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Starseed Series: Sirians

siriusStarseeds: Sirians

This is the third article in the Starseeds series. So far, I’ve written about Alpha Centauri and Hadar. These two soul groups came to Earth by physical means. From here on, we are talking about soul groups that came to Earth by non-physical means, most likely through higher dimensions.

Today is about Sirians. I receive all kinds of starseeds as my clients for Akashic Record Reading, but as I look at my piles of reading notes, the pile of Sirians are definitely smaller than those of Alpha Centaurians and Hadarians.

(So if you are a Sirian, let me know what you think about this article — I appreciate your feedback. And I don’t mean Sirians are rare starseeds. It’s a matter of relative volume — somehow I get a lot of Alpha Centaurians, Hadarians, and Mission Realmers, perhaps followed by Blueprinters, and then I get all kinds of other starseeds.) Yet I need to talk about Sirians before I talk about other starseed groups because Sirians have had major influence on them.

Sirians are considered to be responsible for inventing etheric implants and therefore all the mess the implants have caused . . .

Sirians and Etheric Implants

Sirians had highly developed technology. Sirians were also more spiritually advanced than we are — at least some Sirians. So, with their great technical skills, Sirians invented etheric implants. Etheric implants are energetic implants, so you don’t see them. It works like a remote control device.

The initial intention Sirians had when they invented the etheric implants was benevolent. It was to advance the spirituality of less developed portion of the Sirian population. Benevolent, yet somewhat invasive, I think. Worse yet, this great technology didn’t come with any safety precaution.

Eventually, negative forces found out about this great technology, and they started to modify the implants to their advantage. They also made their versions of etheric implants by copying the technology.

Etheric Implant’s Influence

Etheric implants affect many souls to this day. The recipient of the implant could be anyone, but namely, the following starseed groups have been affected big time:

Sirians: Practically all Sirians have etheric implants, whether they are the original implants or the modified kinds.

Hadarians: Many Hadarians received etheric implants while they were enslaved by the negative souls — the implant runs manipulative programs in these Hadarians, controlled by the negative souls.

Mission Realmers: They, too, received etheric implants from the negative souls when they were coming to Earth. Additionally, I heard some Mission Realmers have Sirian’s etheric implants that work like a surveillance device.

Pleiadians: Pleiadians have their own interesting history. While most Pleiadians are positive light-seeking souls, quite a few have turned to negative and experimented with the implant technology. So Pleiadians have their own versions of etheric implants.

Etheric implants have also been used in “star wars”, causing catastrophic results. Polarians, as well as Earth souls, are affected by the result of the planetary changes.

Sirians’ Ideal

So Sirians know the dark side of advanced technology. While many Sirians are good at technical, analytical thinking, they also have a deep-set hesitation to embrace their potential. They have the fear of success.

As you can imagine, Sirians also have trust issue. It seems many Sirians find it hard to trust others wholeheartedly. They also have hard time trusting themselves.

Sirians’ ideal, then, is to contribute to the improvement of this world with their expertise by overcoming these challenges. I believe many Sirians have sincere desire to improve themselves and this world despite the fact they often sound quite “negative” or doubtful.

Sirians’ Gifts

Sirians are very good at analytical thinking and well organized. Many Sirians seem to be natural program manager, organizing dates and logistics of events.

Sirians love improving things. Again, many Sirians are still stuck in themselves at this time, so they may not be making big improvements, but still they can’t help their tendency to tweak things here and there. Oh, Sirians are so light-seeking, in their own way :)

Sirians’ Challenges in Loving Relationship

I don’t think Sirians talk about loving relationships so often in my phone sessions. And I don’t know any Sirians firsthand in my personal life. So what I have to say here is a bit limited.

I guess Sirians find it hard to be in their heart. They are usually in their head, analyzing things. This can pose a problem in romantic relationship. It seems, however, Sirians have more polished social skills than Alpha Centaurians, who are also very much in their head and tend to be loners.

Additionally, many Sirians seem to have low alignment level with Divine Truth. So they probably have the need to insist they are right. And with their analytical approach, they can make a great case “proving” they are right. It’s not hard to imagine this tendency can strain their social relationships. . .

Sirians’ Challenges in Career and Finance

Interestingly, only one of my Sirian clients are in the science and technology field. And she is a psychologist — a very people kind of science. Other Sirians use their analytical skill in various other fields, from accounting to teaching to seemingly non-technical jobs. (Accounting and finance seem to be fairly popular among Sirians.)

Sirians like making plans and they are good at making detailed plans with dates and action items on them. This is great, with one caution. Sirians tend to be caught up in their own plans. Plans are great tools as long as they work, but we need to adjust the plan as we go and the situations change.

I think many Sirians are stuck in their career because they are still faithfully following the plan they made before.

Their fear of success, the fear to trust themselves and their full potential, also poses big challenge in Sirians’ work life, especially when they aspire to become an entrepreneur. This can be quite confusing to those who are looking at Sirians. They do all the right thing — get the appropriate education and training, network with the right people, and do all kinds of preparation work . . . and when things are just about to happen, they step back. Or find something “more interesting” to do. . .

Sirians’ Role on Earth

There are people who maintain Sirians have a special role in Ascension. Patricia Cori, who channels Sirian High Council, wrote many books. I’ve only flipped through Great Shift, The: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond, which is a collection of three writings about 2012, and she is one of the contributing writers. She says crop circles are made by Sirians (non-incarnated ones who are watching us in the ether). To be clear, I am not endorsing this view (there are hoax crop circles), but they are interesting to look at and I guess Sirians can certainly do something like this with their technology.

My understanding is Sirians can bring great technical advancement. This time, of course, it must come with care and respect for others’ free will.

We can all learn from mistakes. We are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Sirians’ invention of the etheric implant is a great example of this.

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July 20, 2009 by akemi

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