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Horoscopes for April 7th, 2019 to April 14th, 2019

Horoscopes for April 7th, 2019 to April 14th, 2019


Lots of action this week:

  • Apr 10th: Venus in Pisces conjunct Neptune, Sun in Aries square Saturn, Jupiter in Sagittarius stations Rx, Mercury in Pisces sextile Pluto

  • Apr 12th: Mercury in Pisces square Jupiter Rx, Aries Sun squares the Nodes, Venus in Pisces sextile Saturn

  • Apr 13th: Aries Sun square Pluto, Venus trines the Cancer North Node

  • Apr 14th : Aries Sun trines Jupiter Rx, Venus sextile Pluto

Hi-lights of the above include the Venus / Neptune conjunction which can indicate an ultimate, beautiful dream. What you want or love is transcendent (this could also indicate unconditional love) but Venus' aspects to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn keep things grounded - this could be more than a fantasy. Venus' trine to the North Node also hints at future potential.

Jupiter Rx means it's time to review or focus an area of ​​expansion, and the square to Mercury recalls a grand promise or idea that first came to light on Feb 22nd / 23rd. Now you can differentiate from promises and see what's left.

Aspects to the Aries Sun can apply pressure and power struggles, and Sun's square to the Nodes says that this is a turning point: stick with the old rules / habits or move towards something that feels authentic. The Sun's trine to Jupiter Rx ends things on a hopeful note, with powerful encouragement to use the Jupiter Rx review / focus as a way of fueling your future goals.


Aspects to Venus in your hidden sector can point you towards an elusive dream or hidden desire. Too, there can be a moment of profound forgiveness and release, but all this will be grounded with matters of authority and changes in future goals. External rules and status can add structure to undefined wants, and this points towards a more satisfying, secure domestic life. Allow yourself to dream about what could be. 

Jupiter Rx in your opportunities sector you are questioning issues involving travel, education, legal matters, publishing or faith. Delays or concentrated expansion in one area will be put into words with the square to Mercury in your hidden sector. This and Mercury's sextile to Pluto can amplify secrets, hints or undefined knowledge. This will date back to Feb 22nd / 23rd, as a big hope or promise is confronted.

Aspects to the Sun in your sign can hi-light edgy issues of power and control as you confront someone in management, react to career pressure or assert your authority. You may be caught between career and domestic issues. But there's also room for inspired growth that encourages you to keep reaching and exploring new areas. Travel, education, legal matters, publishing or faith in your abilities are encouraged.


Aspects to Venus in your social sector emphasize an idealized friendship, romantic attraction or beautiful / compassionate social issue. Something public can grow (including your public reputation) and this favors empathetic ideas / communication that reflect your true feelings. Excellent for connecting with others while using rules or status to provide legitimacy. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of shared resources can focus the growth of debts, taxes, your partner's finances, intimacy or a psychological issue. This growth can lead to deeper knowledge or bigger issues that are out of your control. The square to Mercury in your social sector (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) can help you put these issues (which may be hidden) into words and public context, but watch for exaggerated reactions from others or private information going public. This will date back to Feb 22nd / 23rd. 

Aspects to the Sun in your hidden sector suggest external rules and big-picture changes to stir up background anxieties or fear of losing control. A secret or ignored issue will press you to choose between following the rules versus developing ideas that are aligned with what you really need. Know that you can tap into a partner's support, financial assistance or your deepening psychological awareness (and courage to face your shadow issues). 


Aspects to Venus in your career sector can hi-light an expansive professional relationship or a beautiful future ideal. External developments can be supported by background rules, private boundaries, deeper trust or the acceptance of certain financial or psychological responsibilities. Watch for encouraging signs that can lead to pay raise, new source of income or increased self-esteem as you align your future goals with what you need. 

Jupiter Rx in your partnership sector can see you revising relationship plans for expansion. Or, a partner may delay or review the growth of a relationship. The square to Mercury in your career sector (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) can take you back to issues from Feb 22nd / 23rd, as an optimistic career plans or conversations with management / a business partner feature intensified expansion or questions in one area. 

Aspects to the Sun in your social sector suggests background issues (involving shared finances, intimacy or psychological developments) to challenge public friendships or your public reputation. You could be confronted by hidden power plays and fears of losing control, which will force you to look at what you share / owe versus what you need to develop for yourself. Watch for an opportunity to blend public contacts with growth in a one-on-one partnership. 


Aspects to Venus in your opportunities sector can open up something new and intriguing in the areas of long-distance romance, travel, education, legal matters or publishing. A partner can bring stability, support or focus to the matter, and Venus' trine to the North Node in your sign hints that this could be very good for you- future potentials can continue to grow in a way that feeds your needs, comfort and satisfaction. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of routine can see you intensifying efforts for growth in one area of ​​work or health, or questioning a big solution / improvement. Before you continue to come up with more work or more changes, take a step back and refine your efforts. The square to Mercury in your opportunities sector (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) suggests the above can lead to an answer or final development in issues from Feb 22nd / 23rd. Big-picture visions or a promising story can be clarified, with an adjusted perspective. 

Aspects to the Sun in your career sector (including its square to the North Node in your sign) suggest power struggles involving a partner or competitor. Pressure from another can define your next move while pushing you toward the realization about what's best for you (what a future and what does not). A relationship can reach a major turning point. Despite any challenges, know that there is plenty of room for growth in your future goals and your daily work / work environment. 


Aspects to Venus in your sector of shared resources can deepen an intimate connection or dissolve financial and emotional boundaries. The more you share, trust and release, the more you can activate an ultimate potential or dream that has been undeveloped. Practical efforts and changes in your daily routines can support these developments, giving them structure. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of self-expression can focus your energies on a new attraction, creative work or issue with children / pregnancy. You may be pushing for more or asking questions about how feasible this potential is. The square to Mercury in your sector of shared resources (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) can give you an answer to questions that have been simmering since Feb 22nd / 23rd. Big hopes or declarations about what you want to share or spend can be put into perspective. Watch for deeper psychological impulses to find open expression. In some cases you may need to adjust exaggerated expectations. 

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of opportunities suggest rules, responsibilities and major changes in the areas of work and health can challenge a situation involving travel, education, legal matters, exploration or publishing. You're trying to go further while dealing with mundane realities. This will bring you to a turning point with regard to outdated habits / routines versus striving for a situation that is more in line with what you really need (but have not admitted). Despite any limits you encounter, these potentials can grow in a way that fuels your confidence, talents and hopes for the future. 


Aspects to Venus in your partnership sector indicate an ultimate romantic / creative encounter or a moment of unconditional love / empathy. Despite the heightened idealism, this will be grounded in a realistic appreciation of commitments and the work that needs to be done. This influence can lead to the gradual expansion of social nurturing or a more personal relationship with the public. In some cases it can indicate a deeply loving friendship that grows into more. 

Jupiter Rx in your domestic sector can see you intensifying changes / growth around relocation or family matter. In some cases, a move or addition to the family may be delayed as you look closely at future prospects. The square to Mercury in your partnership (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) will recall a partnership conversation from Feb 22nd / 23rd - now the reviews or delays can put that conversation into perspective or deliver an answer about projected hopes. 

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of shared resources indicate external rules / limitations will sharply define financial, psychological or intimate issue. There may be pressure due to you or a partner's issues along with the feeling that you are being forced to comply. One partner may not be ready to get close to the other. Nonetheless, there is still potential for the growth of trust and favorable domestic developments (especially financial) if rules and pressures are handled with care. These developments will also bring you to a turning point in relation to your social contacts or public image. 


Aspects to Venus in your sector of routine suggest an issue of unconditional service to another, or peace and healing for yourself. A solution or compassionate release can be confirmed by domestic responsibilities or structure at home. This will support emerging career goals - consider how your daily efforts in self-care or service to another can enable a future goal that feels just right. 

Jupiter Rx in your communication sector can focus you on a specific ideal, philosophy or promise. It may be time to ask what you've learned or take a closer look at the big ideas. The square to Mercury in your sector of routine (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) suggests the completion of an issue from Feb 22nd / 23rd- details about a health or work matter may have been unrealistic, but now you are looking at what can realistically be applied. A hopeful solution is still possible. 

Aspects to the Sun in your partnership sector suggest domestic responsibilities, rules and the emergence of past issues can apply pressure to a relationship. A partner may feel the weight of domestic issues, and the relationship itself will bring you to turning point about traditions and old domestic structures versus moving forward towards more emotionally satisfying future. Keep the lines of communication open - the more you discuss options with your partner, the more possibilities will emerge. 


Aspects to Venus in your sector of self-expression can indicate an intensely idealized attraction or expansive creative opportunity. Too, this is about a moment of pure enjoyment and escapism. Your awareness of the rules (or your focus on certain realities) will keep things grounded (despite the escapism) and the more you allow yourself to dream, the further you can take this. This is a wonderful opportunity to renew a source of faith, love or the expression of your talents. 

Jupiter Rx in your sector of personal resources can temporarily apply some delays or limits to spending or financial growth. Your focus will be concentrated on one area, and you may be reviewing a new source of income or how you have been managing your money. The square to Mercury in your sector of self-expression (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) takes you back to Feb 22nd / 23rd, when a hopeful romantic or creative idea first bloomed. Now you can sort through the idealism and see what's real.

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of routine can trigger some difficulties in a health or work scenario. There may be pressure to work more or deliver more. You are at a crossroads now-stick with the old, limiting ideas about work and self-care or move forward to a broader, more nurturing approach that incorporates some unknowns. Handled correctly, these events will result in the growth of finances and self-esteem, but the key will be changing the way you think about service / work. 


Aspects to Venus in your domestic sector indicate a time of love and forgiveness with a family member, or soothing release from old issues. Too, there can be some "dream come true" additions to the home, all supported by your attention to personal boundaries and financial discipline. Expansion on the domestic level can lead to greater trust and intimacy with a partner, or increasing comfort with your personal history. 

Jupiter Rx in your sign encourages you to step back temporarily from a project or area of ​​growth. Pause and concentrate your energies on one issue - you may need to review what you've added or reconsider how your emerging ideals align with reality. The square to Mercury in your domestic sector (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) can wrap up issues from Feb 22nd / 23rd- expansive domestic plans or big family discussions can be sorted as you take a closer look at what's true. 

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of self-expression can put you in your confidence as you are forced to deal with financial restrictions or pressure to perform / achieve. A new attraction or creative project may require extra work, a reality check or intensified efforts as you deal with jealousy or fears of failure. You'll also be looking at the choice between sticking with your old ways of undermining / limiting yourself or allowing yourself to trust and pooling your resources with each other (while admitting certain uncomfortable truths to yourself). The trine to Jupiter Rx encourages you to keep pushing forward and have faith in yourself - a couple of challenges will not throw you off track. 


Aspects to Venus in your communication sector hi-light to beautiful promise, idea or conversation. The sextile to Saturn and Pluto in your sign ensures that this is based on reality - you have the power to give this form with your focus and commitment. This can lead to the expansion of a membership issue - a promising new development that features an increased emotional connection. 

Jupiter Rx in your hidden sector can indicate the revision of a background hope or hidden source of assistance. The momentum will slow down but if it was vague, it may now become more focused. The square to Mercury in your communication sector (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto in your sign) refers back to an issue from Feb 22nd / 23rd-a secret hope or expansion that fuelled big ideas. Now you can see the final form of these ideas will take (after you sift through any unrealistic aspects), and once again, you have the power to make this real. 

Aspects to the Sun in your domestic sector (including the squares to the South Node, Saturn and Pluto in your sign) indicate you will be pushing hard for developments at home / with family. You may become more controlling in your efforts to make it happen, or you could feel the weight of responsibility. These developments can be supported by unspoken or unsustainable hopes, and they can grow in the favorable direction, but consider the difference between control versus controlling, and if this is a prompt for you to break away from old habits. 


Aspects to Venus in your personal resources sector emphasize the dream of what you want, a hopeful financial opportunity or a moment of ultimate giving / sacrifice. Events will be anchored by your awareness that you are approaching the end of an era, and this can lead to favorable developments in your daily work or health- perhaps to gentler, more fulfilling approach to security. 

Jupiter Rx in your social sector is the slow down of social expansion, group activities or the friendship. You may be pausing to re-evaluate your public image or the impact of certain contacts. The square to Mercury in your sector of personal resources (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) connects to events from Feb 22nd / 23rd - promising financial news or hopeful social developments may sounded good to be true, but now you can finally arrive at some facts you can work with. 

Aspects to the Sun in your communication sector can limit your ability to speak out or trigger pressure to deliver certain information. You may be constrained by hidden rules but overall you are room to reach a wider audience and grow your ideas. Do not let what's unspoken shut you down - you have a choice that will enable you to put more nurturing energy into your daily life / self-care. 


Aspects to Venus in your sign indicate an ultimate dream, attraction or moment of inspiration / transcendence. Even better, what's happening in the real world, the social rules define the issue. This can lead to a creative or romantic development that puts you in the spotlight and favors the growth of your confidence or talents. 

Jupiter Rx in your career sector you are taking a second look at an opportunity, new career path or area of ​​ambition. The future promise may need to be more focused on the present, and the square to Mercury in your sign (and Mercury's sextile to Pluto) takes you back to Feb 22nd / 23rd, when the big idea or vision first appeared. Now you can sort through what's real and what's overly optimistic. 

Aspects to the Sun in your sector of personal resources suggest constraints on finances or self-esteem. Social rules, pressure or power plays can force you to step back or work harder, but overall this is still a lucrative opportunity for future growth and positive career developments. You'll just have to slow down and deal with some temporary struggle with authority, while seeing that this is actually a turning point for you - it's time to step forward and pour your energy into something that puts you first or highlights your talents. 

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I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
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