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Starseed Series: Blueprinters 1, Originators And Designers

Starseed Series: Blueprinters 1, Originators And Designers

Our souls have blueprints and so does the planet Earth. I’m going to write three posts in this Starseeds series about Blueprinters who are responsible for these blueprints.

Honestly, I feel a bit nervous about this because I’m a Blueprinter myself. There is a certain stigma in writing about one’s own kind. But people have been emailing me about Blueprinters that I guess it’s easier for me to just write these posts. . .

Blueprinters form a big group and so it makes sense to divide them into subgroups. They are:

  • Blueprint Originators
  • Blueprint Designers
  • Blueprint Technicians
  • Blueprint Deliverers
  • Blueprint Changers

This is how I learned it, and it makes sense at least to some extent (although I don’t like some of the naming) so I keep using this system.

Just so you know, Susann Taylor Shier divides Blueprinters into the following three subgroups in her book Soul Mastery: Accessing the Gifts of Your Soul:

  • Blueprint Originators
  • Blueprint Translators
  • Blueprint Deliverers

I’m not going to discuss which system is better or exactly how each subgroup corresponds in another system. Depending on the perspective, there can be various ways to subdivide a group. So if you are interested in learning more about Blueprinters, this book may be good for you.

Where did the Blueprinters come from?

Blueprinters come from a place or dimension that is not in our current frame of reference in the universe. They do not come from a specific star system like most other starseeds do. In this, Blueprinters resemble Mission Realmers. However, we at least have a name for the Mission Realmers’ home: the angelic realm. Blueprinters’ home is a complete mystery, and we don’t know how they came to Earth.

So there is a higher level of mystery about Blueprinters. One way to explain is that, when God intended to create Earth as an experimental playground, Blueprinters received the divine mandate and worked on it. First, Blueprint Originators came up with the overall concepts. Blueprint Designers worked on the aesthetic aspects of the plan. Blueprint Technicians worked on the technical specs, such as the chakra system. Then Blueprint Deliverers delivered the blueprint, and they keep re-delivering. Blueprint Changers are like Blueprint Deliverers but specialize in the follow up service.

The common theme among Blueprinters is that they know the blueprints on the deeper level. It doesn’t mean Blueprinters can tell the technical specifications like an auto repair guy does, but Blueprinters have a clear sense of how things were originally intended to be here.

The Earth Experiment

This Earth is a special playground where souls can incarnate in the physical bodies to exercise our creative power in a tangible way. It’s meant to be an exciting and fun experiment. But there has been a lot of negative influences and many people live in fear as a result. Blueprinters feel these issues in the Earth experiment strongly.

And many Blueprinters are working to restore the original blueprints. This, however, means they are likely to get attention from the negative souls. Some Blueprinters have very challenging lives especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

Blueprint Originators and Designers

I’m going to explain Blueprint Originators and Designers together here because they are closely related and also, I believe they are relatively small groups. In the next post about Blueprinters, I will discuss Blueprint Technicians, which is a large subgroup and quite unique. Then, on the third post about Blueprinters, I will talk about Blueprint Deliverers and Changers because they are related.

All Blueprinters are visionaries, but especially Blueprint Originators and Designers. Blueprint Originators are the ones who came up with the concept of Earth experiment. Some of my Akashic Record Reading clients who turn out to be Blueprint Originators or Blueprint Designers have very few past lives. They’ve been watching the Earth for eons of time — just watching with love, not intending to incarnate themselves — but finally, got so frustrated about the deviations that they decided to be here as physically incarnated humans. (And then, there are some Blueprint Originators who are really old souls.)

As soon as they incarnate, however, they are subject to the same physical rules we all are. This is very hard for Blueprint Originators. I guess the plan was, they incarnate, live life happy and well, lead by example so that other souls can come back to the original blueprint. Blueprint Originators are not so “hands-on” about repairing the glitches. And despite their great intentions, this physical world is so tough and overwhelming for them that some Blueprint Originators get discouraged and even start forgetting their own power, becoming like embittered outcast or hermits.

I guess the physical reality must be just as hard for Blueprint Designers, but they seem to handle it differently. They are big on creating whatever they think good and beautiful. Unlike Blueprint Originators, Blueprint Designers are in the “doing” and super busy. Creation in this physical world takes some time and work. Also, Blueprint Designers worked between Blueprint Originators and Technicians, so they are quite good at coordinating people and projects.

I was told Blueprint Designers don’t incarnate so often these days, but I have seen — well, not many, but quite a few. They seem to be more comfortable in this physical world and “practical” — as practical as Blueprinters can be.

Blueprinters’ Ideal

The ideal all Blueprinters share is to restore the original blueprints, the blueprint of love and creative joy. How each subgroup goes around for this ideal may look different.

Again, Blueprint Originators want to lead by example and gentle guidance. Blueprint Designers like to get to the actual creation — whether it’s artwork, writing and communication, or some business enterprise.

Blueprinters’ Gifts

The common gifts all Blueprinters bring to this world is the intuitive understanding of the original blueprints. Blueprinters know poverty, dis-ease, hate, fear, and all kinds of struggles are abnormalities.

The memory of the original blueprints includes our extrasensory and psychic abilities. We are capable of seeing, hearing, and feeling what is not physically in front of us. We are capable of knowing the information we don’t have physical access to, such as information about a person we never met or information about the future. We are capable of immediate telepathic communication. There are so much more — but we have forgotten how to do these things.

Blueprinters have the same “veil” like everyone else, so not all Blueprinters can do these things at this time. But Blueprinters at least remember these things are very possible.

Blueprinters’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

For Blueprint Originators, and probably also for Blueprint Designers, human emotions are difficult. This can be especially true in loving relationships in which the illusion of separation and limitation play out.

“Why does he (or she) act out so insecurely? Why doesn’t he understand I love him?” A Blueprinter may wonder. I’m not talking about some silly mind game — people acting out with insecurity is truly a source of bewilderment for Blueprinters.

This doesn’t mean Blueprinters are the masters of their own emotions. On the contrary, Blueprinters get baffled with their own emotions as well. Our emotions have a lot to do with our physical bodies, such as hormones, which are foreign to many Blueprinters.

Add to that the Blueprinters’ tendency to attract negative souls. Building happy relationships is a challenge for Blueprinters. I guess the key is detachment and tending to bigger, unconditional love. The resulting relationship of this may not look like a typical romantic relationship, but you know, Blueprinters are not here to fit into the conventional norm, we are here to bring back the original blueprints. . .

Blueprinters’ Challenges in Career and Finance

As I’ve been saying, Blueprint Originators are rather reserved. They tend to be an observer of life rather than an active participant. So a challenge like starting their own business is a big deal, and if they ever do so, I think they do it more with a sense of service rather than for themselves. Or they may just sit in the cubicle, trying to help others in the grass-root approach.

Blueprint Designers don’t always become designers nor necessarily go into arts. Creativity is a lot more than that. They may start a business that is very new, like a business that offers new methods or approaches. Or they may go into music or literature. And of course some Blueprinter Designers haven’t found their special niche yet. . .

Oh, and money? I don’t think Blueprinters care about money all that much. Deep inside, we know we can simply create abundance.

Blueprinters’ Role on Earth

We often talk about Ascension as a new movement, the arrival of the new era. However, we can also see it as the restoration of the original beautiful plan, the return of the golden age. So Blueprinters have special contributions in this movement.

Personally, I have a sense of urgency about Ascension. We’ve gotta get it up and running, soon. This may be why so many Blueprinters present themselves in my Akashic Record Reading practice. They know they need to dump their own baggage to work effectively in this movement.

If you are a Blueprinter reading this post, please let me know what you think. I’m being super careful not to put my personal bias into this, but at the same time, concerned I may be trying too hard at this and not putting enough of myself here. What is your experience of being a Blueprinter?

And if the idea of Blueprinters are new to you, don’t hesitate to ask questions in the comment!

Continue reading here: Starseed Series by akemi: Blueprinters 2, Blueprint Technicians


October 4, 2009 by akemi

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