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Horoscopes for April 14th, 2019 to April 21st, 2019

Horoscopes for April 14th, 2019 to April 21st, 2019


Venus in Pisces makes a bountiful square to Jupiter Rx in Sagittarius on April 15th,expanding the possibilities for relationships, finances, creativity or self-esteem. This can be an extremely hopeful influence, but a square to Jupiter always brings exaggeration- keep an eye on your perspective. 

Mercury into Aries on April 17th and its conjunction to Chiron on April 19th suggests blunt, painful words. The courage to come out and say it/identify it in the face of adversity, doubt or exposure will be a theme. 

Also on April 19th there is a Full Moon in Libra, which is the second one in this sign. The first Full Moon occurred on March 20th at 0 deg Libra and this one occurs at 29 deg, so we have an issue that began on March 20th and has now reached a conclusion.

Themes will involve balance, relationships, projection and judgments. This Full Moon squares the South Node in Capricorn (along with Saturn and Pluto) and the North Node in Cancer (ruled by the Moon). So the tipping point will be a choice between old limits and pressure versus moving ahead (North Node) towards something with more trust, feeling or satisfaction. 

On April 20th, there’s a major shift as Venus moves into Aries and the Sun moves into Venus-ruled Taurus (where it approaches a conjunction to Uranus). Relationships, self-esteem and finances jump into a vibrant new chapter while the overall vibe emphasizes a radical break with old routines. 


The Full Moon in your partnership sector illuminates a relationship issue (personal or professional) that’s been brewing since March 20th. Power imbalances, choices between past and future goals (or home versus career) will come to a head. It’s time to address what they want versus what you’re insisting on, which can lead to a more secure, nurturing domestic life. 

Venus in your hidden sector square Jupiter Rx can trigger a massively hopeful hidden desire, attraction or project. Unlimited growth may seem possible, and as Venus enters your sign (and the Sun enters your sector of personal resources) what was in the background will be revealed. Then, you’ll see exactly what’s real and what isn’t. Note that Venus into your sign will heat up your attraction power and self-esteem, which can be a very nice step after the events of the Full Moon. 

Mercury into your sign, conjunct Chiron, can give you the initiative to put a hurtful issue into words. Or, your blunt truths may stir up some painful but necessary scenarios. Everything that emerges now will be raw, but you’ve never backed away from a challenge. 


The Full Moon in your sector of routine can bring to light work or health issues that were first illuminated around March 20th. Now you’re at a tipping point regarding service (or sacrifice) to others, unbalanced workloads or medical issues. You’ll be pushed to choose between outdated rules versus new, more intuitive ideas that tap into what you actually need. Consider how putting your needs into words can address issues of self-care.

Venus in your social sector square Jupiter Rx suggests a highly idealized friendship, group activity or attraction. Too, a public opportunity could be full of beautiful hype. But as Venus enters your hidden sector, there will be a shift in priorities - what you wanted/hoped for may dissolve or become difficult to define. The Sun into your sign will highlight changes and updates that are happening now. 

Mercury into your hidden sector, conjunct Chiron, can put a hidden/denied wound into words, even if you don’t speak it aloud. A painful secret or insecurity could be emphasized - this is the time to acknowledge what hurts even if you’re not ready to reveal it. 


The Full Moon in your sector of self-expression concludes a matter involving creativity, performance, children/pregnancy, a new attraction or your public image. What began around March 20th now reaches a point where you’ll have to choose between old fears/dependencies versus moving ahead to a place of financial and emotional independence. You have the power to create what you want. 

Venus in your career sector square Jupiter Rx can trigger big hopes about the future of a relationship (personal or professional) while expanding a desired professional goal or an aspect of your professional image. Someone else may provide the momentum, but be cautious about professional boundaries and ideals versus reality. As Venus enters your social sector and the Sun enters your hidden sector, you’ll be seeing the social implications of professional issues, while tuning into bigger changes that are urging you to detach from a major part of your current lifestyle. 

Mercury into your social sector, conjunct Chiron, suggests a hurtful or embarrassing public statement/conversation with friends. Too, you could be speaking out about some uncomfortable but essential truths - others could be drawn to what you say. Social anxiety could be a factor. 


The Full Moon in your domestic sector suggests a turning point regarding home and family, or a relocation. What first came to light around March 20th is now approaching a conclusion, and you may be dealing with pressure from a partner (or relationship rules/commitments) versus what’s aligned with your primary needs. 

Venus in your opportunities sector square Jupiter Rx can open up promising scenarios in long-distance romance, education, legal matters, publishing or travel. What’s new or exotic may be very tempting, but know that your perspective on where this is going may be exaggerated. As Venus enters your career sector and the Sun enters your social sector, you can gain a more direct concept of how to make the most of the above potentials, while witnessing immediate, social impact. This could be part of a bigger change to your public image or social circle. 

Mercury in your career sector, conjunct Chiron, can put insecurities about ambition and success into words, or indicate a touchy conversation with management; use caution with professional conversations. Too, this could indicate a prime opportunity to integrate teaching/healing into your work as you connect to others via empathy for their wounds. 


The Full Moon in your communication sector can present an answer, final decision or concluding conversation that goes back to March 20th. Now you will be verbally addressing any imbalances while dealing with pressure regarding a work or health scenario. You may have to choose between defined habits/daily rules versus something less defined but more nurturing. 

Venus in your sector of shared resources, square Jupiter Rx, can amplify a new attraction, desire to spend or share. Watch your boundaries. As Venus enters your opportunities sector and the Sun enters your career sector, you will see how the above can be advanced further (to feed newly emerging future goals) or you may move on to something completely  different. 

Mercury into your opportunities sector, conjunct Chiron, suggests insecurities or painful issues involving travel, education, legal matters, publishing or matters of faith. You may need to speak out about an injustice or deal with challenges to what you believe in. In some cases, this could mark the appearance of a teacher for you, or your emergence as a teacher. 


The Full Moon in your sector of personal resources delivers results regarding earned money or self-esteem. Look back to March 20th to see when the issue first began - now you’re confronting old limits/fears around openly expressing yourself (or cutting yourself off from others) versus connecting with others in an empathetic way and sharing your gifts with the group. 

Venus in your partnership sector, square Jupiter Rx, suggests an optimistic but exaggerated development in a relationship that raises your hopes and pushes you to expect more from a partner. Domestic expansion may be an issue, and as Venus enters your sector of shared resources and the Sun enters your sector of opportunities, your perspective will shift - you’ll simultaneously gain awareness of the deeper motivations of your partner (or the deeper dynamics between you) plus a wider perspective on what else is available or how far you can take this. 

Mercury into your sector of shared resources conjunct Chiron signals a very sensitive conversation or realization. Deep wounds and vulnerabilities concerning shared finances, intimacy or psychological issues can be uncovered - this will be an essential part of confronting what’s been buried or denied. 


The Full Moon in your sign signals a major turning point in a relationship, your self-image, lifestyle or career. This has been building since March 20th, as issues of imbalance, family traditions/responsibilities and your personal goals have been brewing. Now is the time to put your needs first and consider a future that’s aligned with what feels most authentic to you. 

Venus in your sector of routine, square Jupiter Rx, suggests a burst of optimism regarding a work or health issue. You may be promising a lot regarding service to others, or you may receive hopeful news regarding a medical issue. Look carefully at the facts before you take on more work or apply a certain fix/diagnosis. As Venus enters your partnership sector and the Sun enters your sector of shared resources, you’ll be confronted with a disruption that corrects an imbalance (in a relationship or your approach to self-care). Changes on deeper level will be reflected in the surface dynamics between you and another. In some cases, a new attraction can pick up speed. 

Mercury in your partnership sector conjunct Chiron hi-lights sensitive relationship conversations. A partner may speak out about something you’d rather not hear, or you may be projecting relationship insecurities onto the words of another. Either way, what’s put into words will be an important part of you addressing partnership issues that require courage and honesty. 


The Full Moon in your hidden sector illuminates a secret or undefined issue that’s been growing in strength since March 20th. Now you’ve reached a point of completion and are addressing the balance between reality and illusion, limits and expansion. Something is just about to come out into the open, and a work, routine or health issue may be involved. You’re choosing between limiting ideas/instructions and the pressure to follow orders versus following a hidden but growing need for expansion and adventure. 

Venus in your sector of self-expression, square Jupiter Rx, can pump up a new attraction/flirtation, your desire to spend, celebrate or indulge. Something magical may be in the works, but there’s also a risk that you’ll overspend, overindulge or get caught up in exaggerated hopes. As Venus enters your sector of routine and the Sun enters your partnership sector, watch for the practical realities of the situation to appear - you’ll see exactly what you have to do and where your energies are best applied, especially regarding your relationship to another. The imbalance between reality and fantasy in a relationship will also be addressed. 

Mercury into your sector of routine conjunct Chiron suggests the identification of a difficult health or work issue. A diagnosis or recognition of flaw is the first step to dealing with the problem. 


The Full Moon in your social sector presents a culmination involving friends, groups or your public image. This issue first came to light on March 20th and now you’ll see the conclusion which will involve the balance between your self-expression versus your connections to others. There may be pressure to obey certain rules regarding finances or personal values, as you deal with issues of trust versus independence. Ultimately, your path forward involves pooling your resources with others and fostering more intimate connections. This is not all about you. 

Venus in your domestic sector square Jupiter Rx in your sign can greatly expand your plans for home and family - decorating, celebrating or a family relationship can be full of promise as you surge forward. However, be aware that there is potential for exaggerated perspective and putting all your hopes in one area. Be mindful of this as Venus enters your sector of self-expression and the Sun enters your sector of routine - you’ll want to charge ahead with a celebration, romantic progress or creative work while shaking things up in your daily life. You won’t be holding back. 

Mercury into your sector of self-expression conjunct Chiron can put you face-to-face with an insecurity about talent, attractiveness or the right to be happy. Too, there can be sensitive discussions about children/pregnancy. While putting these issues into words can take some of the buzz out of your celebration, know that this is an essential part of confronting a fear or weakness - give it a name and you have more power over it. 


The Full Moon in your career sector reveals a result involving a job, your professional image or expressions of authority. Issues began around March 20th and now you may be looking at ways to balance home and work life, or move forward in a way that’s less controlling and more cooperative. A partner may play a crucial role. Too, this can involve  a joint decision about your future. 

Venus in your communication sector square Jupiter Rx suggests a big dream, promise or enticing story. It sounds good but the details are not all clear and hidden expectations may throw you off track. As Venus enters your domestic sector and the Sun enters your sector of self-expression, you’ll be looking at how this issue impacts your home life, family and attempts to express yourself in a new way. Children or pregnancy may be involved. 

Mercury into your domestic sector conjunct Chiron suggests a family discussion about a hurtful issue, or the identification of family wounds (from the past) that have recently emerged. It’s time to have those difficult conversations or look at the details of where you may feel like the family scapegoat or outsider. 


The Full Moon in your opportunities sector can deliver a conclusion involving travel, education, legal matters, publishing or matters of faith. This will be connected to events from March 20th, and now you’ll be urged to step away from hidden pressure/limits/fears towards a more nurturing, accepting approach to work and self-care. 

Venus in your sector of personal resources square Jupiter Rx suggests a big purchase, boost to your confidence or upsurge in hope regarding a financial matter. While there is promise here, be aware that some of what’s promise is exaggerated. Watch the spending. As Venus enters your communication centre and the Sun enters your domestic centre, your focus will shift to radical updates at home/with family and how the above potentials can be put into words. A new opportunity may be part of a relocation or major change to your home base. 

Mercury into your communication sector conjunct Chiron suggests a painful truth, blunt observation or confrontation with fears around not being heard. You may be pushed to speak out when you’re not ready, or you may have to express an unpopular opinion. This is about accessing the courage to say what needs to be said in the face of discomfort. 


The Full Moon in your sector of shared resources brings results involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. Issues that came to light around March 20th will reach a peak, with you at the crossroads between sticking with the rules/judgements of society or moving into deeper territory where you can truly be yourself. 

Venus in your sign square Jupiter Rx can expand your professional image, your attraction power or draw favourable attention your way. Too, a promising career opportunity could be ahead of you. While there’s certainly room for future growth, there’s also a risk of inflated expectations or losing sight of personal boundaries. As Venus enters your sector of personal resources and the Sun enters your communication sector, you’ll be looking at how the above might manifest in concrete terms - finances, security. This could be a promising moment for earned money or a self-esteem boost, but you’ll also be confronting radical changes to your fixed ideas.

Mercury in your sector of personal resources conjunct Chiron can pinpoint an insecurity (financial or emotional) while urging you verbalize what you want. This could be about putting your requirements into words and deciding what you’re really worth, even in the face of doubt.  

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I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
I live in Ontario, Canada where I share my life with my husband and our soft, fat cat (named Wednesday). Source

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