bank account













In your new life you will only need your spirit.

The value you’ll carry with you will be determine by the legacy you left behind; that will be the only fortune you will have there.

That fortune is the only one you will take and it is a treasure that cannot be attain with money, popularity, false masks or “gadgets” but by how much you were willing to grow within your life and how much you gave to others through the example you made of your life during the time you had here.

When you live a life being raw and real with yourself, giving yourself permission to embrace your uniqueness and to learn from your mistakes, you help others to look in and to desire to be unique and real.

You help them to release themselves of the imaginary shackles and to be at peace with who they are.

That is when you are building your spiritual fortune; a fortune that will follow you wherever you go.

So, try your best each and every day to live fully and to be fulfilled while you are here, because as a wise man once said “From here you will not take what you have, you will only take what you gave”

Sofia Falcone

Sofia Falcone
I passionately believe one person can make a difference. I write from my own experiences and interests. It is my greatest hope that by writing about my own challenges and hopes, others may feel inspired to believe more in their inner power and to fully embrace themselves.

Reprinted on crystalwind.ca with permission from Sofia Falcone.

Source here

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