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Horoscopes for January 20th, 2019 to January 27th, 2019

Horoscopes for January 20th, 2019 to January 27th, 2019


The January 20th/21st (depending on your time zone) Full Moon eclipse at 0 deg Leo draws our attention to matters of ego, appreciation, pride and public acknowledgement. The Sun (ruler of Leo) in Aquarius adds in the energies of detachment and individuation. Leo is passionate and Aquarius can be quite distant (which enables a more universal perspective). These contrasting themes will blend in a dramatic way, while Mars in Aries’ square to Saturn (January 21st) suggests strict limits on actions and the expression of anger or passion. 

So while this eclipse will illuminate a bold issue that demands attention, you may feel restricted in how you’re allowed to react. Or, you may encounter significant work that needs to be done in order to manifest what this eclipse promises. 

January 22nd presents a conjunction of Mercury and the Capricorn South Node - a message/messenger from the past delivers a strictly defined consequence. This is the formal commitment or ending, but Venus’ conjunction to Jupiter in Sagittarius on the same day presents a promise of expansion regarding something you want. Together, these aspects suggest an unavoidable reality or clear message that underlines a lovely opportunity. 

On January 23rd, Mercury squares Uranus in Aries then enters Uranus-ruled Aquarius on January 24th. The square to Uranus indicates a shocking message or realization which will then open your eyes to something bigger, more unusual and more freeing. Words/ideas will break through the limits. Note that Mercury will activate the Sun’s position (0 deg Aquarius) during the eclipse, so this breakthrough will be connected to what the eclipse illuminates.

On January 25th, the theme of breakthrough continues as Mars in Aries trines Jupiter in Sagittarius. After the restrictions of Mars/Saturn, Mars/Jupiter offers a shot of luck, freedom and open action. This suggests that the Mars/Saturn struggle will be worth it - the work, responsibility or discipline will push you past a block to a place where you can move ahead quickly and with optimism. 


The eclipse in your sector of self- expression can trigger a performance, new attraction, creation or moment where you decide to put yourself in the spotlight. A result may finalize something in these areas. Risky behaviour can be part of this vibe.  But Mars in your sign square Saturn reminds you of your professional responsibilities. You’ll have to go slow or deal with frustrating issues of authority and control, but the extra effort that’s demanded can also be an essential part of what you’re trying to create or express. In some cases, freedom of expression will have to be balanced with professional reputation. 

Mercury over the South Node in your career sector indicates an official document, conversation or decision that can finalize something about your work or future. A goodbye will be irreversible. But Venus/Jupiter in your opportunities sector suggests that part of what’s being finalized may involve an intriguing promise around education, long-distance romance, travel, legal matters or publishing. Watch for something big that you’ve attracted - just make sure your hopes are aligned with whatever realities Mercury/South Node has spelled out. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus in your sign and entrance into your social sector indicates a surprising shot of news or a decision that abruptly changes your future course. What you learn or decide will impact your friendships and social image - disruption may be essential for an update to who you associate with. Mars in your sign trine Jupiter continues this trend as you step forward into new territory (this was promised by the Venus/Jupiter conjunction). It’s time to act, because now that you’ve turned a corner on the Mars/Saturn square, you should experience more ease, luck and good timing. Your hard work could be rewarded. 


The eclipse in your domestic sector delivers results at home/with family that involve domestic pride or your desire to express your true self within your family. A relocation, new future goal or dramatic shift in domestic priorities may also be featured. Meanwhile, Mars in your hidden sector square Saturn suggests open actions/anger may be very difficult, as you feel blocked or repressed. A struggle behind the scenes can drain some of your energy. 

Mercury over the South Node in your opportunities sector brings a final announcement, graduation or information from the past that wraps things up in the areas of education, legal matters, travel or publishing. Watch for proof of an ideal/belief. Venus/Jupiter in your sector of shared resources suggests that what’s being finalized can actually point to expansion (or a gift) on a deeper level- shared finances or intimacy can grow in a hopeful direction, although you’ll need to be cautious with boundaries or overspending. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus and entrance into your career sector suggests a shocking or illuminating truth that can either blow away what you learned or introduce you to a brand new lesson. This will inform your future/career goals. Mars in your hidden sector trine Jupiter suggests the Venus/Jupiter conjunction can progress nicely as private or instinctive actions flow smoothly and encourage deep intimacy or financial growth. The blocks/pressure of Mars/Saturn have passed, and there may be a release or private surge of confidence if you’ve overcome something that felt like punishment. 


The eclipse in your communication centre delivers a dramatic message, decision or conversation. Words and ideas may be showy with a focus on personal beliefs and the freedom to express them. Meanwhile, Mars in your social sector square Saturn can put the brakes on a public announcement, your public actions or issues with friends. The open expression of anger or ambition may be denied as hidden rules/restrictions keep you in line. This can be a frustrating moment where you have to hold back or focus on public responsibilities. 

Mercury over the South Node in your sector of shared resources indicates a key discussion or realization about shared finances or intimacy. This could involve a formal financial document (involving a loan or taxes) or the clarification of a boundary between you and another. Too, you could be confronting uncomfortable knowledge from the past or from a buried psychological issue. Venus/Jupiter in your partnership sector suggests that a one-on-one relationship offers increased love or promise, so it’s possible that the background realities of Mercury/South Node will underline an extremely positive, external development. Perhaps a deep commitment or decision to end something encourages future growth. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus and entrance into your opportunities sector then suggests a shot of clarity involving deeper issues. A blast of insight can be disruptive but will also lead to a more expansive view of future possibilities. It’s time to look above and beyond your current issues, and Mars in your social sector trine Jupiter broadens the promise of one-on-one and group/public actions. Your efforts with friends/the public will encourage the development of a one-on-one connection which can in turn support your public efforts. After the frustrations of Mars/Saturn, this aspect suggests that close relationships can free you from any limits and even rehabilitate your reputation. 


The eclipse in your sector of personal resources illuminates a result involving earned money, values or self-esteem. Pride and the ability to create these things for yourself will be the issue, as well as your freedom in the context of what you share or owe. Watch for a result that clarifies what you need or how you can bring more power to this area of your life. Mars in your career sector square Saturn focuses on a key area of ambition or issues with management. You may feel pressured or blocked by what you have to do, or what you can’t do. Extra work, or the rules/demands of a partner, can push you to take stock of your earnings and security, as well as how you respond to authority. 

Mercury over the South Node in your partnership sector hi-lights a key relationship conversation or decision from the past. Too, this could signify a defined set of mutual goals or a goodbye. Venus/Jupiter in your sector of routine suggests the above can also define an area of growth and hope around work methods, health or daily habits. Watch for a positive solution, diagnosis or significant offer of assistance. A relationship that involves an obligation can expand to reveal unexpected improvements.  

Mercury’s square to Uranus and entrance into your sector of shared resources suggests a surprising partnership discussion or realization will deliver a disruptive truth, which will then push you to look deeper at what you share, or at the hidden dynamics between you and another. Mars in your career sector trine Jupiter adds a positive flow between professional ambitions/actions and daily results. What you to do move ahead or energize your goals can have very favourable consequences in your daily life. This also suggests that the pressure of Mars/Saturn will ease as you discover a way to do more, or a loophole/solution that allows you to move forward. Honesty and a cards-on the-table discussion with a partner (business or professional) can be part of this. 


The eclipse in your sign can illuminate a key area of pride, recognition or power, especially regarding your relationship with another. A one-on-one connection can reflect important issues, so pay attention to the other person’s response to an ending or result (independence may be an issue). Watch for a turning point in a partnership or how others respond to you - this can clarify something about your ego. Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of opportunities square Saturn can limit your efforts regarding travel, education, legal matters or publishing. There may be very strict rules that you have to follow and your path forward may be blocked, or require extra effort. Consider how this plays into the eclipse’s turning point. 

Mercury over the South Node in your sector of routine can deliver a diagnosis, solution or information about a correction. An issue from the past (involving health or work)can culminate, pushing you to acknowledge a key responsibility to yourself of another. Venus/Jupiter in your sector of self-expression offers a contrasting shot of fun, celebration or happy moments involving a new attraction or creation. Your urge to indulge, play or throw caution to the winds can be strong, but don’t forget the reality that Mercury/South Node is underlining. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus and entrance to your partnership sector can present a surprising bit of extra news (regarding work or health) or an unexpected workaround or error. What you learn or communicate can lead to a conversation with another that’s more balanced, even if the subject matter is disruptive. Mars in your opportunities sector trine Jupiter encourages you to take a risk, reach further or fight for something you believe in. The restrictions of Mars/Saturn can be overcome - watch for surge of confidence, luck or the ability to reach others on broader scale. Excellent for creative work, performance or traveling for fun. 


The eclipse in your hidden sector illuminates what you’ve been ignoring or denying regarding health, work or daily habits. An area of pride or creativity (or perhaps something you’re not proud of) will be emphasized, and you may be pushed to go public with it or end it (if it’s undermining your personal power). Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of shared resources square Saturn defines an issue of anger, frustration or blocked action regarding shared finances or intimacy. This could be a buried psychological issue or someone else’s attempt to control you. Consider what you can and cannot do - work within those limits. 

Mercury over the South Node in your sector of self-expression can deliver a message from the past regarding an attraction, creative work, children/pregnancy or confidence. An ending, final answer or key piece of information can clearly define what you have to let go of, or what you need to focus on in order to manifest. Venus/Jupiter in your domestic sector adds in moments of increased love and abundance with family, or in private as you work on making your home a place of safety and joy. Expansion and promise in your personal life will be connected to a reality that Mercury/South Node has underlined. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus and entrance into your sector of routine can present a surprising response or realization about the above, which pushes you to focus on specific health, work or routine aspect. Watch for a burst of inspiration or a sudden detachment from what you used to desire - the freedom can open your eyes to what needs to be attended to and more effective ways to improve or refine. Mars in your sector of shared resources trine Jupiter adds in a powerful, private flow of confidence, well-being, financial success or passion. Issues with a partner can smooth out (after the frustrations of Mars/Saturn) or you could reach a point of acceptance and release regarding buried anger. 


The eclipse in your social sector illuminates a very public result or ending. Key themes can include your desire to stand out/perform/create or receive appreciation/respect for who you are. In some cases, a new attraction could reach a dramatic turning point. Meanwhile, Mars in your partnership sector square Saturn indicates hard focus on one area of your relationships. The actions/initiatives of another may be out of step with your responsibilities. Or,  you may find that forward movement in a relationship is temporarily blocked as you reach a moment that requires extra effort or a hard look at reality. 

Mercury over the South Node in your domestic sector signals a key conversation from the past, or a family discussion. Domestic information (which can also involve the buying/selling of a house) will reach a point of culmination. At the same time, Venus/Jupiter in your communication sector indicates that this domestic issue will be the reality check that underlines a hopeful promise, conversation or discovery. There’s more to learn and say, and what you see can be full of promise. Just don’t ignore what’s emerging from the past. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus and entrance to your sector of self-expression then provides an abrupt revelation or piece of information that disrupts domestic rules or traditions. A shake up of your foundation can lead to increased freedom, confidence and the ability to say what you really want. Mars in your relationship sector trine Jupiter then provides a breakthrough to the Mars/Saturn block - communication is crucial, as open-minded discussions and new/expansive ideas allow you and another to move forward. The key will be rising above petty disagreements and not getting caught up in what’s not working. Instead, focus on what lies ahead. 


The eclipse in your career sector delivers a result involving your professional status, a job search or launch of a business. Results will involve the full expression of your talents plus what’s most personal to you, in a public context. Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of routine square Saturn suggests that specific health and work issue can be frustrating as you experience pressure to perform or improve. At the same time, you may find that your energy is restricted and you have to move carefully, giving all your attention to certain priorities. 

Mercury over the South Node in your communication sector delivers a key message or conversation from the past. Now you’ll receive the answer, sign the document or see the results of a firm commitment. Venus/Jupiter in your sector of personal resources adds the promise of more money or self-esteem - there could be a gift or increase of abundance, depending on the nature of the commitment. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus can add a jolt of clarity or an additional detail that pushes you to say something unexpected or view your situation in a whole new light. As Mercury enters your domestic sector, you’ll apply this clarity to domestic issues. Mars in your sector of routine trines Jupiter, adding a welcome surge of energy, a loophole or workaround that can free you from the restrictions/pressure of Mars/Saturn. However, the key will be your ability to do the necessary work or move in a direction that offers improvement. 


The eclipse in your opportunities sector can deliver a result or conclusion that opens up something new and exciting in the areas of education, travel, legal matters or publishing. Making your voice heard on a larger scale, or putting an ideal/dream into words are possible themes, as well as adding fuel to a big idea. Meanwhile, Mars in your sector of self-expression square Saturn will confront you with some limits about how much you can express. You may feel a dent in your self-confidence as a lack of resources or security reminds you that there’s more work to be done. 

Mercury over the South Node in your sector of personal resources underlines a crucial piece of information regarding earned money, sources of income, savings or your self-esteem. Watch for an important message or document from the past that defines and clarifies exactly what you have to work with. At the same time, Venus/Jupiter in your sign can present a beautifully buoyant opportunity to grow, attract or feel good about what’s coming up. If you focus on the bottom line and put in the required work, you can go far. 

Mercury’s square to Uranus and entrance into your communication sector will provide a jolt regarding money or self-esteem. An extra bit of info or realization can push you to initiate a conversation or seek out more facts. Mars’ trine to Jupiter in your sign fuels your luck and confidence as actions place you in the right place at the right time. Limits or lack of confidence from Mars/Saturn can be overcome if you align yourself with newly emerging opportunities and have faith that what you have to offer (in a romantic or creative sense) is desirable to others. Pursuing what/who you want looks promising. 


The eclipse in your sector of shared resources illuminates a culmination involving debts, taxes, loans, your partner’s finances or intimacy. Tied into this will be your independence, pride and security in the midst of what you share or owe. Mars in your domestic sector square Saturn in your sign adds in themes of heavy responsibilities at home/with family that can emphasize what you can’t do, or where you have to work harder. In some cases, you may be attempting to enforce rules on other family members. 

Mercury over the South Node in your sign brings forward a crucial message, messenger or conversation from the past. A topic that’s been simmering for awhile will now emerge, presenting you with results or pushing you to speak out. Venus/Jupiter in your hidden sector adds in secret potentials, desires or promising areas of growth. What’s growing may seem like a fantasy, but pay attention to the information in front you - there’s a clue as to how you can manifest what’s hidden. 

Mercury in your sign square Uranus can push you to abruptly speak up or change your mind about a set rule. Don’t be afraid to question what’s been defined or change course. As Mercury enters your sector of personal resources, you can apply this information to earned money or self-esteem- what are some new ways that you can enhance your security? Mars in your domestic sector trine Jupiter presents hopeful progress as you move on from the pressure of Mars/Saturn - tune into what’s instinctive or not quite defined. Background assistance or your faith in what you can’t see can energize domestic matters (or a relocation) in a very positive way. 


The eclipse in your partnership sector turns the spotlight on how your ego and purpose are connected to a partnership, or lack thereof. You pride yourself on being independent but you’re not an island- this culmination will illuminate a key relationship issue, and Mars (in your communication sector) square Saturn will sharply define an edgy piece of information or a difficult conversation. What you can’t say, what you have to say or where you feel blocked from expressing anger/passion will be themes. 

Mercury over the South Node in your hidden sector underlines a secret or unacknowledged fact that’s emerging. This has been simmering for awhile, and now it’s time to acknowledge it. Venus/Jupiter in your social sector ties this in with an expansive social opportunity, new attraction or promising social contact. 

Mercury in your hidden sector square Uranus can trigger a flash of clarity that reveals what you’ve been hiding or avoiding. As you suddenly see what you really need to know, Mercury’s entrance to your sign urges you to say it out loud or openly acknowledge what you can no longer avoid. Mars in your communication sector trine Jupiter presents  a powerful outlet for what you need to say. The restrictions of Mars/Saturn (which may have involved a hidden block or fear) can be overcome if you speak up with faith, courage and the willingness to consider new groups/friends or connections to the public in general. Also excellent for a public launch or delivering your message to wide audience. 


The eclipse in your sector of routine spotlights a health or work issue that you may have been ignoring. This is about bringing pride, power and attention to what you do on a daily basis, or how you take care of yourself. Results can be unexpected, and Mars in your sector of personal resources square Saturn will define certain limits around earned money or self-esteem. There may be rules or extra work that you need to attend to in order to get what you want. 

Mercury over the South Node in your social sector emphasizes a conversation or contact from the past. This will define your social status or public reputation, and Venus/Jupiter in your career sector connects this to a bountiful professional opportunity or boost to your professional image. Too, a professional relationship could open up new areas of advancement and optimism. 

Mercury in your social sector square Uranus can present a surprising message (from a friend, group or social media) or can push you to say something public and unexpected. But as Mercury enters your hidden sector, you may need to step back after this public reveal in order to contemplate what just went down. Mars in your sector of personal resources trine Jupiter suggests that the above can benefit you on a professional and financial level. The pressure from Mars/Saturn can be overcome if you move in a new direction (reading earned income or a career path) and energize an unknown but promising area. This will require faith in your professional capabilities. 

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I'm not psychic, and I don't believe in fixed futures. I do believe that your free will has the upper hand, and this creates a range of possible results. Astrology and tarot describe these possibilities, but the planets and cards do not dictate how your life unfolds - you do.
I live in Ontario, Canada where I share my life with my husband and our soft, fat cat (named Wednesday). Source

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