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Circles of LIGHT - The Arcturians

Circles of LIGHT - The Arcturians

Dear Arcturians,

Do you have a message for me today?

Yes, we the Arcturian have a message for everyone every day. In fact, we invite all who read this message to remember that you too could have a message from us, and/or the other members of your Galactic Family. Yes, you all have a Galactic Family. However, it is very difficult to remember that fact while you are wearing your third-dimensional earth vessel.

However, if you, meaning ALL of you, are multidimensional. By “multidimensional” we mean that you ALL have higher dimensional frequencies of your Multidimensional SELF that you cannot perceive via your third-dimensional consciousness. 

These higher dimensional frequencies of your third-dimensional self constantly over-light the you the who is wearing an earth vessel. In fact, your Higher Dimensional SELF is in constant contact with your third-dimensional self.

However, while wearing your third-dimensional earth vessel, your consciousness, and hence your perceptions and chosen experiences are limited to the lower frequency of the third-dimensional expression of Gaia.

Gaia, just like yourselves, is multidimensional and resonates to many different frequencies. Each of these frequencies is similar to a “rung on a ladder.” You can keep this ladder in the garage, or in a closet, and only bring it when you feel that you really need it. 

On the other hand, you could also put the ladder somewhere where you can easily see it, so that you will remember that you have that constant assistance to “reach for something” that is higher than your physical self can grasp.

Unfortunately, sometimes you may become so distracted by that which seem too difficult, that you forget that assistance is there for you. In fact, you may walk right past the “ladder” that could assist you to “reach higher,” and decide that it is “too much work” to get out the ladder to assist you to get that which is “above your reach.”

We talk about a “ladder” that is outside of you, to remind you that you have a ladder inside of you. The ladder that is inside of you is your Multidimensional Consciousness, which has many differing frequencies (rungs of your inner ladder) that can greatly assist you to “reach higher” in the midst of your daily life.

We speak of your daily life because that is when you most often forget that you have a ladder to assist you to reach higher. Therefore, you tell yourself, “That is too high for me to reach. Therefore, I will just forget about that and do something else.”

However, there is a deep inner part of you that will whisper into your heart, “I really wanted to do that thing that seems to difficult for me to reach. So, why did I give up and find a way in which I could get some assistance to get what has become too hard to get to without a ladder?

If you can remember to call upon us, the members of your Galactic Family, we will remind you that you ALWAYS have a ladder. In fact, this ladder is your own consciousness which is always active within you. However, if you do not “open the closet door” to get the ladder, you will not be able to use it to get to that which is too high for you without the assistance of a physical ladder. 

The reality is that you also have an Inner Ladder can take your consciousness up into the higher frequencies of reality, and then return you to your third-dimensional self once you have gotten what you needed to have (within your consciousness) at that moment.

Yes, this inner ladder is not a physical ladder. It is a “consciousness ladder.” Everyone has a “consciousness ladder” inside their physical form. However, just like you would need to open the door to get your physical ladder out of the closet, you will need to open your consciousness in order to  get to your “consciousness ladder.”

However, in order to know when to open the door to get your consciousness ladder, you will need to “open your consciousness” to your own “inner closet.”  What is your inner closet? Your inner closet is where you put things when you don’t want to look at them. 

Some people have a huge inner closet that is full of old memories, heartaches, and forgotten memories. Unfortunately, there are often many good and loving forgotten memories that are also stuffed into that closet. However, you cannot find them because they are lost in the clutter of negative memories.

Therefore, it is the NOW to remember that, indeed, it is YOUR closet and YOU have the ability and the right to go into the old, and often forgotten, closet to clear out that which you no longer need to hold in your consciousness.

If you open that closet and look around a bit, you will likely find some old heartaches, disappointments, challenges, and doubts that you have actually cleared from your daily life, but you they still linger in your “unconscious consciousness.”

Just like you need to clear out your cupboards on a regular basis so that you will have room to put new things in your cupboard, you will need to clear out your consciousness so that you have “room in your conscious mind” to release that which has been completed, and/or that which you no longer need to “store in your consciousness.”

But how do you know that you are ready to release some old stuff, which now feels like old junk?  There is likely a part of you that wants to hold on to that which is over. However, that which is over is only “over” when you have “cleaned out your consciousness.” 

Therefore, just as you may need to take everything out of that cluttered closet in order know for sure that which you are ready to release and that which you believe you still need, you will need to “clean out your consciousness.”

“What does it mean to “clear out my consciousness?” we hear you ask. What we mean is that your consciousness has the ability to “hold on” the people, places and/or situations that are no longer an important component of your NOW. 

Your “NOW” means your present life, your present feelings, your present desires, and your present emotions and feelings. However, if you want to clear out that closet that is full of your past, you will need to look at your present to determine what you still need in that closet, and therefore, will keep and that which you are complete within that closet and you can easily release it.

Some things in your closet may not be “bad,” but they are from a part of you that is no longer active in your present life. Perhaps, you had a disappointment or loss in your life that you have stored in this closet. In order to “take some things from the closet” you will need to assure yourself that you will no longer wish to “use” those old thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. 

Once you feel confident that you no longer wish to use that behavior, memory, thought-form in your daily life, you will know that you are ready to release that component of your thoughts, feelings, and/or emotions within that NOW. 

However, you will likely find that certain things (which are actually, your own thoughts, emotions, behaviors) come back into that closet after you have released them. The fact of this reality is that you have not, yet, released your need for that action, thought, behavior, memory.

This is where you will have your greatest challenge, which is telling your own self the TRUTH. In order to fully release that which you believe you no longer need, you will need to discover why you needed that action, thought, behavior, memory.

This is when you will need to take everything out of the closet and put it on the sunny front porch. As you lay these components of your own self in the Light the sunny front porch, there will NO hiding, NO excuses, and NO reasons. 

In other words, as you put these inner secrets from your self out where the Light of the Sun can shine on them. Then, everything will appear to be different. The closet, where you hid these excuses and reasons, was dark, crowded, old and stuffy. But, you did not realize that fact until you put them under the LIGHT of the Sun. 

The Sun is warm and cozy, whereas the closet was cold, stuffy and cramped. Therefore, you separated all these old ways to hide, excuses to use, and reasons to no do, from the YOU who is NOW ready to stand in the Light of the ONE and listen, not to your confusions, worries, and excuses, but to use the Light to reveal your true SELF.

Your “True Self” was not a concept when you were stuffing things into the overloaded closet of your unconscious mind. However, your True Self was, and IS, ready to feel the Light which reminds you that hiding in the closet, which you now are realizing was far too small for you, is NOT the reality that YOU choose to live.

At first, you accept that you have always wished to bask in the Sun. Therefore, you made a promise to yourself that you would set a certain time that you would surround yourself and be within the state of consciousness that allowed you to remember your True SELF.

Bit, by bit, you discovered that the outer light was also your own Inner Light.However, when you were “stuffing things into a small closet” the Light could enter your own Inner SELF. Therefore, the first thing that your Inner Light did was to merge your own, perhaps newly discovered, Inner Light, with a feeling that was growing within your SELF.

At first, the feeling of the Inner Light was uncomfortable. But, when you used your newfound courage to allow the “feeling” of the Inner Light to be REAL, everything in your life began to change. 

For one thing, fear was no longer frightening. Fear was the opposite of Love. Therefore, you could more easily close the old, darkened closet, knowing that soon you would have the courage to go into that closet and take out all that was no longer necessary in your life.

Also, as you released your fear, you found that LOVE was easy to find, and was ALWAYS returned. Whereas fear traveled in a straight line, which you had to dodge and even hide from, LOVE traveled in circles which became larger and larger. 

Soon, you discovered that this Circular LOVE returned to the sender in ever-expanding circles of light. Slowly, or quickly, the Circles of LOVE became larger and larger, encompassing more and more of your life, and of the reality that you know knew the YOU had created.

Once you discovered that YOU were the creator of your own life, the Circular Light moved into your own consciousness and reached out to others there were in need. Then, slowly, or was it all at once, the Circular Light and Circular Love became ONE. And, most important that Circular Love and Light became ONE with YOU!

Your closet is no longer needed now, for you have no need to “put anything away.” Love and Light have replaced the closet with a KNOWING. What was that KNOWING? The answer to that questions is easily found by looking deep within your SELF.

Also, when you find that Love and Light within your SELF, will you please share them with others? 

“Yes, I will,” we hear you say. Can you hear your own self say YES?

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life.  Suzanne first stepped onto her spiritual path in the mid-1970s when she met her first spiritual teacher. Since then, she has had many teachers and initiations. 
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