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Choosing a Vision

Choosing a Vision

Greetings, Luminous One!

I was struck by this quote from Marianne Williamson's Presidential-bid announcement last week:

"...you can live your life in one of two ways; according to circumstances or according to a vision."

From a dualistic framework, it may seem like the choice is 'either/or': Victim of Circumstance OR Designer of Life through Visioning... 

But to me - and perhaps for you - it's been a combination of the two that have shaped my life.

Yup, it's another...

I've lost track of the number of times I jumped in the river going in one direction, only to find the current taking me somewhere else downstream.

Did I envision those unexpected twists and turns?

No, circumstances guided me in another direction, which in turn inspired a new Vision. Can you relate?

On the other hand, there are plenty of examples of reaping the rewards of my determined Visioning.

So, let's agree that it takes both to navigate life.

There's another factor to consider: there's aways the chance that our specific Vision isn't actually in our highest good.

As an example, for many years I held the Vision of creating a wonderful retreat center with such unique components that it would be a guaranteed success. Yet, confounding road blocks kept falling in my way.

Ultimately, I came to understand that what was best for me was not to be tethered to any brick and mortar, but instead to be free to move about in bringing my work to the world. (Looking back, I can't imagine how I would have been able to run any sacred journeys while carrying the responsibility of such an enterprise!)

In that case, my Vision was not aligned closely enough with my urge to serve, so I had to drop that Vision until circumstances rearranged to present a path that was a better fit after which a new and improved Vision could be put in place.

There's also the factor of timing to be considered because... we're not always ready to hold and ground our grand Vision.

In this case, we can be left sitting in limbo until circumstances line up for us to kick into forward gear. I can't tell you how many times a seemingly endless, often uncomfortable waiting period has been my reality. 

Over time, though, I've come to tolerate limbo much better and even respect that there really IS such a thing as Divine Timing. 

Limbo may feel empty and infertile, but there's a lot going on under the surface, like the roots of plants stretching out underground during the winter. Though we may not be aware of it, I've found that we're often gracefully held aloft through such times.

When we can glean the reasons for the pause (i.e. the lessons), it can become more of an expectant waiting period, pregnant with potential. (Think "Something's Comin" from West Side Story...)

I know many of us remember learning to drive a stick shift, so you'll get this metaphor: Vision is the accelerator, and circumstances are the brake and the clutch. It takes all three to drive the old' jalopy!

(Dowsing and divination can be immensely helpful during these phases, by the way.)

It strikes me that the pattern of a life is like a jigsaw puzzle.

The overall design awaits the process of our pulling it together into a cohesive whole. Through our choices, we begin to connect the edges, which act as anchors for the image of what we want the puzzle to eventually look like.

But even if you have a good sense of that overall picture, you wouldn't just stick a piece into the middle of an empty puzzle with nothing to attach it to, right?

Of course not, because that piece (the Vision) can't be successfully inserted until previous ones are in place (the circumstances). 

Does this mean we shouldn't practice Visioning our way out of our circumstances?

Not at all.

I'm suggesting that we spend some time honing our Visions while deeply considering our circumstances. If it's time to rise above them, then selecting the most appropriate Vision will help make that a reality.

Said another way, choose your Vision wisely.

It helps me to believe that the Universe is conspiring through circumstances to set the stage for me to engage with it through my Vision and actions. Sometimes circumstances are a direct result of my previous actions and sometimes things are just dropped in, seemingly randomly, for me to respond to. 

All of it is to help me to grow.

But what I do know is this: when I create a Vison that is in my highest good and in the right timing, life flows easily into fruition.


March stands out as the great change agent of the year astrologically-speaking, signifying multiple layers of endings and beginnings, as beautifully symbolized by the Ouroboros below.

If there was ever a time to reassess your Visions and circumstances, this would be it. 

Much love and infinite blessings,


Hope Fitzgerald
Hope Fitzgerald
Teacher, Coach, Healer, Infinity Waver, End-of-Life Midwife
Hope offers her services as an energy healer, a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner and a Death Doula, incorporating sound, Reiki and essential oils into her work. In addition, she guides intimate groups to potent areas around the world, including Peru, Easter Island, South Africa, France, England, Ireland, Wales and various U.S. locations. During these spiritual adventures, she teaches ways to communicate with the landscapes, believing that when the powerhouse of the human heart interacts with a highly-charged site, an alchemy occurs that is guaranteed to cause a shift in consciousness. She serves as a faculty member of GodSelf University.  

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