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Ashtar: 9-11 Truth

ashtar3Ashtar addressing the September 7, 2010 teleconference:

"Greetings, Beloved Family! This is a date which is a preparation date, as you measure time on your calendar.

Well, we have been in observance and we are happy to say that you're ready. You are ready to commemorate and yes, to celebrate. That date you call the 911, nine eleven, it has such meaning and it can carry such a charge. And we are here to tell you that the energies of the consciousness of the Planet is ready to focus up and out of grief into healing, ready to focus into the Joy and the Gratitude of the new beginnings that this particular anniversary date brings to the Planet and to all of the kingdoms, below, on and above.

"So we shall discuss a wee bit of the history/herstory of the event, just so that everyone is very clear. There were reasons for this event. Many reasons. Many intentions upon the agenda of those who perpetrated this event, and it was done with great audacity, and it was done with the attitude that after all, if the same group can wage war worldwide, why can't they bring down some buildings in a country which, up to this point in recent times, had been very secure, had felt safe from any kind of attack within its borders? It opened up a whole new era for these ones wearing the dark hats. They wanted to accomplish more than what they did. As a matter of fact their primary goal was to strike such fear into the hearts of all that they could easily take over and continue their march towards absolute control of the world.

"But that's not what happened. What happened was yes, it did stop the announcement of Nesara. And you may say, 'Well Ashtar, why did you let this all happen?' Well we let it all happen because we could see that the world was not ready for Nesara anyway - no judgment, just simply discernment and observation. And so we allowed it, as you say, but we mitigated, it could have been a lot worse - there were other planes, other incidents that were planned, let's say. And yes, we did rescue some. And yes, we were seen by a few around those buildings on that morning of 911.

"But we read the conciousness; in fact it was read by someone, a scientist as well, the one in human body. One of us to be sure but in a human body, and the results were the same. The consciousness of the world rose higher that day and in the dates immediately preceding and following the events of 911, so high, that that Love factor canceled out a lot of what the dark ones had planned. Martial law was not declared. Oh, they thought they owned the streets around Ground Zero and they did some things that are absolutely seeming to be outrageous. The very ones, for instance, who were there to help restore order and to rescue, in some cases were actually murdered by the dark hats because they had gotten up close and they saw too much and they knew too much - incredible as that may sound. But their primary goals of complete take-over, starting there, were not met and will not be met, of course, as you know. So while it may seem as though 911 was a successful event for them, it really was not. Because that raising of the consciousness of the planet, that coming together, One Heart, One Mind, said, 'No matter what happens from now on, this Planet will persevere. Those of us in the human bodies will join together and even though it might seem as though the odds are not in our favor, we shall persevere, we shall keep going, and we shall make this Ascension this time. And there is nothing that will stop us!'

"You gave us permission to do a lot of things on that day, Beloved Ones. You gave us permission, for instance, to take away the nuclear advantage, oh yes, even now, those confused programs are still running and there are attempts to set off nuclear explosions. But they are not happening because we disabled the nukes, we disabled the computers where the buttons are pushed and in some cases, yes, we disabled those in the human bodies who are so wanting to start some kind of holocaust upon Planet Earth. It will not happen! Your determination, your courage, and your standing together with us, and with all of those from the other dimensions who, up until that time had been largely on missions of observation, gave the go-ahead, the green light if you will, for us to begin a series of more intensive co-creations and co-operations with those whom you call the White Knights. And with you, Beloved Ones, with the Lightworkers of this planet, with our beloved Family of Ashtar in the human bodies, indeed yes, we are here because on that day of 911 you gave us permission to come closer into your lives, into your Hearts, and to be One with you.

"You may have called out to God, but you all answered the call, from your own divine selves, and Mother Gaia looked upon you and said, 'Blessed are you, my children, that you have come through and that you still have the Love and the desire! Oh yes, we know there was some fear - 'What's next?' you were asking. And yes, there were many attempts. You may have heard about the 50 missing suitcases with the nukes in them. Oh yes, they were planning stadium events, large crowd events, all kinds of things, but they did not happen. They turned loose programmed beings who shot into innocent crowds, innocent schoolchildren. They turned loose people who were so dedicated to the programs, and so programmed themselves and so controlled, that they continued to do heinous acts worldwide.

"It seemed to be a permission, a go-ahead for those who were running the programs, and you know who they are. Those who were leaders in your Government, those who were leaders in your banks, your brokerage houses on the Wall Street, your CEO's, your oil tycoons, all of those who profit from war, from sickness, from poverty. It seemed as though they were getting rich and just going to get richer and richer, more and more wealthy, more 'owning' of more gold. The percentage of those who wear the crown of King Midas actually shrank while those who were at the top of the heap became even more wealthy. Yes, there were a lot of what you might call middle-management who were trying to climb to the top, who got derailed, knocked off the walls you might say, like so many humpty-dumptys. They never made it up the corporate ladder but their efforts helped those at the very top to get their golden parachutes.

"So you might say, 'Well they didn't crash like Humpty-Dumpty', but wait a minute. They are still precariously perched, and what big rips are occurring in those golden parachutes! That's where we are focusing now. You can visualize that one if you want to. That makes kind of an interesting picture, does it not?

"But if you do picture that, be sure that you picture a foundation of Love awaiting for all those who care to land in its softness, in its Forgiveness, and yes, Gratitude that they have come out of the woodwork, so to speak, and revealed themselves so beautifully. Times are changing. Times have changed. New timelines have been created because you, Beloved Ones, have put your Hearts and your minds into those creations, and you have said, 'Enough!' And some of you have looked at your clocks and your calendars and you've said, 'There is not much time left to 2012 and we have a lot to do. Let's get on with it!' And getting on with it we are, together. We are marching forward at warp speed. And if you haven't quite realized that you really are not on the ground of 3D that much any more, get used to it. Look behind you. See those beautiful wings? They are yours, Beloved Ones, your Hearts are flying, and where your Hearts fly, the rest of you go. You can't deny your contracts and your missions.

"And if there are those of you who are somewhat new to our gatherings who are not in understanding of all of this, there is plenty of information. And you can always email us a question if you have it. We are here to heal because it's time. And we are here to say, 'Let's celebrate this time around!' Yes, honor, honor all of those who gave of themselves so generously that this day would live forever as a monument to the new timelines, to the changes.

"And yes, we know the changes seemed to be slow at first and there were other things that occurred, things like Katrina, and the Christmas Eve tsunami. And yes, we were right there with you, and yes we mitigated, and yes we echoed back to you the voices of all of those caught up in those events, lest anyone not be aware. Yes, there was human interference in either precipitating the event or wanting to add to it's destructiveness. But we are mitigating and we will continue to do so. You may have noticed that this last earthquake (New Zealand) was not destructive of human bodies, though it was a big one. And Mother Gaia is in full co-operation and she is marching, flying with us into her own Ascension status. And she once again assures all in this Family that she will be as gentle with these changes that she must make as she possibly can be, and the more Love she receives, the more it helps her to make the changes in an empowered high- dimensional way!

"You yourselves know the difference between co-creating your own wellness, and totally being uninvolved. Well Mother Gaia welcomes our involvement, and she welcomes the healings that we offer to her. That place that we call Ground Zero is not totally settled. There are energies there still which could be quite disruptive. So we are talking about sending the energies to Mother Gaia in that place, as well as to all of those still in human body, and to those who left their bodies on that day. And let us not forget the animals. The kingdoms of the animals and the plants and the minerals. All felt the shockwaves just as the humans did. And so when we talk about healing the grief, the sorrow, the residues of fear, we're talking about everyone.

"And so we shall be doing that, and at the same time, and we shall have a very special and honored guest who will be facilitating that part of the program. We shall be calling forth the Truth even more of that day. It's time. It's literally bursting out of the computers and the filing folders, and the throats of those who have for so long stayed back and kept it hidden because they were threatened, or bribed, or both. And there are those who shall be coming forward - we said that we were there up in the skies, and we were. And there were some who made it to the safety of our ships on that day. We literally took them out of the third dimensional reality of the burning buildings and brought them on to our ships. They have their stories to tell and they will.

"And so as more and more Truth comes out anyway, it brings that much more preparation for these announcements that you so desire. Yes, the Reformation Act is real, yes it was to have been announced on that day, yes there have been attempts to announce it since then on the part of the White Knights working with us. But what these attempts have shown is where there is still, there were still, we should say, pockets of resistance, and that's no small thing by the way. We may be sounding as though the resistance has been trivial, but it has been huge! Many, many, many in the banking industry, in particular, worldwide have had to make their decisions about whether to come to the Light and work within the new system of the Golden Age, or whether to stand down. And those at the top, as we have mentioned before, seem to think that they can just float forever on their golden parachutes, and they didn't really care, and they have been running these programs and the programs have taken on a life of their own, and the programs are coming to a stop.

"So rejoice! Have Gratitude to those who had the courage to engage in the mission of 911. It matters not what color hat they were wearing, because it is the basis for all Truth. As the Truth of 911 comes rolling out, the Truth of all time on Planet Earth is to follow as surely, as you say, as night follows day. We are moving into the time of Light, day Light, sun Light, Love Light. The Light of Love is burning so bright upon Planet Earth! Close your eyes if you wish to for a moment. Tight. And then see with your closed eyes, and feel the Light of Love shining, shining upon you, completely surrounding and enfolding you and shining out from you all at the same time. This is the Divine Light, this is the Light from which we are all created. And so I, Ashtar, ask you to keep yourself centred in that Light, in that Light of Love.

"And let us send out healing, healing to all, all of the Planets below, on and above, all of the kingdoms of Mother Gaia and to Mother herself, to all dwellers here present in the bodies of the humans who are headed for Ascension, and to all dwellers and clones, holographic representations, and indeed to the programs themselves of all who have been in resistance and who are not choosing the Ascension path. There is no right or wrong, there is only the path for each one. And while this great Light shines and warms us with its Love, with its glow, with its Compassion, let us express the Love coming out from our Hearts, and let us greet all of those who left their bodies on that day, and let us thank them for their courage, for their participation, and for making this moment possible. We are indeed blessed by what they all did. And so let us send them Gratitude along with Love. Let us send Compassionate Forgiveness to those who were among the perpetrators who organized and carried out the event of 9-11-2001, and let us send Compassionate Connections to all of those who missed the ones who did not come home that night because they left their bodies at Ground Zero, or in the other locations in the United States of America where the bombs went off in the planes that were carrying them.

"And let us reach out especially to the children, children who were too young perhaps, but who nevertheless know what happened on that day. Children who are older now and who still know what happened and whose hearts ache for mummy or daddy, or grandma or grandpa, brothers or sisters, family and friends. And it is the children who reach out with such great Compassionate Love themselves, to each other and to the ones they didn't even know, who left their bodies in that event, or who bear the scars as survivors.

"Yes, there were a lot of lies told that day and in the days to follow. It was all scripted in advance although we will say the one that you call the shrub junior was not given the details, nor the date. They were afraid he might reveal too much. Nevertheless it was all scripted, it was all paid for, it was all organized.

"And so let us reach out with Compassionate Forgiveness to all of those. It is necessary to heal all of the wounds of that day. And so let us reach out to the world and thank the world for being one in Compassionate Consciousness, in Loving Caring, in Connections of the Heart, and let us say, 'Thank you, Beloved Ones, that we stood together through those days of nightmare, that we at least in some part of our beings stood together in Courage and in Love, somehow knowing that this was not the end, but rather a beginning in its own way of the days and the weeks and yes, the years that were to follow, and that if the Consciousness could rise so high in Connection, in Compassion, in Love, in Caring and Sharing, that somehow Planet Earth would make it, would be successful!'

"In all of the days that have followed, it is the same kind of Compassionate Caring and Sharing and Love and reaching out, and you, Beloved Ones, have lit the world with your Love. And so we say to you and we ask that you say to each other and to you own beautiful selves Heart to Heart, reaching out, connecting, 'Thank you, thank you, Beloved Ones, for being Family, thank you, Beloved Ones, for being together, thank you, Beloved Ones, for carrying the Flame of Freedom bright within you, and for knowing that, no matter how dark the day might seem, the days of sunshine, the days of Love Light would surely follow.' For as you say, you kept the Faith, and you have anchored the Divinity of yourselves and of all beings upon Planet Earth, and indeed of the universe beyond here.

"Planet Earth is Ground Zero in the sense that it is the beginning place for your solar system, the galaxy, the universe beyond. It is a place where the Love Light is focused, never to be extinguished again. And as we rise together into the higher dimensionalities, remember 911 and all of its participants, and you, Beloveds, were participants and still are, in the healing of Planet Earth and in the Gratitude and the Compassionate Connections which were established on that day of days. And so yes, the celebration time is upon us. Celebrate Courage, celebrate Compassion and celebrate Love. Most of all celebrate Love! And so now we have a part of our program which is to call forth, to call forth the Truth. The entire Truth. That which we have just done is a beautiful Exercise. We gave that freely to the world, our Love, our Light, and the healing that we have co-created, and it is successful already, we tell you that. And so now we shall call forth for that part of the world that is still unaware, we shall call forth the Truth, the complete Truth, not just who did it. Not just why it was done. But the Truth of what it accomplished for the Planet of Earth and all of its residents below, on and above.

"And so we shall call out for the Truth to come as part of the commemoration and yes, the celebration of 911 in this year of 2010. And so I, Ashtar, shall leave the stage in order that another great one may come. She is grand, she is wondrous and she is ancient and she will come in leadership of this exercise to call forth the Truth. And we shall have an interlude and then she will come and join. She represents Truth and she calls forth Truth in such a way that it must come. So I, Ashtar, tell you my Truth, our Truth, Universal Truth - you are loved beyond words and we thank you, Beloved Ones, for joining with us in this great healing for the planet. And so it is. Salut!"


Transcription by Deborah Urquhart.

Given through Susan Leland, September 7, 2010. www.AshtarontheRoad.com © Ashtar on the Road Publications 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered or deleted.

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