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When We Die, What is Heaven?

When We Die, What is Heaven?

If we’re not the body and mind, who are we? “What goes where” when we drop the body and mind? I experienced it as “going home.”

It seems these things are on many peoples’ minds these days. I’ve recounted my own passage to the other side and back in past articles, offering what I can to add to the many great works helping us know how to make the passage, or what awaits us on the other side. If I could describe my direct experience to the other side, I found it as actually becoming more “at One” with “All-That-Is.”

To preface today’s topic, please remember this material creation is impermanent anyway. All forms pass away. Also energy is neither created nor destroyed, but merely transformed. Therefore, once we withdraw from the body, we don’t have the 5 senses and the mind as reference points to obscure what really IS.

However, we can always see clearly “with spiritual eyes,” since our Eternal Nature IS non-dual. We ARE that Eternal Nature 24/7, but identify with the 5 senses and whatever our minds generate. I offered my personal way of describing our Eternal Nature in my book Love, Dad, where I wrote:

I believe we Souls are individually radiant sentient spheres of love. We are timeless, changing, evolving beings. It is on that level of Soul that our relationships with our loved ones exist. I envision that we are overlapping radiant love, touching each other in a deep intermingled way, living our lives in an infinite sea of energy we call Love. Humanness is a life-long challenge to integrate our body, emotions and mind so we may wisely and lovingly express our Soul-Spirit.

We are an Eternal Light-Life, free to explore and grow infinitely into ever-greater Love and Wisdom. That is our Eternal Nature. Our time on Earth is mainly useful as a place where our Eternal Lovingly Wise Consciousness has to train our lower nature to choose the Way that leads us to our Higher Self.

We have gone through the proverbial 10,000 tests and trials learning to choose the Way to be our Higher Self, and in the process have been forced to modify elements of our personalities which frustrated our Higher Self from expressing itself. While we’ve had to endure many pitfalls along the way, it all serves to bring forth clear and positive karmic results which helped us serve our greater good and THE “greater Good.”

I believe the Universe is much more compassionate and benevolent than we are led to believe. In the second of the Three Eternal Truths, we are told The principle which gives life dwells in us, and without us, is undying and eternally beneficent, is not heard, or seen, or smelt, but is perceived by the man who desires perception.

The Parambrahm, or That which gives Life is eternally beneficent. This realization should bring comfort for those who are uncertain if a “Heaven Life” of joyous Love and Bliss awaits them on the other side. If we are Eternals, and Truth, Goodness, and Beauty are eternal, then it’s probably safe to say that in Heaven, or Devachan, we will experience these, through the “spiritual senses” of our Eternal Nature.

Every honest effort we’ve made in striving for the highest, whatever that has meant to us, has been recorded in the Book of Life. Each moment we have “taken the high road” this life despite the snares and problems of a “low road” world has generated a positive vibration in our karmic field. That’s why those who have walked the Wisdom of their Way in Community never have a problem moving into the planes of Devachan, or Heaven.

I won’t discuss the lower fields in this article, since I believe that the vast majority of Truth-Seeking Souls don’t go there. There is nothing in the karmic field of an aspirant to Higher Awareness that would attach itself for very long to anything contrary to that aspiration. Since “As Above So Below” is a universal in our scheme of things, then clearly when we no longer have lower feelings and thoughts anywhere in our hologram we will not find ourselves experiencing anything other than our Lovingly Wise Eternal Nature.

Heaven, or Devachan, has been described many times in many ways. I regard that place as a frequency zone where the absolute Unconditional Undifferentiated Ideal of “Heaven” in Divine Mind is the entryway to the absolute Unconditional Undifferentiated Love of the Buddhic Plane blended with the absolute Unconditional Undifferentiated Spirit of the Atmic Plane. That’s about as high a state as most of us can experience, though of course there are even higher frequencies of Heaven that open as we raise our Eternal Consciousness throughout lifetimes.

Devachan as we humans know it is a place of love, bliss, inspiration, and is One with the Higher Realms that exist on the Cosmic Astral, Mental, Buddhic, and Atmic Planes. All of creation is a vast resonance of frequencies of Love, Oneness, and Awareness.

In “the frequencies of the Heavenworld,” countless Souls, Spirits, Angels, Devas, and infinitely vaster and higher Life exists as a vast field of interconnected and overlapping Loving Light-Life. We are all radiant particles of light within groups of lights within fields of waves of light. We are all part of an endless series of interconnected "strings of pearls" that are all radiant and beautiful, even though some lights do shine more brightly than others.

And yet within that vast field of the Atma-Buddhi, there are still differentiations, just as there are different tones in a scale or colors in a spectrum. The “Heaven” of the artist may not be the “Heaven” of the scientist or the “Heaven” of the philosopher. And yet all three can find illumination and enlightenment via their respective approaches to The Way. That would make it seem that Heaven is a very allowing place, with each Wisdom honored in that field of Love and having its place in the harmony of the One.

What we know of Heaven and Devachan are mostly descriptions of the third, fourth, and fifth “subjective planes.” The “third subjective plane” is the densest frequency in the celestial harmony we call “Heaven,” while the fourth and fifth planes are the blended radiant field of overlapping and interpenetrating Love, Beauty, Harmony, and Infinite Light.

From various sources, we have been told that “the third subjective plane” is a place of peace and rest, with much light and beauty. It is an ideal of the Heaven we have carried since before birth. This is a scintillating place which seems so tangible the heaven-oriented consciousness may even feel it is on Earth again. This is where we as Units of Light overlap with other Units of Light and all is beautiful.

This is a plane of relief (strange term, but it fits), rest, and study, where the heaven-oriented consciousness finds spiritual knowledge it needs on its own evolutionary level. You might even regard this as a kind of “waiting room,” where Soul-spirits exiting life, as well as preparing to re-enter life, spend “time” learning what they need to.

Where this set of frequencies begins to blend with the golden Light of the Atma-Buddhi levels of Heaven, all is intensified and uplifted into the radiance of the Eternal Light. This is the frequency zone where Masters exist, with all those on a Path to Truth related to that Light Master’s Wisdom and Work being at One within that radiant field of Lovingly Wise Intelligence.

This is where the Light of Eternity and Infinity brings comfort through knowing we are One with All-That-Is. This is the place where we are within the Music of the Spheres, where a vast multi-phonic tone resounds throughout infinity and all Light exists in both particles and waves in infinite harmony with that Music.

Here the Light scintillates, but with a greater radiance and “aliveness” than the third plane. This is where the Spiritual senses are fully awakened to the infinite variations of existence. It has been written that the beauty, splendor, and glory of this plane are almost indescribable, but at least we’ve been given glimpses of this plane by those who have seen it, experienced it, and come back to tell us the good news.

As I noted, there are even higher frequencies of Heaven than these. Those are Planes beyond the Cosmic Physical. It is where the Cosmic Christ exists, along with the highest Masters and Lords of the Universe.

All of creation is One. All is resonant. We are all within a vaster energy field, and the only thing we really have to do is learn to recognize the different energies, and choose Love.

In this time of passages and renewal, of the death of old ways and the birth of new ones, always remember that you are an Eternally radiant, lovingly wise intelligent Light. Though all forms may pass away, YOU do not pass away.

Please take this moment to experience the eternal YOU which has evolved since childhood from ignorance into awareness, and from fear and uncertainty to the clear light of your highest realizations this lifetime. You are a loving, wise, intelligence who is learning to navigate this ever changing human existence, and everything you’ve ever learned and done serves your greater good. We are as surrounded by Love as a fish by water, connected by Love with countless spiritual Sisters and Brothers across time. “And we all shine on….”

I’ll close today on an ironic note. The funny thing about all this is that we can experience Heaven every time we “get out of our own way” and yield to the bliss and joy of our Divine Consciousness. But so many wait to die before realizing and enjoying the fact that “Heaven on Earth” is where our Highest Self lives all the time. It’s just our mind and feelings don’t register it.

So we fear the means of “getting to” Heaven, but are already there if we choose to experience it. That’s ironic, tragic, and joyous all at the same time! That should bring a smile...


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Robert WilkinsonRobert wilkinson An internationally-known astrologer, author, public speaker, metaphysician, and futurist, with over 25 years experience as a counselor and educator. He has presented hundreds of public talks on all aspects of Astrology, the Eastern Wisdom tradition, the Western Wisdom tradition and promoted many mass gatherings and cultural events. Some of his specific areas of interest and expertise include personality profiles, degree patterns, integrative astrology, various aspect harmonics, among others.
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