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Starseed Series by akemi: Spicans

Starseed SpicanStarseeds: Spicans

Spica is the brightest star in the constellation of Virgo. Spicans as starseed souls are very rare, probably not exceeding a few thousand souls on Earth.

On their home planet, Spicans lived as lightbodies. The living environment there was far less dense than that of the Earth and also populated sparsely. The dense, crowded, and busy environment is very hard for Spicans, and many Spicans intuitively prefer to live in a quiet area outside of town. They are also very sensitive to electromagnetic energy. I advise Spicans to keep at least their bedroom to be gadget- free. It’s difficult to live without computers, cell phones, handhelds, TVs, and so on, but when you sleep, you want to be in a clean environment without these gadgets.

To be with a Spican brings you the sense of serenity that is so rare in today’s world. Not that Spicans are quiet - they have the serene energy that reflects back the energetic quality of those who come in contact with them. It is like stepping into a lake in the forest. All the ripples you make, you see as your ripples. Because we are so used to being in the crowded swimming pool, where there are so many ripples bouncing back and forth around us, this serenity around Spicans may startle you, or even make you uncomfortable.

Spicans’ Ideal

Spicans come to Earth to help the enlightenment process and to live in peace. Spicans know enlightenment is not about discipline. It is about realizing our true nature. It’s about revelation, not reaching up to somewhere.

Some Spicans are quite expressive in pursuing this ideal while other Spicans simply live their life. What seems to be common among all Spicans is their steadiness in their own approach. Spicans don’t get persuaded easily to change their way.

Spicans’ Gifts

Even though some souls fear the serenity they feel around Spicans, that serenity and clarity is still the best gift they bring to this world. We cannot improve anything we do not acknowledge to exist.

Spicans’ Challenges In Loving Relationships

While Spicans are very loving, compassionate souls, their love life may not be an easy one. Many people are conditioned to take attachment or even manipulation as love, and for them, Spicans’ serenity may feel like aloofness. And even though Spicans are non-judgmental, people may feel their own judgments reflecting back when they are with Spicans. Spicans’ need to have quiet alone time to stay energetically sound can also confuse some people.

The best way for Spicans to find an energetically-matching mate is to go intuitively. Dating as number game doesn’t make sense at all for them because they just meet many people who are conditioned to believe in fake love. Spicans are very content and devoted to their relationship when they do find a good mate.

Spicans’ Challenges In Career And Finance

Among my Spican clients (there have only been handful), their career paths and the levels of their financial success vary big time. Some are deeply invested in spiritual development, but their approaches seem to be quite different to one another. My guess is Spicans are experimenting and exploring the Earth plane to find the best way to help us. So my best advice to Spicans is to go forward with the exploration — even the “failures” are great in the long run.

Spicans’ Role on Earth

Although we know Spicans are here to help us to enlightenment, their exact role in Ascension is yet to be known. My guess is they are here to serve as a somewhat hands-off role models and mentors. Again, they know enlightenment is not about years of studying and practicing, so they only hint the direction while they keep their energy clean and sound.

This is the second last post of the Starseeds series. In the next post, I will do a quick review of parallels and Earth souls.

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March 24, 2010 by Akemi


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