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12-D Shield Building Technique

12-D Shield Building Technique

12D Shield

This is the foundation technique suggested to use as a protective shield to strengthen and grow your Lightbody as well to utilize before you do any other healing, energy work or modality. The 12D Shield is an organic part of every human beings Lightbody which can be repaired and activated when using the inner focusing 12D shield technique. The frequency of which activates this horizontal shield and its vertical light pillar is platinum white in its frequency spectrum color. The 12D Ray current was returned to portions of the earth grid, therefore returned to humanity in early 2000.

Merkaba Star

Six Pointed Star, 12D Platinum White Ray

A Six Pointed Star. This geometry means Unity, unity of polarity coming into oneness with God. In the earlier stages of building the divine krystic 12D Shield, the Merkaba Star or Star of David is the symbol code called upon to support the path of energetic synthesis, to bring unity within the lightbody. The Star of David means unity between male and female, the geometry directs balance between the masculine and feminine energies that exist within every human being, whether male or female form. All humans are intrinsically made up of Gender Principle energies, masculine and feminine, of which are designed to come into sacred union or hierogamic union in order to communicate with the highest self, the inner Christos-Sophia light.

12D Ray

This 12D White Ray (a ray is a term for an energetic particle wave spectrum) is the consciousness unit and a level of our being that manifests on the 12th Dimension. The 12D Ray holds the imprint of all 144 Subharmonic Strings from all 12 dimensions in the Universal Time Matrix. It is the first dimension of individuation on which the original divine blueprint for humanity was created as a 12 DNA Strand Avatar. The Threefold Founder Flame, Prime creator merged Blue Ray (13D), Gold Ray (14D) and Violet Ray (15D). These three primal sound fields created all of our 15 Dimensional model of our Universal Time Matrix to create the Divine Monadic Blueprint for the Human Krystal Star or Christos Consciousness Being. This is also known as the Silicate Matrix, the Crystalline Body holding the codes of the Eternal Christ principle. Eternal Life Ever Flowing into the expansion of One Source. As we work with this 12D Ray and 12D Shield we reconnect the memory of our Silicate Matrix Crystalline Body into embodiment. This becomes more powerful during Ascension cycles.

ES Core Triad Practices

The core practices that are learned in the Energetic Synthesis community are designed to help direct beneficial life force energy and to protect the human aura from the high risk behaviors. High risk behaviors are promoted in many New Age materials that encourage Channeling and astral projection without any type of learned psychic self defense or mental discipline.

The many free foundation materials such as the 12D Shield, the Psychic Self Defense Series and the Ascension materials are designed to reeducate humans to access the higher truth of the current agendas on planet earth. Through being informed one is empowered to consciously participate with personal spiritual growth and cultivate energetic discernment. The controllers do not want this knowledge to spread therefore they spread all methods to discredit and dismiss the information.

Building Spiritual Core with 12D


We wish to align and be purified as the clear light vessel of God’s Natural Law, made in the perfected image of God’s Love, Light and Power in the World.

I AM God! I AM Sovereign! I AM Free!

12D Expands into Transit Gate

Once a person is attuned and working with the 12D shield daily, the Lightbody becomes aligned to the 12D Ray this starts to build the spiritual foundation for the Soul, Monad and Avatar bodies. At a certain level of proficiency, one can utilize the 12D Shield as a Transit Gate Vortex, or a Shadow Gate. This is a vortex set up specifically to clear low vibration energies, entities, and negativity from the space one has commanded with the 12D shield as GSF. We call that Commanding Personal Space with a boundary test using the GSF triad.

This means one is stating that one chooses the consent and authority of God-Sovereign Free- which is aligned to the Law of One, therefore the Christ. To clear out lower frequencies, misplaced entities, misqualified or negative energies that accumulate in a room, space and group aura field exposed to higher frequencies.

God-Sovereign-Free (GSF)

Directing Energy

It is a persons directed and focused attention, not muscular control or use of force, which accesses the inner sensory ability to control the movement of life force or chi energy. When the mind is developed and disciplined, and thus calmed and centered, by focusing the mind, one can direct energy and life force very specifically.

When the mind has been mastered, a person will conquer restlessness and boredom. When you learn to control the energy you are able to control the states of Consciousness.

The first stages of Directing Energy is concentration. Bringing your focus is a direction of personal will towards sustaining mental effort. This is concentration. Tension will arise in the body, as you notice this tension building, it is building the inner vibration which manifests as a result of the concentrated effort made in the physical body. Notice the tension building and then allow the body to release that tension fully, in order to achieve deeper relaxation. Relax and let go, falling deeper into relaxation, letting go of the mental and physical body and then feel. Allow the sensory feeling of that moment to reveal to you impressions, sensing the feelings in that moment.

The power of the force of Love is key that unlocks every door in the Universe. When we can access the power of Love we are capable to accomplish almost anything. When intending to direct energy, bring feelings of love and devotion to the process.

The Medulla Oblongata is at the base of the brain stem that acts as the energy receiver of cosmic energy. Bring to your mind the life force energy coming into the medulla oblongata and being directed to your body parts. When feeling unwell, imagine the Cosmic Consciousness streaming into the back of your head and projecting itself throughout your body parts and areas that feel blocked or unwell. This helps to develop ones skill at directing life force energy, such as the 12D Shield within the self and the environment.

Discernment of Directing Energy

In regard to the use of Creation Symbols or those sacred geometries that are hijacked for negative purposes, such as STS and for Black Magic, this is something that each one of us has to find personal Discernment in what we connect with and what we feel connected to. Generally, what is a potent way to gain deeper clarity, is to first stabilize the body and to learn how to be consistent with your 12D Shielding and to use it as a Boundary Test with what is known as the GSF triad, which is God Sovereign Free. When you encrypt your 12D Shield with God Sovereign Free, what you are basically saying, is "I'm only allowing that which interacts with me to be in full resonance with God Sovereign Free". When you are able to develop some proficiency with that, doing a 12D shield encrypted with your God Sovereign Free triad and then you use this as a boundary test for sacred geometries or anything else to get better discernment about the quality of energy. Anything that you come across, you want to feel what level of resonance you have with it, and to feel and discern the body's resonance to this coding or symbolism because of the reversals, some of which has been discussed many times in regard to the Metatronic Reversal field.

Common Causes of Weak Aura

There are many things that weaken our general health and well being, through the weakening and fracturing of the human energy field or aura. When we develop Self Awareness and learn basic Spiritual Housekeeping through Psychic Self Defense one can be proactive in generating a strong aura, or Lightbody, which increases energetic balance and health in every layer of the multidimensional bodies.

Stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and to each other. GSF!

With Unconditional Love
I AM God! I AM Sovereign! I AM Free!

So our core support practice is you wake up in the morning and your first step is to make a daily declaration of your intention to resolve the authority problem between the ego personality and God. And that can be simply stated in these words or words of your own that feel emotionally charged and connected to you such as:

My declaration of intention to serve my source.
I commit to serve my highest power fully completely and totally.

I am God. I am Sovereign. I am Free.

How to build your personal 12D Shield:

Most of us know in becoming introduced to our body of work here at Energetic Synthesis, our core practice is the 12th dimensional shield. The 12th dimensional shield is a practice that fortifies and strengthens our aura by reconnecting us to our 12th dimensional blue print or Kryst or krystal body. As we shield ourselves, we learn energetic boundaries of our aura. And then we can learn to boundary test our aura to discordant energies that are uninvited.

The shield also helps us to re-imprint our body to physical and energy sustainability and health and this achieved by bringing balance to the body. It also allows communication to be restored with our spiritual forces and star family. It also empowers our body, ourselves to re-awaken the wisdom of our true origins which may mean we start to decode light language or start to understand more about the hidden history of our planet and of our race.

So as we work with the 12D shield, we use the six-pointed star, which is two triangles of merkabah that is representative of our merkabah body. Many of us are seasoned with this exercise but for many of us that are new and joining us now, let us go through the process of the 12D shield.

Coming in to the center of your brain, visualize a nice silver six-pointed star, the Star of David in the center of the brain. This geometry means unity, unity of polarity coming in to oneness with God. Allow that six- pointed star to be in the inside of your vision in the center of your brain. Feeling that unity move that geometric pattern of the six-pointed star down your chakra column, the center line of your body, and see it release between your legs.

You are going to send that all way to the core of the earth. And as you see your merkabah star, your unity connected to the core of the earth, see that humongous merkabah star in the center of our planet with all of your love, with all of your intentions sending unity of our planet, sending unity to every being on this planet.

As you see a thick feed line of platinum energy start to gather around you from this connection. Taking inhaled breaths you may feel in imprint of a cool menthol kind energy as the platinum shield feels kind of cool like mentholatum or eucalyptus. Memorize this imprint for it is: I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. It is the true krystal origin of your connection with God force. As you embody this force, you become the promise that embodies it for all of humanity.

With each inhale, as you feel your body start to connect with that frequency, again connect to that six-pointed star in the center of the earth and draw it up with your breath. As you see it returning back to you, have it stop in a position about 12 inches below your feet. This area beneath you is where the core mathematical signature of krystal body as it connects into your aura exists.

See your six-pointed star 12 inches below your feet and as you do you will see a platform, almost a circular horizontal platform emerge. This platform is your shield, it is your protector, it is that which builds the bottom of your spiritual house. It is your foundation to your spiritual house. So build that foundation. As you feel the firmness and the support building the foundation of your spiritual house in a circular platform, see your six-pointed star in the center of that platform. It is your core, it is your pillar, it is your strength and it belongs to you and no one else. This is your covenant and protection with God always.

As you feel your foundation, now start to sense and see that your 12D shield, a platinum energy emits off your foundation and feel it building a circular pillar of platinum sparked white light around you covering your body, every cell and pore of your energy system emitting and connected to crystalline light of God. As it protects you, as it hold you, as it supports you, it is your foundation and it is your security.

See it building over your legs and hips as it reaches your waist and your shoulders. Start to see it building above your head. You are going to intend to strengthen this pillar and build this pillar about 3 or 4 feet above your head. And this is the first dimensions to build your pillar in order to protect the personal aura body. If you bring your aura in and you want to protect the boundaries of your energy field  - you can use this technique so that you can learn to test discordant energies and allow only that which is invited to impact your energy field. You are learning to boundary test. You are learning to create a boundary with your personal energy field before you can start to share this field with the planet and with others which will naturally happen as you become more stabilized and balanced in your own energy field. This process is called “commanding your personal space”.

Allow the shield to build and see yourself fully encompassed in your personal platinum pillar from 12 inches or so beneath your feet to 3 and a half to 4 feet above your head, your entire aura, your entire body saturated and protected in this strong pillar of platinum light.

And now we are going to build the same foundation on the top as you did on the bottom as you again in your inner vision  - connect to the six-pointed star in the center of the foundation of your spiritual house. Let’s start to bring that six pointed star up through the center column of your body. Again the six pointed star represents the unity of polarities, unity of the inner masculine/feminine, it is all represented in this merkabah star symbol as it we allow it to move up the body’s center column and see it release at the top of the crown chakra. Send that six-pointed star to the very top of your pillar of light and let it linger there for a moment about 3 to 4 feet above your body, right in the center above your head. See that thick white light building strength in your core. That is your monadic staff or your central vertical channel. It’s the structure where your chakras are built upon.

If you cannot see this, just intend it for that is enough. In your vision, as you intend to put the six-pointed star 3 and half or 4 feet above your head see it start to build. It will start in its own movement of spinning to start to build yet another circular foundation above your head. You are protected below and you are protected above. As you create another lid to seal yourself inside your personal pillar of light , this is the roof of your house, the roof of your spiritual body.

We are going to see that “lid” as a circular platform just like you did below on your foundation. Create a circular roof that is like your lid on top of your shield.  And as you feel that roof firmly being built these are the spiritual energies of your inner god force. Seal that seal in to the top of your platinum pillar of light. When this happens it almost feels like a hermetic seal as your are fully suspended in this protective light, fully shielded in your spiritual house and from this place you can use discernment, you can boundary test in all modalities and all decision and in all things that cross your path. If something becomes unclear or confused, allow it to be tested against your shield. Is it of your resonance? Is it not of your resonance? If it is not, do not fear it, let it go and move on your personal path. You are not missing anything. You didn’t make a bad decision. There is no mistake, only that which resonates with your personal heart-based God force and that which does not.

So you again feel yourself suspended in the protective spiritual house and pillar of God’s light. Program it through I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free and allow nothing that is not aligned with those frequencies to enter your field, to enter your shield.

Finally focus on the six-pointed star, your Unity Merkaba symbol at the center of your personal pillar 3 to 4 feet above your head. You are now intending to ground multi-dimensionally by sending your six-pointed star out into deep space and into the connection with the Heart of the Universe, the heart of God itself. See your Merkabah Star flow away from the top of your shield through a platinum feed line all the way into the core of the Universe and grounding yourself into the center of the Cosmic Heart of the Universe.

And now from the place of your shield, you are going to invite your higher self, God self and your Ascension Guides, those which are in alignment to your sovereign freedom and to your highest evolution and heroic probability as we establish the connection with your beloveds, with your spiritual family. You know you are never alone. You know you are fully supported.

As you thank your Ascension guides, as you thank God, and allow yourself to be filled with peace, harmony, balance, and integration. Know that you are on the path of Ascension and on a need to know basis. And as you trust, you will receive all that you need in the moment. Learn to trust and listen to your inner spirit. Release all your worries, all of your doubt. Cast your entire burden to God now. In deep love and gratitude complete your meditation and seal your communication and intention.

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