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Earth Shift Energy


Human consciousness and the consciousness of the planet are going through monumental shifts. Many of these shifts are a result of an influx of a higher frequency energy coming into our planet and especially flowing into each one of us. You might say that the evolution of humanity is a transformation of energy.

For thousands of years, humanity has inched its way toward greater spiritual maturity.

Most human beings have been caught in the dense karmic energies of the earth plane, lifetime after lifetime, and have made very slow progress. Only a few lone individuals from time to time have reached what's been called "enlightenment" or liberation from suffering.

Although some of these individuals have stepped forward, bringing significant spiritual teachings to the planet, these teachings have inevitably been watered down into what have become religions - a process which has in many ways distorted and diluted the teachings.

A growing number of individuals in recent years have begun a conscious process of awakening. This has been significant in beginning to shift the consciousness of the planet.

Yet, still these numbers have been relatively small, considering the billions of people now alive on the earth.

Awaken: Earth Shift Energy

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