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The Event - 2020 Major Celestial Alignment - The Pleiadians

The Event - 2020 Major Celestial Alignment - The Pleiadians

Pleiadian Light Forces Transmission

* For Immediate Planetary Broadcast To The Starseeds Of Earth *


2 Earth Months Ago, The Earth Alliance Received A Critical Akashic Download From Light Forces Which Contained Details About A Major Upcoming Celestial Alignment Which Will Signal The Long Awaited Time Of The Complete Liberation Of Planet Earth And The Grand Evolutionary Ascension Of Humanity! Certain Members Of The Earth Alliance Have Been Processing The Data Markers In This Latest Transmission For Some Time Now And On This Day We Present To You A Grand Message Of Hope, Freedom, And Encouragement Which Comes Directly From The Pleiadians!

What We Can Tell You For Sure Is “the Great Time Of Humanity Has Come!”

Notice About This Astrological Event:

Most Mainstream Astrologers Will Not Be Fully Aware Of The Historical Details Or Implications Of This Planetary Alignment! Certain High-level Astrologers Who Are Key Members Of The Earth Alliance Have A Primary Interest In This Celestial Event And Have Been Watching It For Some Time And Have Provided

Supporting Intel For This Light Forces Transmission!

Begin Transmission…

Great Ones,

In 4 Earth Months, A Very Significant And Rare Celestial Alignment Begins Where Pluto And Jupiter Become Conjunct With Each Other! The Powerful Effects Of This Cosmic Alignment Will Be Experienced By The Starseeds Of Earth From February 20 Until December 17th, 2020!

The Full Energetic Impact Of This Alignment Will Hit The Earth At 11:11am Utc On 11/11/2020!

Pleiadian Intel About This Celestial Event:

The Central Sun (sgr-a), Located In The Galactic Core, At The Center Of The Milky Way Galaxy, In The Sagittarius Constellation Has Recently Shown Heightened Activity Due To Cyclical Mass Ejections In The Black Hole At The Galactic Core!

These Central Sun Ejections Are Blasting This Solar System With Exotic Particles Of High Frequency, Gamma Photon Plasma Light That Has Been Measured By Earth’s Schumann Resonance In The 40-100 Hertz Range! The Gamma State Of Consciousness (bliss And Superhuman Ability) Resonates Between 40-100 Hertz! The Lower Boundary Of The 5th Dimension (heaven) Begins At Exactly 40 Hertz And The Upper Boundary Ends At Exactly 100 Hertz! A Dimension Is Not A Place, But A State Of Being Or Consciousness That Can And Will Manifest Itself As A Perceived Reality!

The Great Central Sun At 12-d Is What Is Called ‘ Intelligent Source Energy’ And Emanates Itself Outwardly In An Infinite Manner, Manifesting Itself As All That Exists!

The Great Central Sun Transmits All Of Its Information (on Cosmic Rays) Down To The Central Sun, In The 5th Dimension, For Storage And Use In This Local Cosmos! The Central Sun Is An Intergalactic Repository That Holds All The Light-information Contained In This Universe! All The Information That Exists Is The Same As All The Knowledge Of God/the Universe And The Akashic Records! It Is The Data-information That Makes Up All Things! All Things Are This And No Thing Is Not Made Of This 100%! It Is The Underlying, Intelligent Energy Of The Universe! This Repository Of Divine, 5d Light Has Been Blocked By Nefarious Beings From Entering The Earth’s Energetic Field For The Last 350,000 Years, However Benevolent Light Forces Have Almost Completely Removed All Artificial Central Sun-blocks Now And Have Been Assisting Humanity By Deflecting Central Sunlight To Earth For Some Time Now Using Advanced Crystal And Lightship Technology!

The Pleiadians Know That At Specific Points On The Astrological Calendar, The Heavenly Bodies Of This Solar System Align In A Special Way , Creating Huge Stargates That Allow Much More Of This 5d Central Sunlight To Reach The Earth! They Also Know This Is The Pre-ordained And Opportune Time To Act On Behalf Of All Of Humanity!

In The Final Stage Of Operation Masterpiece (the Completion Of 5d New Earth)

The Pleiadians Will Use The 2020 Jupiter/pluto Stargate To Channel Massive Amounts Of 5d Gamma, Central Sunlight, Now Fully Present On The Surface Of The Sun, On Down Towards Earth Where It Will Be Received, Decoded And Integrated Into The Human Body Vessel Dna Of The 4.5 Billion Starseeds Of Earth, For The Purpose Of Fully Manifesting The New 5d Earth Reality Here! This Point On The Human-history Timeline Is The Full Energetic Climax Of The Event And Will Close The Great Cosmic Cycle Of This Solar System And Of Humanity!

Certain Members Of The Earth Alliance Know About The Certainty Of This Solar Event And Confirm That Our Solar System Is Passing Through An Extremely, Energetically Dense Area Of The Galaxy At This Very Hour! The Exotic Particles Contained In This Cosmic Plasma Field Are Charging Up The Sun Like A Giant Super Capacitor, Which Will Soon Discharge As An Epic And Cosmic Light Event That Will Be Witnessed By All On The Surface Of The Earth!

The Massive Inbound Wave Of White, Magnetic, 5d, Central Sunlight That Will Come Into Earth Beginning In The Spring Of 2020, Builds To An Apex All Year Long As The 2020 Stargate Fully Opens And Will Culminate As A Grand Solar Flash Near The End Of, 2020!

The Energy That Is Currently Building Up In The Magnetic Field Around Earth Is Elevating The Vibration Of The Earth And The Consciousness Of All Living Beings Here! Earth Civilization Is About To Transition Into A Hyperdimensional Society! It Will Now Be Possible To Travel Multidimensionally Through Space And Time With The Procurement Of Zero Point, Free Energy Technologies Which Allow For Anti-gravitic Flight.

Super-human Abilities Will Be Attained By The 4.5 Billion Starseeds On Earth Who Are Ready For This Transformation!

Dear One,

This Planetary Alignment Will Be The Most Powerful And Special One In Human History! All, Galactic Intel, Channeled Data, Every Oracle And Every Sign In The Cosmos Is Pointing To That Fact That An Imminent Evolutionary Event Is About To Occur On Planet Earth!

Prehistoric, Archaeological Data Derived From Carbon-14, Chronometric Dating, In Conjunction With Various Other Types Of Relative Timeline Dating Methods Show:

The Following Pre-historical Events In Earth’s Ancient Timeline Occurred When The Pluto/jupiter Stargate Was Open :

  • Tiamat Destruction
  • The Beginning And End Of The Ice Age
  • Prehistoric Species Extinction
  • The Coming Of The Annunaki
  • The Great Deluge
  • The First Created, Modern Human
  • The Beginning And End Of The Lemurian And The Atlantean Civilizations
  • The Beginning And End Of The Builder Races
  • The Disappearance Of The Mayan Culture
  • The Pleiadian Departure From Earth

In More Modern Times, For The Last Two Centuries, Astrologists Have Tracked And Kept Written Records About This Specific Heavenly Alignment! Just As In Ancient Times, Every Time This Galactic Portal Has Opened, The Most Significant Epochs, Eras, Events And Shifts Have Occurred On Planet Earth!

Beginning In The Spring Of 2020, This Alignment Will Bring The Energy Of Ascension, Liberation And New Beginnings For The Citizens Of Earth, But As With Any Major Shift Or Change, There Will Be A Substantial Amount Of Planetary Chaos As The Old Collective 3d Matrix Fully Gives Way To The New 5d Matrix Of Light!

This Special Planetary Alignment, Is The Heavenly Sign That The New Golden Era Of Light Has Finally Come To Planet Earth!

Dear One,

As We Move Closer To The Grand Year Of 2020, We Must All Be The Best Versions Of Ourselves That We Can Be! The Incoming Light Is Very Strong Now And It Will Only Increase In Power Over The Next Few Months! It Takes A Strong And Healthy Light Being To Be Able To Integrate These Higher Levels Of Photonic Light So Now Is The Time To Take The Best Care Of Your Body, Your Mind, Your Emotions And Your Spirit! Eat Only Natural, Plant-based Energy Foods And Drink Lots Of Pure Water! You May Have To Rest/sleep More Than Normal To Integrate These Higher Levels Of Light! Remove Yourself From All The Negative People And Things In Your Life And Spend Some Time Alone. You Are Changing And Healing So You Need To Be Left Alone For A Time! Do Your Inner Trauma Healing To Clear Trapped Negative And Toxic Emotional Energy From The Body! Seek Knowledge Outside Of The Matrix System So You Can Fully Understand What Is Happening! Ground Yourself In Nature! Meditate At Least One Hour Per Day! A Sea Salt Bath Each Day Will Do Wonders! Ask For Help In Starseed Social Media Groups! Crystals Help Channel High-vibrational Energy Through The Layered Bodies.

Love On Yourself More Than Ever, Re-create Your Life To Be Only What You Want, And Learn To Ignore The Opinion Of Others! You Have To Come First Now And That Is Just The Way It Is!

Standby For A Major Celestial Light Show In The Heavens In 2020 As Light Forces Continue To Assist Humanity In Its Grand Spiritual Evolution!

Thank You For Your Great Service To All Of Humanity!


Michael And The Pleiadians


Special Credit And Acknowledgment To The Earth Alliance, The Great White Brotherhood, The White Dragon Society, Pleiadian Codename: Cobra, The Guardians Of Earth And The Sphere Being Alliance.
David Wilcock Corey Goode Eceti Ranch 

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