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Starseed Series: Polarians

polaris_starStarseeds: Polarians

Very sorry to hear about the earthquake in Haiti. Not just to those people there, but this kind of change in Earth energy affects many of us. Here is my piece about another starseeds who are especially sensitive to such energetic shift.

The Earth’s axis and the North Star

Polarians come from the star system of Polaris, the North Star. Our Earth’s axis used to point directly to Polaris. However, when Maldec, the planet that used to be where asteroids are located now, exploded, it affected other planets including the Earth.

It is also said one Earth year (the time it takes to complete one circulation around the orbit) was exactly 360 days, corresponding to 360 degrees. The solar system was beautifully designed.

Polarians embody the energy of the true north, loyalty. They are down to Earth and have a rock solid way of living. On the soul level, Polarians remember how things were before and still feel resistance to this change. It’s horrible their home star will not be the pole star in the future! Some Polarians react to this from their subconscious and try to weigh down the Earth by gaining weight. Polarians are also sensitive to Earth energy, so changes such as earthquakes affect them. I advice Polarians to take things easy when there is an earthquake, tsunami or volcanic eruption even if it is happening far from where they live.

Polarians’ Ideal

Polarians are the glue in a group. They are not charismatic and not a typical leadership type, but they have a way to gather and keep people together for a common cause. They know the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Unity and wholeness are the Polarian ideal.

In Polarians’ ideal world, everyone comes together in a circle, talks about everything, and decides everything together. This is a beautiful vision. It reminds the ancient community where everyone in the village was included and valued. This is a great antidote to the fragmented modern world that causes so much pain of isolation. However, it also reminds kindergarten. Belonging is good, but so is independence. Polarians need to understand others’ need to have some breathing space. Not everyone wants to be included in everything. Trusting and letting others make their decisions are critical learning experiences for Polarians.

Polarians’ Gifts

Polarians bring the gift of unity and wholeness. Again, this is a wonderful gift to this fragmented and conflicted world. Restoring the value of group and community, while balancing it with individualism, is important.

Interestingly, Polarians have two points of vibration. Usually, we have just one level of vibration, with some fluctuations. Polarians have higher point and lower point of vibration. Most of the time, they operate at the lower level, which keep them grounded. The lower point of vibration is not necessarily a bad thing. While we do want to raise our vibration rate, pushing ourselves higher when we are not ready is no good. Polarians’ lower vibration point helps them to live and work in a steady, predictable way. When they are at their higher point of vibration, they move swiftly toward their goals. I also think some Polarians use this higher point of vibration to receive intuition and communicate with the spirits. Although Polarians usually need a lot of time to make decisions, they move quite swiftly when they are tuned in to their higher vibration point.

Polarians’ Challenges in Loving Relationships

If you are family-oriented, Polarians make great partners. They may not be exciting to date, but their steadiness brings comfort. The typical singles’ scene is hard for Polarians. They are looking for someone they can start a family with, not a playmate.

Polarians are loyal to a fault and tend to stay in the same situation for a very long time, be it relationship, workplace, or the place of living. In other words, they get stuck easily. Polarians benefit from having someone check on them occasionally to see if their situation still serves them. If you are in an abusive relationship, for example, there is no point staying there for the sake of keeping the relationship, but Polarians make this mistake often.

Because Polarians love togetherness, they often dream of starting a home business with their spouse. The success of this business, and the relationship, depends on how willing their partner is to merge so much in the union and how the Polarian can let their partner have their way at appropriate occasions.

Polarians’ single-mindedness can sometimes be viewed as rigid and stubborn by others.

Polarians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Polarians are team players. If your business requires group effort, you want Polarians in your team. They keep the group functioning in a grass-root manner. Don’t underestimate them for their non-showy grounded disposition.

Polarians’ tendency to stay in the same place works in their career, too. These are the souls who keep the same job for years. Again, it’s critical they review the situation occasionally to make sure it is still serving them. Because it is very difficult for Polarians to initiate change, they may want help such as life or career coaches.

Polarians present us a solid way to success. We often associate success with brilliant talent and extraordinary effort, but success can also be achieved by doing the one thing, day in, day out, making steady progress over a long time. Some Polarians I know have accumulated impressive wealth this way.

Polarians’ Role on Earth

Polarians’ sensitivity to Earth’s energy is interesting. Our Earth is ascending, raising her vibration rate, and influencing her residents’ vibration rate. I think Polarians are the workhorse in this Ascension, the shift of ages.

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January 17, 2010 by akemi


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