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Human Condition Thoughts: How The Grays Manipulate You Through Your Food

gray_visitorA Message From Fongeetale

I am Fongeetale, and I want to talk to you in more detail about how the human condition thoughts are given to you. The Council has chosen me to speak about this because I am very soothing, and I remain calm. Even the other members have trouble remaining calm when Reptilian emotions are being emitted around them. And there are Reptilians here in this room where I am talking.

I am projecting myself down from a ship and I am speaking, and wherever you are listening, part of you is meeting with me wherever I am. You project yourself. You don’t realize that you are already in many places at one time, but I am already there consciously. I know this fact consciously, and so, I have the capability to use it intentionally.

I wish to talk to you more about the Grays now. They are already engineering human beings after them. They won’t succeed at it because we are helping you, and we have more powerful ships because we are more open-minded and are capable of thinking up new and better technologies, and we are accepting of brand new ideas, whereas Grays are traditional and conventional in their thinking.

The Grays deal with your politics especially, whereas the Reptilians primarily focus on religion. They were responsible for starting the caste system in India and for all the witch hunts of the middle ages, but the control of the United States and of Europe is becoming more or less Gray, especially America.

Grays feed on the mental stimulus of your political arena. Your government knows many things that you do not, of course. But here’s something I wish to tell you that they do not know about. Their human condition thoughts are passed through food. An energy containing Gray thoughts is slipped into the food -- projected as I can project myself into the room of the channel. Projected as you are already capable of projecting yourselves.

It is passed into all the food that you are eating and it is causing your diseases. It is not the food itself, but the powerful thoughts that alter it, and that are passed to your mind when you eat the food that is carrying them. All food starts with a thought, does it not? As all things start with thought first.

You began as a thought when you were a brainless patch of life that could not think or move on its own, but you were existing as an individual already and you began to develop into something that could make single choices on its own, but you were still brainless. And that is how we all begin in our first few incarnations.

We are brainless, capable of nothing and probably a part of someone or something else, inside of them like a bacteria; and then you develop into a small insect or into an algae form; and later you may become a tree or even an animal, and then we may become a dolphin or a whale or a human or an ape.

Not all animals are in the animal incarnation level. They’re not considered to have animal intelligence. A dog is someone very evolved. Even a cat is more evolved and contains energy which helps humans around it. Cats are very aware empathically, more so than most other animals, but a dog does not stand back and observe. He experiences for himself. Cats learn by observing only, mostly. They are great observers and primates and dogs are great experiencers. The wonderful thing about humans is that they learn by observation and experience together, as do primates, as do dolphins and whales. They have a supreme intelligence, especially whales and dolphins, that often surpasses that of humanity’s. Humanity’s intelligence is surpassed by dolphin-kind and by whale-kind.

I have never incarnated as a human being here, but I have had a life as a primate. I was a lemur. I was also a bromeliad and I was very physically aware, not only spiritually, but I was physically aware of my surroundings and I had senses, and I knew how to survive as a plant very well, and I brought that with me into my human intelligence experience as the lemur.

The wonderful thing about being a bug or a lemur is that I could always choose what I ate for myself. And what did I eat? I ate whatever grew naturally around me. As a plant I took in sun, I drank the water supply given to me by nature. But even that was contaminated. Before humans began to pollute the air, the water supply was already being tampered with.

You have to sit calmly and think about what is best for you. You have to want to eat what is best for you rather than feel the pleasure of eating food that is very, very harmful to your body, mind, emotional body and spirit. You are a multi-dimensional being and you are being affected on all levels by what you are taking in through food. Food.

I wish to talk to you about the thoughts in your food. The disease that you have a name for or have experienced, or that someone has experienced, even those that are not named yet, and even those that don’t have a cure yet, they are intentionally put in your food. If you have not experienced a disease from your food yet, you are resisting some of the thoughts that are placed into it.

Meat is one of the worst because the vibration already matches the level of the thought they want to place into it because of the death of the creature. But eating plants is still eating conscious life, and it all has consequence.

It is not right to unnecessarily kill something and cause it harm or pain. The thoughts going through the animals are already on the vibration of that pain because of how they are treated on the farms. They have suicidal thoughts. They are already on a frequency of being killed. They want death because of the way they are treated by the farmers. They are aware. They have thoughts and feelings, and they are multi-dimensional as are the plants that you are eating. So I will not say it is better to eat the plants. Eating a salad has a consequence, but I am going be promoting the right foods all over the Earth.

There are many guardians. I told you I was a guardian of the Earth in my introductory post, that I am on The Council Of The Guardians Of Earth, and I am a specific type of guardian. Each guardian guards something in particular, and I do not guard humans only, but I guard everything, every life form, even bacteria, anything that is conscious, even if it can only make a simple choice that it is hardly aware of making, even if it can only breathe in and out or perhaps those beings such as dolphins, who are already aware that they are attracting things to themselves.

Each life form that I am a guardian over, I guard in one specific area: it is the area of health. I guard health, and so I know all about your thoughts and emotions as well as your physical anatomy. I guard health on every level of your awareness, and so, I am going to be promoting kindness to animals and organic food consumption. I will not promote vegetarianism necessarily, because eating a plant is also taking a life that is conscious, but what I promote is the consumption of organic food. You will get to the point where you will never have to eat again, but first you must begin to eat purer food.

There are pure sources of food in the organic industry even though there are Gray thoughts passed into that food as well, but there is also the thought of the organic farmers which is always kinder, and it causes the Gray thoughts to dissipate, and it does not harm your body in the way that every other industry is harming you. Imagine eating a fellow human being. You have to start thinking of it that way. If you had to take a fellow human being’s life in order to survive, wouldn’t you kill that person mercifully? And if they were attacking you, wouldn’t you run and hide before trying to attack them back? Wouldn’t you try other options?

When you have to eat to survive, you must be conscious of what you are causing. Even water has thought and emotion, and it contains living things that you are drinking and consuming. I am not saying do not consume. At this point in your evolution you must consume, and so I am still promoting consumption, but I am promoting the consumption of mercy food.

The animals must be treated well and must not be kept in cages constantly. They must be allowed out. Do not eat food that is harming animals psychologically. The organic farmers treat the animals with more kindness and the Earth is treated more kindly, too by the organic farmers. Everything you have ever eaten has a consequence, so choose to be someone who promotes mercy.

The thoughts that are emitted into your food match the frequency of murder. It is very easy to emit them into the food, but not as many thoughts are passed by the Grays into the organic food because it does not match the frequency of their evil, corrupted thoughts; and I wish to tell you that in most non-organic food there is an ingredient which does not come from your planet that is always inserted. And there are several ingredients that are sometimes inserted into certain foods, but the organic industries have not been so corrupted as to ally themselves with the Grays.

Yes, many of the food corporations are in direct contact on some level, meaning some level of hierarchy, with the Grays. They know that an ingredient is put into the food, and they allow this because of what the Grays give them in return, which I will not say at this point, because I am told by the Council what you are supposed to be told at this time, and I do not wish to alarm you. I wish to open your awareness, open your mind’s awareness to the things that are happening to your own body and mind and emotional body and are affecting your spirit as well, bringing its energy down where it cannot support higher-dimensional interactions. They want to lower you so that false guides are more capable of getting through to you. They want to lower your energy so that it is easier for them to speak to you.

There are no good Grays here. Some people think they are channeling a good Gray. It is not that all Grays are evil. The good Grays are not here. They are not trying to interfere with Earthlings or with Earth’s affairs. They are at war with the other Grays who outnumber them. But we are allied with them, so they are not actually outnumbered, and there are what you would call psychologists who work with these Grays because of the abuse that was experienced by them; the religious abuse from the Reptilians, the brainwashing of the Reptilians, which all Grays but a few accepted.

Your food is poisoning your body. There are ingredients… I will explain a few things to you.

The Grays are manipulating the food sources by injecting their own DNA into them. They want to pass this DNA into your bodies. They are still studying your anatomy. We know about your anatomy more. We have technologies that are better suited for study even though the primary focus of the Grays is studying human beings.

They wish to change you. The Reptilians are trying to change you as well, and they have succeeded. You have already been altered. But the Grays are not succeeding yet. They have to keep studying your anatomy. The Reptilians have already succeeded in opening a third channel. You have channels on your body, but you never had one at your solar plexus until the Reptilians changed you. It is a second brain, but you were altered to have that brain. It was not there before.

The Reptilians are trying to change your body completely so that it is related to them because they have no relation to you. They wish to have relatives in this universe who will be on their side and think the way they do, who will be equals to them, or be like children, like pets, so not really equals, but special, precious things to them.

They are disgusting to me. What a corrupt idea, and the Grays are undermining them, and wishing to change your DNA so that you will not only have Gray DNA, but you will obey all orders given to you by the Grays.

And this is done through your food. You have to understand that your food is being altered, and these alterations are giving you diseases, but you are not accepting the Gray DNA that they are trying to inject into you. Abductees have also rejected the Gray DNA. They have tried many ways of passing it into your bodies. But it is too unnatural to you and you are rejecting it.

They will continue to study and they will find a way, and if they find a way to do this with food, it is very important not to be eating what they are injecting their DNA into. So it is important to eat the purest food that you know about. It is easy to know what is pure. What doesn’t have chemicals injected into it will not have their DNA, their imprint injected into it. And yes, it is more expensive to eat this way. They make sure it is more expensive, because they refuse to fund organic farms.

You see, so many industries are backed with Reptilian and Gray financial support. That is an odd concept because your money is human, so you think, but you are financially supported and supported in many other ways, like given technology, which is, of course, then covered up by Grays. Do not be fooled into ever thinking that there are good Grays visiting people here. There are no good Grays here. They would not want to come here and risk being captured by the Grays living here.

That is all that I will say on this subject for now, but I will add that everything that you are told here is truth to me from my perspective and the Council’s perspective, and we are being open and honest with you, and so, this is our truth we are sharing with you. It is important to decide what you are going to believe, and to act on that belief. And this is, as always, your own individual decision.


The Council for the Assistance to Earth


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