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Why Psychic Powers Are Not Spiritual

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With the rise of new age culture and eastern influence, the world today is moving towards an increasing interest in developing psychic abilities.

Many people believe that developing psychic powers will lead to spiritual enlightenment or a high spiritual attainment possibly due to the signs of miracle and power.

But psychic powers are not spiritual.

This article explains why psychic powers have nothing to do with spiritual attainment and why people still seek out the former. Also, you will know the common motivations for people in developing psychic powers and the danger which lurks the rookie in the spiritual journey.

What is Psychic?

When we say psychic, we are not talking about the people at the psychic hotlines selling fortunes and reading palms.

This is about the psychic experiences people have which are often described as “supernatural”, “paranormal” or “superhuman”. Included are reading people’s thoughts, walking across water, moving objects with their mind, casting spells, or talking with spirits.

Some carried psychic abilities from past lives. Others developed them through experiences like trauma and NDE (Near Death Experience). People also gained them through dangerous practices like opening the third eye, awakening kundalini, channeling, or astral traveling. Lastly, it is developed through genuine spiritual path.

There is, however, a danger to developing psychic powers which the seeker does not know. The first of their ignorance is the failure in realising the difference between psychic and spiritual, mistaking one to be the other.

Why Psychic Powers are Not Spiritual

1. The dark have psychic abilities

If you have heard of the lower regions of the underworld, you may discover that they have some “supernatural” powers as well. Ghosts, spirits and poltergeists-like beings exercises the same psychic abilities.

Yet, they do not radiate a spiritual presence at all!

Satanist Aleister Crowley was a living proof of someone who has attained psychic abilities for wicked purposes. The self-proclaimed 21st century occultist’s practices included sex magic, invoking spirits, abducting and raping children, and taking opium, heroin, and cocaine.

Following one of Crowley’s (Frater Perdurabo) psychic workings for human sacrifice, he stated:

A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.” (Magick, by Master Therion, published in 1929 by the Lecram Press, Paris, France).”

In his later years, Crowley’s mental health declined and upon his deathbed he doubted the value of his life as he spoke his last words, “I am perplexed.”

If men of un-spiritual cloth can attain psychic abilities, then the requirements for psychism does not need one to be spiritual.

2. All earthly beings have psychic abilities

Admiring our own psychic ability is like being in love with the fact that we have a nose. There is nothing special about being psychic.

Everyone has some psychic sense to a certain degree. Animals and plants are psychic. They are the most normal species that walks this Earth.

Animals are Psychic

Pets, for example, have a sixth sense. They know when their owner will be arriving soon about 10 minutes before the door opens. Cats can detect sounds and smells which are extrasensory in comparison to their owners.

If there was ever a time your dog lay down besides you during your most vulnerable moments, then you can be sure that they know when you are upset, unhappy, or not feeling well. They can also read intent such as knowing when the owner is being playful or destructive.

Animals in general can sense the subtle vibrations of an incoming earthquake, hurricane, or toxic substance at great distances. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake noted that cats and dogs can tell when you are in a dangerous situation from far distance, and responds accordingly.

A veterinarian who moved from New York to California left his cat in the cares of others in New York. Several months later, a cat much like the veterinarian’s pet came to his residence. He inspected the cat and found the bite mark on the cat’s tail at the fourth vertebrae exactly like his own pet. It turns out that the cat traveled over 2500 miles to find its owner.

Plants are Psychic

Cleve Backster, former CIA interrogation specialist, experimented on plants with polygraphs. He attached electrodes to the plants, watered it, and sought out whether the leaves responded. Finding that the plant reacted, Backster intended to see what happens if he intends to threaten it. Surprisingly, the plant reacted to his intent of lighting a match on the plant.

In fact, the Swiss government took notice and passed the first ever Plant Bill of Rights. It concluded that plants have moral and legal protections, and people should treat them with more care.

While there is more to the psychic ability of plants, such as telepathic and healing abilities, this is enough to show that plants have a mind and psychic abilities of some sort.

It is part of a natural occurrence in nature but not in any way spiritual.

3. Psychic People Don’t Know Themselves

One of the greatest reason why psychic is not spiritual is that there are many psychic people who do not know who they are, why they are here, and where they are going.

You would think all the mediums and astral travelers would find reliable insight to wisdom. But there appears to be more emphasis in the techniques and the powers than in understanding life.

If we were to compare two students, one who practices psychic powers for 30 years and the other who studies spirituality for 30 years, who will gain wisdom? Who will be more closer to enlightenment? Who will have more self-mastery?

While the spiritual student have not sought psychic powers, he gains them as a side-effect of his progress and more.

All the psychic student had to show after 30 years is that he could move an object with his mind…and only a tiny bit. Or that the psychic student learns to get an unknown spirit into her body to perform deeds she has no awareness of and, therefore, could not reap the learning and rewards.

Inspired and wise teachers all agree

According to Blavatsky, the psychic realm is only one layer (of many layers) above Earth and, therefore, is still material in comparison to the spiritual realm.

She called it “a great deceiver” because though the psychic/astral realm appears extraordinary, the experience people think they have are 99% false. It is due to the vast and confusing jungle of the psychic/astral realm that we cannot get any reliable answers. But the spiritual realm always give reliable insights.

This message has been repeated by the Buddha, Jesus Christ, Patanjali, Paramhansa, various theosophists and yogis who developed yogic powers all their life.

The Thirst for Psychic Powers

Why would anyone wish to attain psychic powers? There are many motivations for attaining them.

Some wishes to heal others, help others, seek to understand unknown phenomena, discover something new and share experiences with the world. But these motivations are not a thirst and are quickly moved on. Those specifically seeking out psychic abilities often have different motives and sometimes they are mixed.

In general, people want to develop psychic powers of any kind is due to them being spiritually ignorant.

Here are the 5 types of people who seek psychic powers:

1. The powerless child

Often the people who want power of any kind is the one who have a history of powerlessness and neglect.

Perhaps they were bullied, manipulated, and hurt by others. Believing that the world runs on power, seeing powerful people afflicting harm upon the weak, they think they can protect themselves and exact revenge on those who abused them.

People have sought for power to feel secure in and control for millennium. They are scared of not feeling in control.

So psychic powers appeal to them so they can control others and circumstances to feel confident in themselves. It is not so much for the sake of controlling others but to fill a void of powerlessness inside them.

They are convinced that the powers will be used for good but having little knowledge of the power they hold, they cause harm even without knowing it.

The powerless child has not healed themselves the feeling of powerlessness. Unless they learn to accept compassion, they will seek outside powers to satisfy their broken hearts.

2. The superhero

The media has portrayed psychic abilities as something cool. After watching many of their favorite shows, people want to act out on their fantasy.

At the end of the day, they are not content with who they are. So they wish to be someone else especially those they admire.

However, the bigger problem is that some of these people are truly convinced that they are a superhero whose mission in life is to save the world from some impending doom. Perhaps they believe themselves to be a prophet. So they want to acquire the greatest power of all.

Rather, the whole mission is in accumulating power and not in living a spiritual life. They may tell themselves that it’s just a way of expressing their spirituality but their behaviors give away their true purpose, if they realise it themselves.

The intent on helping people is a noble purpose, but the method in achieving that is not found in gaining psychic powers. Often the superhero turns into a powerless villain fairly shortly.

While the powerless individual is stuck in the past, the superhero is creating his own ego. He/she is playing make-belief on a grand scale.

3. Attention Seekers

One of the many reasons why one would ever want psychic powers is to impress themselves and their silly friends.

Often they are the ones who like to talk about supernatural topics and to ask whether this and that psychic phenomena exists. The more mysterious, the greater the thrill. An attention seeker would say, “Look at what I can do!” or “Look, I’m talking to a spirit.

Admiration and validation drives the attention seekers.

Some are more clever and convinced themselves that they seek “supernatural” experiences to prove themselves that such things really exist. This is one of those situations where curiosity killed the cat…and all of their nine lives.

4. Spiritual Awakeners

People who have begun to “spiritually awaken” find themselves with unexplained experiences.

Perhaps they may realize it naturally, went to a new age workshop or watch a bunch of videos, there is an aspiration for understanding and connecting oneself to unity (by unity we really mean ‘love’).

After all, their experience shook their beliefs to the core and now they want to find out more. This is very common among people.

Then within the spiritual awakeners are those who take it too far. They attribute psychic experiences with spiritual significance. Often they are just deluded about their own importance and their abilities. They may believe themselves to be more spiritual, smarter and better than others.

While they have sentimental expression for psychic activities, any true spiritual lessons with a goal of enlightenment, common sense and wisdom escapes their grasp.

5. Power Hungry

Lastly, the power hungry people search for any ways to attain personal power for selfish purposes.

The temptation for psychic powers goes as follows:

  1. You want psychic powers? 
  2. I promise you will get rich, popular, attractive, achieve spiritual connection and be one with the universe, etc.
  3. All you have to do is perform this exercise…

In almost all cases, the people who read about psychic powers never got to know how it works, what goes on in the background, what it requires of the seeker, and the consequences it may unleash.

Not that they care for any of it because they are mesmerized by the PROMISE and their selfish motives. In other words, they just want to get the powers and be on their merry way.

They may wish to attract a love interest and set out to manipulate them. They may be business minded who wants their competitions destroyed and to increase their own profits. Or they may want to gather a cult and have admiration from all their followers to listen on their channeled messages.

However, they do not realise that the Law of Attraction is always in effect. Those who seek out to conquer others shall, in return, be conquered by others. So don’t be surprised when one attracts negative entities, circumstances, and people.

The Dangers of Psychic Powers

People seek out psychic powers because they didn’t know any better. We are all beginners at some point in our life.

For the average person, we can let it slide simply because their powers are not potent and can do no harm. But those having understood the dangers of psychic powers and continues to pursue it, everything that happens will be their own responsibility.

What is the danger of psychic powers?

It distracts one from their spiritual path. It stops them from developing their own consciousness and spiritual growth.

But the seeker may look at this and think to himself/herself: “What could possibly be so dangerous?” or “I feel fine and many people are doing it…so it’s okay.” Unfortunately, this is exactly the behavior of those who don’t know any better.

It is as if one asks themselves, “What danger could possibly happen when I mix unknown chemicals that have potent power?” Or they may think to the equivalent of, “I don’t know what toxic chemicals vinegar + bleach releases but I’ll put it in my body because I hear it’s popular.”

Because the psychic realm is subtle, we do not easily see the dangers of it. How might psychic powers distract us from spiritual path depends on many variables. However, there are 3 common dangers.

1. It’s a waste of time

As mentioned earlier, it takes years and years of time and effort to develop certain abilities. It is also not guaranteed for you to develop it in one lifetime because certain powers, like walking on waters, requires you to have worked on it in past lifetimes.

The average person have very little discipline. They get impatient and bored, jump from techniques to techniques, get moody and are too lazy. How could they ever hope to attain any psychic powers reliably?

And what if they did achieve them? Surely they could have spent 5 seconds to pick up a rock than to train 50 years to move the rock with their mind. They could use the GPS on their phone instead of using their third eye to locate the airport. They could have read a good book instead of using channeled messages which has not rivaled any wisdom of the past teachings.

One can achieve many things in 50 years. Why waste it to accomplish one circus trick? It is for this reason that wasting 30 – 50 years to develop one trick moves us back spiritually.

2. It exaggerates your weaknesses

Everyone have strengths and weaknesses.

Power developed immaturely will increase whatever tendencies one may have whether it be lust, anger, fear, or impulsiveness.

So if you have a slight anxiety, imagine having anxiety 100x. If you have a slight tendency for anger, then psychic powers will increase the chance for you to use it to destroy others. Then suppose you desire to attract someone, it’s easier to be tempted to use those powers for your own ends.

But the more dangerous part isn’t in having power but in getting disappointed when it didn’t work.

When one seeks out psychic powers, they have certain expectations. When it doesn’t work as expected, one gets upset and obsess more about accumulating power so that one achieves their expectation. The cycle of obsession and disappointment leads to depression and anger.

Of course, no one would think it will happen to them.

It is like the kid who just wants to hold an expensive vase for fun. They always say, “I will be careful. I promise!” But like any child, they are not aware of their abilities and will break it. Many parents realises this same pattern when a child wants to eat a large spicy bowl of noodles, promises to finish it, and that they are absolutely fine only to feel full and sick about one-third of the way in.

So it is the same for the people who became prideful of astral traveling only to be afraid of the “shadow people” they meet or opening the third eye and then seeing the horrors of their own imaginations.

Everyone thinks they are the exception.

But I assure you that when the ego gets a hold of some form of power, the power will be too much for them.

3. You will abuse it

The saying that absolute power corrupts absolutely is true in this case.

Mankind are not good with handling power very well throughout history. After all, the majority are not in control of their mind and body to any great extent.

Since the ego is limited, it is not aware of the right way to use psychic powers.

What if performing a healing or reading on someone influences them to make worst decisions? What if psychic use leads to the psychiatric hospital? And what if you accidentally released destructive power on someone, causing harm to all families involved?

Then it will lead to violating the freedom of others.

Surely those who seek after psychic powers will say, “But I need it!

Those are the ones who will likely abuse it for a NEED is a form of desperation and desperation derives from weakness.

If Psychic Abilities are not spiritual, Then What is?

Simple things like giving, be selfless, have compassion and be patient are spiritual.

Though it doesn’t sound exciting and seductive like developing super psychic abilities, these are more spiritual than being psychic.

If we follow the enlightened path of love and service, then we have all the wisdom, energy, psychic prowess naturally and safely…and more.

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” – Matthew 6:33

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