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Starseed Series by akemi: Arcturians


Starseeds: Arcturians

Arcturians, Earth’s Guardians

Arcturians come from the star system of Arcturus. It is said Arcturians are the guardians of planet Earth. Arcturians have been watching us evolve for eons of time and their presence is the main reason why Earth has been spared from major catastrophes such as being involved in star wars. I don’t know why, but many starseeds, both the incarnated ones and the non-incarnated ones, seem to have intrinsic reverence for Arcturians.

The way Arcturians work to protect the Earth and her residents is different from that of Alpha Centaurians. Alpha Centaurians are hands-on and practical while Arcturians are more off-hand, observing and guiding us at an arm’s length. Arcturians are certainly not micro managers. They have a way to “live and let live.” I think this approach saves them some stress.

Arcturians’ Ideal

Again, Arcturians’ motto is, “Live and let live.” While they know justice, they are not judgmental. I have a feeling that Arcturians love the Earth Experiment even though the Earth is so much behind in development compared to their home.

Arcturians’ ideal remains to be somewhat of a mystery. The Arcturians I know are well spiritually developed and many are working actively to help others grow spiritually. From this, I feel comfortable to say they are here to help us grow further. But is their ideal the same as what we call Ascension? Maybe.

Generally speaking, Arcturians have “my way” in life. They don’t explain what their way is, they just live their way and don’t bend, which contributes to a level of mystery about them.

Arcturians’ Gifts

Arcturians are well developed mentally, emotionally, and intuitively. We often see mental and emotional capacities to be one or the other option, so Arcturians are hard to understand for many people. Arcturians are intelligent and well read about the topic they are interested in. They are analytical and fully capable of making a strong argument about it. At the same time, Arcturians are very selective in using their intellect and they have no opinion about the topics that they are not interested in.

When Arcturians express themselves about the things they feel strongly about, they are not only intellectually well prepared but they also utilize the power of emotions and brilliant insights. This way, Arcturians offer valuable perspectives to this world.

Arcturians’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

Life on Earth must be quite challenging for advanced souls like Arcturians. While Arcturians are compassionate and forgiving, they are also very sensitive, so they often feel hurt and offended. News of social injustice break their heart. And many Arcturians become vegetarians primarily for compassionate reason. Of course, this compassionate yet sensitive nature defines Arcturians’ social life as well.

In terms of romantic relationship, it all depends on whether they can find an appropriate mate. Being the Arcturian’s partner is a tall order. Not that Arcturians are demanding, but you can sense they are special. When they do find a good partner, I think Arcturians are one of the happiest in partnership. Their partnership is more about friendship than conventional marital bond.

Arcturians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

With their brilliance and mature interpersonal skill, Arcturians are capable of achieving high goals. It’s just Arcturians are not that interested in worldly success. For Arcturians, spiritual growth and spending time with their loved ones are far more important than climbing a step higher in the corporate ladder. In fact, the whole idea of working in the corporate structure is ridiculous for Arcturians. Many Arcturians start their own business and achieve just the right amount of success they aim.

Healing, both conventional healthcare and alternative healing, is one of the popular career choices among Arcturians. And even when they are not in such career, they often find others reaching out to them to be healed. Those distressed people can sense the special quality Arcturians are emitting.

The only possible problem for Arcturians’ career life is when they disempower themselves by internalizing the negativity in the collective consciousness. There are many negativity floating around such as negative beliefs about money and wealth. Also, because Arcturians’ expertise is not a quantifiable skill that we usually put on resumes, others may try to put down Arcturians. “You are smart and sensitive? That’s nothing special. What kind of job skills do you have?” may be the typical response if Arcturians seek the conventional jobs. And if the Arcturian buys into this limiting view, they can put themselves down very badly because they are indeed sensitive.

While many of my Arcturian clients are happy and successful, some seem to have severe hardships, and I believe this is the fundamental reason. I hope they empower themselves by seeing this dynamics.

Arcturians’ Role on Earth

Again, the exact agenda Arcturians have remains a mystery at this time. Perhaps they remain to be the benevolent guardian they have been, or maybe they will be more active as the Ascension progresses.

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January 25, 2010 by akemi


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