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Akatu: Moments Of Distraction - Pleiadian Collective

 Akatu: Moments Of Distraction - Pleiadian Collective


Friends Of Light!

Indeed These Are Moments Of Distraction!

Just As You Focus On One Created Issue, Negative Forces Will Create Another, So That Hopefully You Will Forget What You Just Saw And Heard! This Is The Way Of Darkness!


To Convince You That All Is So Chaotic That You Need Them For Another Fix.

You Need Nothing But Your Own Light, Intuition And Guidance From Higher Self!

You Are The Light!


As You Reflect On Your Journey, You Will Note The Numerous False Flags And Endless News Reports At The Exact Moment You Were Engaged With Another News Event.

What Was Ever Real?

You Must Understand Fully From This Point That Each Moment You Listen To MSM News Reports, You Are Listening To Mostly Lies With A Sprinkling Of Truth.


This Is Designed To Confuse You Further As You Frantically Seek More Reports To Find Any Truth.

Local News Affiliates Simply Read Off A Prompter From Their Higher Paying Sources And The Masses Are Left To Wonder!

Try Turning Off The Sources And Asking Within!

You Do Not Need Details.

You Need Truth!


Close Your Eyes And Find The Silence Where Truth Speaks!

When Your Heart Resonates And You Feel Connected To The Field, You Will Know All That Is Needed To Move Forward!

Indeed, Most Of The Fighting, Arguments And Disruption Comes From Trying To Take In Multiple Ideas Of Conflict.


You Are Trying To Make Sense Of Lies! Everyone You Observe On Media Is Reading From A Script.

They Are Paid Well.

You Are Not In Their Awareness, Nor Do They Care.


Choose One That You Can Check In And Briefly Get An Update.

Then Let It Go! Focus On Spirit!

Only This Will Free You And Bring Peace!


As Many Issues Are Ramping Up And More Control Is Being Sought, You Must Find Your Freedom First Within And Then You Will Know That Your Body Is Your Sacred Created Form And No Government Has The Right To Touch Your Body, Inject Your Body Or Place A Chip In Your Body!



Know You Have Friends Present Now From The Higher Realms Of Being!

This Has Been Truth In All Waking Dreams!

Some Will Manifest And Some Stand By Waiting For The Moment To Move For You! Call On The Light!

Believe In Justice And Freedom!

Stand Your Ground!


This Waking Dream Is Changing More Rapidly Than You Can Understand In These Moments.

Just Know You Are Safe And We Will Remain With You Always!

Created In Timelessness Millions Of Years Ago In Earth Understanding, I Choose My Youthful Look And Hold My Wisdom In My Soul As I Communicate In Each Waking Dream!


Soon We Meet Again Face To Face!
Never Stop Looking Up!

I Am AKATU. I Am Of A Great Family Of Power And Light!

I Love You So!

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