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The Group: Espavo Awakening

The Group:  Espavo Awakening

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, I am Observer, and I am thrilled to join you this day for you are turning a corner on Earth. Yes, there will be some who won’t make the turn.

However, the reality is you all have an incredible opportunity coming ahead. Elrah will tell you much more about it. But there’s some exciting news coming for everyone on planet Earth. So, welcome Home to all the Lightworkers! You have made much of this possible and by holding this energy in your heart and coming together. Whether you teach it, read it, bring it in or take it out, that really makes no difference. You’ve been holding the light and the light is now starting to shine on planet Earth in a new way. It’s very magical for us to watch from this side of the veil, and we could not be prouder of the work that you all are doing.

Yes, we know many of you are in distress. Although we can tell you what’s arriving in the long run, some of you are more concerned about the very next step. We tell you, dear ones, those two things are starting to come together. Many of the predictions that we have made are starting to take place. Let us start first with a prediction that we shared almost five years ago. We mentioned that there would be many people leaving the planet en masse, and this was accomplished by what you call COVID-19.Those souls were needed on the other side of the veil to help you make the transition we’re talking about today.

When COVID-19 came in, we also predicted that it would be three to five years before you could get your arms around this one. Well, you’re celebrating the third anniversary of it right now. We’ll see how you do with this, because your spirituality is not actually measured by what is taking place with a disease. But we’ll also tell you that you’re doing really well. And even though this could be considered to be an extreme negative, it has served a purpose and it is not yet finished, dear ones. The process began with the fires in Australia, where more than a billion animals left the planet within a few days and that created a vacuum. Those spirits were needed on the other side of the veil for that level, which was working as well too.

Healing Circle for Conscious Creators

Yes, all of it blends together. You’re all connected in ways that we can only hint at, because it’s important that you discover these connections yourselves. You understand where you’re going and take these steps consciously. You are conscious creators walking behind a veil of forgetfulness. You will hear this over and over again, especially today. Everything that you can balance between your heart and your head manifests in your world. Well done, dear ones, well done. Lightworkers of planet Earth, you are magicians far beyond your understanding.

We’re now going to put this entire event into a time bubble, so that those people watching this later on can be a part of the energy in the same way that you are watching it live. Right now, we’re going to form a healing circle. We’ll invite you to bring anything to the healing circle that you wish to change. Whether it’s an emotion, scar tissue, or even something physical, the circle can help you manifest health in this way. So, take a deep breath everyone and just find your center. As you release the thoughts of the day, let it all go. If you wish, close your eyes comfortably.

As you start connecting your heart chakras one to the other, you’ll feel it every time you hit a new stream of heart connection. It brings a big smile to your face. Excellent. So, take a breath. Beautiful. And for those who wish to step forward into the healing circle, do so now. We have created a giant circle, a circle of heart energy. And for those of you standing on the outside of the circle, open your hearts and your minds in this moment. When you perceive a miracle, a miracle is created. It’s time to bring everyone to their highest vibration possible. You don’t necessarily need to do anything, but you deserve to feel good and to be well. You deserve every aspect of planet Earth that can bring you good and joy, and we wish to beam that to you right now. Those of you on the inside of the circle, open your hearts and allow us to send that energy through you. Take a deep breath and feel it in this moment. Well done, dear ones.

The First Tool of Creation

You are magic in ways that you cannot see. You are creator beings, and that starts by taking responsibility for yourself. For that is the first tool of creation. Elrah will speak of the second tool, but I will give you the first one. The first tool is to take responsibility for where you are right now. Yes, some of you are in dire need at this very moment but take responsibility for that. Know that in some way you have not only created it, but you also have something to gain from it. The moment you gain anything from it, the energy shifts. It becomes different and starts to work in other ways. You can begin to create new energies and a new space. So, we invite you all to take responsibility for where you are at this moment. That’s the good, the bad and yes, the ugly. All of it is absolutely incredible energy of humans pretending to be spirits. Well done, dear ones. Take a breath and feel the light moving through you. Excellent.

And with that, we are going to leave you for the time being. Elrah will bring you the rest of our message, which is full of hope. Your dreams are happening right now. It’s beginning as the new light dawns on planet Earth, for you’ll see more than you ever expected. Watch for the opportunities and be ready. And so, it is with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity, and play well together.

Espavo, dear ones. I am Observer, and I like to watch.

Hi everyone, can I come out now?

Greetings from Home everybody. I’m Elrah of rhythmic service at your service. I wanted to talk to you at this critical time on planet Earth. You see, things are moving at the speed of love, which is a little bit faster than the speed of light. And you know how difficult that one is now, don’t you? Well, we tell you, your heart energy moves at incredible paces now and you’re doing some wonderful things. So, let us tell you a little bit about what’s right in front of you and the next few steps. This next year holds opportunities for some rather massive changes. Now, we know humans don’t do change very well. You like to fight, you like to argue, you like to keep things exactly the same and stay right where you were, so you don’t have to change.

Take Responsibility and Take Pride

Well, guess what? Everybody’s changing. It’s the next level up. Many of you have talked about it, for you’ve seen it from different levels. There are a couple of different timeframes that you’ll be working with. One’s coming up at the end of March, the other one’s coming up at the middle of August. Is it an exact date? Well, dear ones, we’re not going to play that game with you right now because it’s not critical to do that. However, what is critical is your effort right now to start aligning yourself to be responsible. Because you see, when the Observer came in a little earlier, he gave you the first tool. The first tool is about taking responsibility for where you are, and who you are. Also, take some pride in that will you please? Pride is awesome! It basically gives you the opportunity to love yourself.

Now, consider the opposite. What happens when you doubt yourself? Well, you see, that’s what we want to talk to you about because you are creator beings. You create everything that you can balance between your head and your heart. If you can balance those two, then it manifests in your world all around you rather quickly. Well, these days at least, because the lag time used to be fairly slow and it was kind of a safeguard for humans. It actually meant that the human race could survive. Every time you had a negative thought you’d create it instantly, but the time lag allowed you to think about it. And your thoughts would come out here and they’d turn around, look at you and go, “Are you sure?” And you’d say, “Yes, I’m sure.”

And they’d come down a little further and check again. “Hey, are you sure?” You’d reply, “Yes, I’m sure.” Then they’d come all the way down to the bottom and say, “Are you really sure?” Then you would say, “Well, maybe we ought to change that a little bit.” It was in that moment of doubt that the creation process had to start all over again.

The Great Circle of Life

Now what happens? Boom! Instantaneous manifestation. We don’t deal with time here at Home, but you certainly do. You understand that don’t you? It’s an illusion. Time is a part of your game, it’s part of what you have to deal with. And with that, all this happens very fast now. So, it becomes important for you not to train your brain only to have certain thoughts. Your part of a collective consciousness, so those thoughts are floating around you all the time. At some point, you’ve had every thought someone else has and it’s an endless circle.

That’s how you’re all tied together, you are truly one. You all share the same stream of thoughts, although you have them at different times. And they must flow to you through different belief systems and body suits. We love to watch your patent offices, because it’s fascinating. You come up with a brand-new idea and take it to the patent office, only to find out someone just patented it the day before. Then five more people show up the day after you. It’s amazing, because it was dropped into the collective consciousness of humanity and everybody got it at once. Well, there’s more to that now too. Because you see, you’ve got negative thoughts up here too. So, the idea is, are you going to just ignore those negative thoughts? No, they’re part of your communication. And in truth, there’s beauty in the darkness. You must keep that in mind, dear ones. You have light, dark and all this energy, but you wouldn’t even see the light if it weren’t for the darkness.

Beauty in the Darkness

Read some of the beautiful poetry by Edgar Allen Poe, and watch the some of the films by Tim Burton, Quinton Tarantino or Alfred Hitchcock. Absolutely amazing. Have you ever listened to the music of Leonard Cohen or the Doors? Oh yes, very dark energy, but absolutely beautiful. If you can eliminate the fear, you can enjoy the beauty. There’s beauty in the darkness, but do not fear it. Because the fear is what creates the problem. Oh, that’s the interesting part. If you see this beautiful dark thought coming through the collective consciousness, do you grab it? Well, you grab it as long as it resonates with you. And you can turn it into a piece of beauty, or you can also just let it go. Either way you’ll still have the negative thoughts. It’s not that you’re training your brain not to have negative thoughts, it’s that you’re training your brain to go, “Oh, that’s a beautiful thought. I think I’ll feel that and then I’ll let it go.” Grab the ones that empower you and integrate them into your heart and who you truly are. That’s where the magic is.

The Second Tool of Conscious Creation

Observer showed you the first tool and now we’ll share about the second tool. We’ve talked about this before, it’s no secret, but it’s really helpful to remember as you step into this new game. And that’s discernment, one of the key elements on planet Earth for creators pretending to be human. What is discernment? It’s making choices without running them through your belief systems.

Let us give you an illustration. Imagine that you’ve just bought a new book. You open it up, you start reading and say, “Oh, my goodness. This is wonderful, it’s so beautiful.” You read a couple of chapters and are enthralled with what you are reading. You read a little further and you go, “Wow, this is magical!” Then a few days later when you’re almost through the book you say, “Well, I don’t know if I agree with that.” And you read a little further on and think, “Gosh, this book is terrible. I don’t know what’s going on with this. I don’t like this book at all.” And then you put the book down. However, discernment allows you to keep the first chapters that meant so much to you, without judging the entire book in the same way.

Now that is not easy for humans to do because many have belief systems preventing that, which is a key element of what’s coming. Yes, you have a lot of belief systems. A belief system simply means if you believe this over here, then you believe all these other things that are attached to it. Of course, we clearly call that “BS” for several reasons. If you’re able to take just those pieces that resonate with you and leave all the rest alone, you’re stepping into the new energy with empowerment. That’s one of the most important things to understand going forward. Belief systems can control you, and they are often used for just that. You’ve got all these beliefs on the planet, but that’s fine as long as you are gaining from them. If not, take just the pieces that are yours. Those other pieces were put there for someone else, not for you.

Well, you get the idea, it’s pretty magical once you get the hang of it. Then you start discerning everything, all the things that you put into your being to pretend to be a human. But it means that you have to step out of some of the limiting belief systems, in order to step into the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. You’re getting close, very close. Are there problems ahead? Of course, there are. You could even call planet Earth a problem, because it’s a place where you work through all this stuff. But you are creator beings and don’t ever forget that. Everything that you start to manifest shows up in your world. So, if at this moment you’re not happy with where you are and what you’ve created, the first thing you need do is take responsibility for it.

You can change your thoughts by changing who you are in this moment. You wear something we call a body suit, and we’ll be talking a lot about that going forward. It’s not a bad thing, but you have to do it to house your spirit on planet Earth. No, we’re not talking about the physical body. We’re talking about the body suit that you make up, something you wear to play the game. The body suit has everything in it that you think you want everyone else to see. Ah, interesting. You can call it a lot of different things, but in reality, all your belief systems are in that body suit. So, what if you had a transparent body suit?

The Perfect Imperfection of Light

You can’t always have a transparent body suit, because you can’t have perfection on planet Earth. It simply doesn’t work. There is no flavor or personality in a transparent body suit. So, you divide up your perfection in different ways. You’re trying to become as perfect as you can, but it’s actually that little imperfection that creates what you call beauty on planet Earth. Everything you see that you consider beautiful is perfectly imperfect. It’s the perfect imperfection of light. And that’s you, that’s where you’re at, so own it. Be the best perfect imperfection that you can be. Dare to pat yourself on the back and say, “Oh, that was a great imperfection. I like that one.”

And we know some of you think it can’t be a game, because it’s so serious and so many people get hurt. Well, some of that’s by contract and some of it’s by choice. And if you understand that you’re choosing everything from the higher perspective, you’ll start choosing a little bit differently. So, if you’re not happy where you’re at, dare to choose again. Your thoughts about abundance are amazing. You’ve always considered that to not be spiritual; therefore, if you are abundant, you cannot be spiritual. Well, that’s nonsense, absolute nonsense. That’s BS as well. But the reality is, lose those things. If they’re not feeding you and they’re not working for you, then choose again because that’s your gift.

Now, how do you choose? That’s where discernment comes in. It’s the second tool that the higher vibrations of life learn, to find those pieces that resonate with you and then have them grow. Plant them deep inside you, so you can play the game of pretending to be a human and have fun for a change. It is time. But you’ve already got that deep within you, all you need to do is bring out some of these to connect to each other. No one person has all the answers. But if you hold hands, guess what? You’ll have access to all the answers rather quickly.

The idea is just let others see you, to see your heart. No one’s perfect, no one has to be perfect, so don’t try to be. You just have to be you, dear ones. And that’s not always easy, but your spirit knows the way Home. The more you can breathe and let the spirit come through the physical body, the more the body suit becomes transparent and you start acting as the spirit. That’s what we’re asking you to do as you step forward into this next world, you’ve now got a clear path ahead.

The next part of it is beginning right away. If you could only see yourself the way that we see you from this side of the veil, you’d start to understand why we honor you so much. Just remember the discernment. Grab the first pieces that resonate with your heart and leave the rest, because they were meant for someone else. You don’t have to pick up every crystal on your path, only the ones that resonate with you. Dear ones, it has been my greatest honor to be allowed to speak to you in these ways.

You are magical beings, each and every one of you, and all we’re trying to do is reflect your magic. To help you understand that you’ve created it all, including the belief systems. Take every part of everything that you love and make it magical, own it. Let it be part of you and part of your body suit that you walk around with every day. We love you much more than you could possibly ever understand. You are the incarnation of light in the physical form. Allow yourself to be part of that magic, and you’ll find a lot of new rhythms taking place all around you. Find those that resonate with you, that match your heart chakra, and you’ll be dancing in the light. It’s with the greatest of honor that I ask you to treat each other with respect of the highest nature. Open those doors for each other, nurture one another every chance you get, and play well together as you choose a new game board token to play with. Choose the highest of light. And re-member, the responsibility and discernment are the first two tools in the higher energies of the new planet Earth. Welcome Home everybody. I’m Elrah of rhythmic service at your service and I love you dearly.

Espavo, everyone. This is the Espavo awakening because the word simply means, “Thank you for taking your power.” Enjoy the journey dear ones.


The group

The Group:  Espavo Awakening


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