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Outside Your Dimensional Box


We are here embracing your heart and your intelligence. We continue to offer our deep gratitude for your willingness and courage to experience the dense reality and frequency of the third and fourth dimensions. This is your focus as a physical being as well as your opportunity to offer a conscious shift.

As a multidimensional being you are capable of moving beyond these limited frequencies. If you are reading our words, you are aware that there are other higher dimensions. This concept is real for you as a mental construct, an abstract idea. The key now is to begin allow yourself to explore the possibilities of this truth as a personal experience.

The physical reality of your day-to-day activities generally consumes most of your focus and awareness. We are inviting you to begin to stretch into the possibility that you can begin to move to higher dimensions. This aspect of evolution, the conscious transformation into a pure energy frequency, moves beyond your perceived limitations. We observe that there are many who are at this moment experiencing the higher realms and higher dimensions.

We celebrate with you and acknowledge that you are anchoring this ability into the mass consciousness matrix.  You are making this possibility and awareness available to all.

We realize our words touch a deep knowing and understanding of this truth, however the physical illusion seems solid and is anchored into your circuits, nervous systems and beliefs. You could say that you are invested in your reality, your story and the connections to other beings with whom you interface.

We are not suggesting that you totally withdraw from your third dimensional experience; we are just inviting you to begin to explore the possibility of moving or shifting your awareness and your divine consciousness to the higher realms of light and frequency.  

Many of your sages and shaman have offered this invitation as well. We have continued to invite you to connect with the quantum field using the portal of your imagination. This is an exercise in removing your focus and attention from the seemingly solid reality you call your life. Allow yourself to suspend your beliefs of what you think is real. Play with this, explore this exercise. It is from the higher dimensions that outstanding solutions to third and fourth dimensional problems can be discovered.

There have been many suggestions and methods offered as to how to access the higher dimensions. We will always recommend the use of sound vibrations. Sounds and sound vibration always alters consciousness. Breath and breathing techniques will allow you to travel consciously, just as meditation and many forms of yoga will support your shift.

We know that there are drugs which can and will shift your perception of reality.

However, we want you to know that you have this ability within yourself without the aid of any herb or drug. We highly recommend that you connect to your own innate ability, since as a multidimensional being you have all the equipment built in to allow you to travel beyond your own space and time.

It is important that you can suspend your beliefs of what is real. Begin to image or consider that you have the ability to travel the higher realities. Begin to understand that you are designed to use this ability. Even though you have physical body, you also have an energy body. It is the energy body that travels. Connection to this energy aspect can be strengthened by your willingness, focus and desire.

There are several portals in the physical body that allow access to the higher dimensions. The first we would remind you is the heart portal. You can bring your attention to the energy of your heart and with your breath allow your consciousness to shift. You can also focus on the heart’s energy while being bathed in quality sound vibrations. Both of these simple suggestions allow you to ride your awareness to a higher dimension.

Another portal or doorway or bridge to the higher dimensions is the pineal gland. This small organ is located approximately in the center of your brain. The pineal gland is also close to the sensory and emotional centers of your brain, which can explain why a spiritual experience in a higher dimension evokes strong emotions and sensations that are often remembered for a lifetime.

We highly recommend that you begin to discover more information about the pineal gland; this tiny pinecone shaped organ is a very important aspect of your physical and dimensional connection.

You also can place your awareness on the so-called "third eye" and while offering a breathing technique or while listening to high quality sound frequencies, you can allow yourself to journey.

Like any new skill, these exercises and shifts in your perception of what is real and possible take a certain dedication, practice and patience. You are shifting and transforming old limited beliefs. You are addressing the possibility that what you have known as real might not be as solid as you have been taught.

Since you are empathic and sensitive to the feelings, beliefs and vibrations of the collective, the ability to move beyond these limitations is a part of your own personal growth and evolution as a divine starbeing.  Begin to investigate the truth of all the programs, codes and genetic data that you carry.

Realize that you are a vast unlimited divine conscious being. You are multidimensional in nature and you are meant to travel, journey and energetically experience all the higher dimensions. The universe, the galaxy, and the many dimensions are yours. Time and space is a construct of your physical reality. It does not exist in the other realms and dimensions.

We delight in offering you this invitation once again. We have encouraged you look at the possibilities of parallel realities and experiences; we have encouraged you to connect to your future self and to the ability to travel time. We have spoken of your galactic heritage, and invited you to claim your Starseed understanding of who you truly are.

We are aware and acknowledge that much information and many techniques are coming forth which offer more and more tools and methods in reaching the higher dimensions. Use discernment regarding what is offered, even these words that we offer, and make sure they resonate as your personal truth.

We continue to reminder you of your unlimited self and encourage you to play often outside your dimensional box.

We are available upon your request. We are grateful to be able to share these reminders of your magnificence.  the 'team'


Peggy Black and the "team" [Hathors]

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