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Small Steps Lead To Great Things - Sai Baba



God protects you, ascended masters protect you, archangels and angels protect you! You are never on your own, and every “coincidence” is part of your life plan, presenting you with what supports your process of becoming more aware.

This is what the days of true adepts and true seekers look like – those very days on earth when you strive for perfection and longingly yearn for God.

Everyone who consecrates themselves to God is protected by HIM and sheltered by HIS light, until everything is perfected – in heaven and on earth.

a friend of humanity, and the light on all your paths.

Beloved humans,
Start filling your consciousness with the certainty that God is near.

The absence of God in your life is the biggest illusion, and many people who have chosen the path of love and light continue to succumb to that deception time and again. Anyone who isn’t rooted in divine consciousness firmly and deeply enough, is subjected to the turbulence of various energies on earth, and often faces a wall of doubt and questions that should long since have been answered.

Is all of this really true? Am I imagining it? Is God really omnipresent? Do I really hear the voice of God in my heart or is it just my imagination? Is all the drama and suffering in this world really possible under God’s watch? Does it really make a difference if and what I contribute? Am I the drop without which the ocean wouldn’t exist?

These questions can weigh heavy on a human heart, and they continue to afflict you until you have become certain of God’s omnipresence.

As long as you have no immediate awareness of God in your life, it might happen that you leave the path of light behind and turn to the well-known paths of this matrix.

As long as everything your eyes can see is closer to you than what is revealed to you by your intuition and your inner being, you experience immense poverty in your life.

This error, that is causing you to deviate from the path of light, needs to be corrected here and now. You can do so by never running away from any conflict.

The more consciously you become aware of your “little everyday doubts”, the less possible it becomes that big fears and worries will gain ground in you.

Localize your doubt

What matters is that you know your thoughts, accept your emotions and pinpoint unspoken doubt in you. This daily “inventory” secures a clear mind and clear thoughts. Make use of meditation and work with divine light. Try to experience the presence of God and the angels in your dreams.

“Ask and you shall receive” – this truth needs to be repeated again and again so that it can set roots in your hearts.

On earth, a great variety of energy fields have an effect on human consciousness. That is why it is a priority to remain clear internally, and to make sure that your thoughts are not clouded by harmful energy fields.

This is why it is of the utmost urgency that you cleanse your energy system daily, because without a sharp mind and clear vision of what is, there’s great danger of going astray.

Come to me!

This is why I am inviting you today to come to me with all your unresolved issues – for I was, am and always will be close to humanity. I was reborn to raise humanity and encourage those who bend. I am right by the side of those who have good intentions but can’t find their way out of the labyrinth of time.

I am with you and all human beings who call upon me; and together we can accomplish what seems impossible on your own.

Today it is absolutely necessary that each individual establishes a direct and consistent connection to God and HIS forces of light. In order to achieve this, you need to take many small steps.

Great things will be achieved once all the pieces of the puzzle in a human life are in the right place.

I stand by you in the process, and you can be sure of my support – because I will stay with you until the day of truth. I will stay with you until the skies open and you can return into God’s light.

I am your friend, I am omnipresent consciousness, and I am always there for you.


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations
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"Life is an echo, what you send out comes back."

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