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Cosmic Energy Update: The Cosmic Dragons' Rising!

Cosmic Energy Update: The Cosmic Dragons' Rising!

THE 13th STARGATE OF OUR SACRED CRYSTAL HEART-MIND HAS OPENED & with it THE NEW EARTH PORTAL, which is fully quantum merging, aligning and synchronizing us with 13D Ascension Earth, and is igniting the new Diamond Grids and our Divine Organic Creatrix Field!


The Crystalline Core, Earth's and our Cosmic Kryst Seed Atom and Heart, has been fully opened and ignited as the 13th Stargate on the 5th of February along with the remaining 12, with special focus on the UK, Ireland and France landmass of the 11th and 12th Stargate system. All together ALL new 72 STARGATES of NEW EARTH ARE BEING FULLY ACTIVATED as any remaining density, blocks, miasma, inorganic materials and negative entities, are being fully cleared from our, the Planetary body and Cosmic field.


Completing the magnetic field, and pole shift and flip!


Our Hearts & Minds are being blasted wide open by this powerful Divine Love and Cosmic Re-Union Tsunami! This is also bringing up for clearing ALL that is not of this Frequency, which is also the Frequency of TRUTH, which is what shatters all illusions, dissolving all that is false and artificial!

These are after all the end times, or the end of time! The end of the illusion of separation and us being stuck in a false Matrix simulation!

We just had the 9th M-Class Solar Flares since Tuesday, most of them Earth facing but apparently no CME's, with the magnetic field continuing to becoming weaker and allowing more of the unmeasurable Cosmic Rays and Gramma Plasma Waves to enter into our atmosphere and morphogenetic field, assisting the final dissolution of the false Matrix simulation, along with ongoing solar winds and intermittent geomagnetic instabilities. We have all heard about the earthquakes, many strange and weird headlines, and many AI glitches, some global internet outages were being reported on the 7th, and with a country wide internet outage in Italy on the 5th.


This final Collective Super-purge is now fully quantum completing along with our missions, and with it a LOT of anger and frustration is arising as the Cosmic Mother of Dragons is pissed, and she's cleaning house, along with the Cosmic Dragons, the true Guardians, Angelics, Galactics, and the many beings of Light in alignment with the Law of ONE, that are serving our Cosmic Ascension and Re-Union process! No stone, no gateway, no Stargate, no phantom pocket is being left unturned and unattended, as the false Matrix simulation is being fully cleared and evaporated through our sacred Rainbow Dragon Breath in this now!

The Cosmic Dragons are removing ALL remaining invaders, negative beings and entities, AI materials, structures, architecture and matter, all that is false and artificial. We are purging all ANTI-LIFE forces, shadow beings and entities, architecture and Consciousness forms from our, the Planetary and Cosmic Body. As this happens it comes up and out to be transmuted with the highest of Divine Love, that does not judge but is fully present with whatever arises. Know it for what it is to allow for easier transmutation and alchemization of any negative thought forms, beliefs and energies arising. Dissolve and let them go in Divine Neutrality. Be the calm in your inner and outer storms but feel and ALLOW it ALL TO ARISE, so it can fully purge now, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!!

Especially as transmuters and alchemists, we're the ones who are holding the balance and clearing all the stuck and suppressed collective energies on behalf of ALL, and there's a LOT being cleared right now, even if those doing the suppressing judge us for it, based on their own unconscious shadow aspects and inverted programming/ belief systems. Don't suppress whatever feelings may be arising as this is part of this massive Collective shift and final purging of any remaining density and negative entities, and also directly connected to the powerful seismic and solar flare activity, and magnetic field and pole shift. You allowing the powerful emotions to arise, as you're holding your own safe container to do this in, is sacred service work!!

Once we are in full alignment with our True authentic Self we no longer fall for the lies, manipulation, gaslighting attempts or inverted projections of others, as our bullshit barometer is fully switched on and we take no more nonsense! It's a whole Collective vibe of TRUTH that is arising, which IS LOVE! We lead by being the example of living authentic Truth, which is what CHANGES ALL, as it's Frequency dissolves all that is false and artificial!

There's a LOT happening between the Twinflames and Masculine and Feminine Energies and principles, as they have been merged as ONE in Divine Union and the Holy Trinity within the Forerunners, but as this is happening, anything not in alignment with this new level of Embodiment in our realities is coming up and out to be seen for what it is and to be cleared out, to be let go of fully now. Anything out of alignment with our True authentic Self and The REAL TRUTH that we carry within our sacred Crystal Hearts, fully opening, is coming up and out to be heard, seen and acknowledged for what it really is, to be fully resolved. It's clean up time, we're cleaning house from the inside out! ALL to be loved up!

The Primal Sound and Light Fields, that all of Creation originates from; the Emerald, Blue, Golden and Amethyst/ Violet Rays, along with the false red wave spectrum and remaining red cube technologies, are all being fully cleared, purified, healed, reset and upgraded. The White Ray has been long upgraded and replaced by the new Diamond White Ray of Ascension and Purification, which combines, and is correcting, ALL other Cosmic Rays. This is being assisted by the Aquarelle, Daughter's of Christ, and Mother Arc Ray, with the focus on the New Blue Sapphire Ray, which is all being over-lighted by the Diamond White Ray of the Cosmic Mother, Mother of Dragons, and Diamond White Elohei.

The true Divine Music of the Spheres have been fully returned, corrected, and are flowing throughout ALL of Creation, creating harmonic Resonance and well-being within ALL! Our DIVINE BLUEPRINTS are FULLY ACTIVATING and igniting, returning Eternal Life flows to all life forms along with the corrected sacred geometry of the Krystal Lotus Flower configuration and butterfly pattern. Our eyes, ears and other extrasensory receptors and transmitters, are being upgraded to perceive the new vastly expanded multi-dimensional colour and sound spectrum, as the last veil evaporates quickly and the invisible is about to become visible.


We're at a major fork in the road as all shifts very quickly now, and the final line in the sand has been drawn, anchored and activated! Our Ascension is in full swing and is being vastly accelerated now!

These are super extra INTENSE Rollercoaster ENERGIES of expansions and contractions, with plenty of mental, emotional and physical symptoms being experienced, with sleep especially hard to come by, and many upgrades to our Third Eye, Crown and Heart, as we're pushing through this last layer of density and illusions.

WE ARE DONE with all the old cycles and ways of being and relating to life, ourselves and ONE another, the way we think, feel, act and what we believe in, which is part of this QUANTUM PARADIGM SHIFT of The ONE CONSCIOUSNESS! The old simply will no longer do and creates much discord in the field. We simply KNOW when something is off now, no matter what the old 3D programming is trying to tell us otherwise. After all, we came to correct what is amiss as we listen to our own inner moral compass and guidance above all else! YOU/ we just KNOW!

Y/OUR AUTHENTICITY IS Y/OUR GIFT & UNIQUE SOUL SIGNATURE & IT'S THE KEY TO Y/OUR KINGDOM OF HEAVEN ON EARTH!! It's what ignites y/our own Divine Blueprint and that of the Collective, which is what ignites our New Eden.

Our DESTINY HAS BEEN WRITTEN IN THE STARS, into our DNA Blueprint, but we have to heed the call/s and full-fill it! All are called but not many choose themselves. All we have to truly do is be our own true and unique, authentic Self, no-thing else matters, especially now, as all else comes from here! That's true Self Love, when we no longer compromise who we truly are in order to be liked or accepted by another.

These powerful DNA, Plasma LightBody and Merkaba Activations and upgrades, are awakening us fully to our true purpose, missions and calling, our true gnosis and wisdom, that was held deep within our Hearts, now fully unlocking it's sacred secrets again, of who we truly are, our spiritual heritage and lineages, and who is who. As we remember again what has truly happened, not what we were told, which allows us now to full-fill our missions!

BULLSEYE on REACHING YOUR HIGHEST HEROIC POTENTIAL & lead us all back home, back to the Heart, back to AtONEment! Back to true Divine Love, which is Truth, which is what LIBERATEs ALL, even if the ego is fighting this massive Collective ego death as the FALSE MATRIX REALITIES FULLY DISSOLVE along with the false memories and akash!

TRUE WISDOM, not learned knowledge, IS REAL POWER, and is what is arising fully from within us now!

Eternal Love,



Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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