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Redeem Your Wholeness


We are here embracing you with our love and gratitude. We are grateful for the opportunity to share these energy words with you. What is offered triggers your own knowing and remembering; when you read or hear our words there is a deep understanding of your own personal truth.

We always want to acknowledge you for the magnificent multidimensional being that you are. You see, the more you are acknowledged the more it becomes real for you. You are in the field of dense unconscious vibrations, and you are empathic in nature, therefore you begin to resonate with this dense state of being. This is so for all humans.

We celebrate your awareness when you can sense you have dropped into this level of unconsciousness, when you are acting out patterns and conditioning that have been passed down to generation after generation of those who choose to be here on your planet.  

Little by little, these patterns are shifting because individuals like yourself are waking up and realizing that you are more than your physical body. Your physical body is a requirement for this reality. It allows you to interface with the many, varied experiences and vibrations that are offered.  Your physical body and life are the platform that allows you to transform any dense misqualified energy and emotion.

Yet with the awareness of yourself as a divine being of light consciousness, you have the birthright and responsibility to transform and uplift any life diminishing attitudes and behaviors.

This is true for all; however there is a polarization that takes place within the human form. There are two energies available, one has been labeled masculine and one labeled feminine. When you assume a physical form (a body) for your adventure and experience here in this dimension and timeframe, you select one or the other. You become a multidimensional consciousness in a male form or a multidimensional consciousness in a female form.

Each of these outer forms assumes the dominant energetic patterns and behaviors of the collective. If you choose to have a male body you are expected to respond and act in a certain mental and emotional manner, and if you choose a female body certain other mental and emotional behaviors are considered proper.

It is most important to understand that each individual, no matter male or female, carries the traits and strengths of the other. Your physical brain is divided to support these traits. The left brain is wired to offer logic, action, and control and the right brain is wired to be intuitive, receptive, and empathic. The goal is to use both aspects of the brain equally well, to be balanced and appropriate no matter which physical form you selected.

When you allow yourself to embrace both the logical point of view and the intuitive, feeling and sensing perspective, you have balanced guidance. Unfortunately, from our observation, this is totally out of balance in your reality.

You can observe that most males approach life logically, with step-by-step planning, devoid of the empathic, feeling nature of their right brain. They have been programmed by the collective patterns and matrix of consciousness on this planet for eons of time. The reality of your past is that this is a warring planet. Therefore in order to have warriors, the empathic, intuitive, feeling nature has needed to be suppressed, shamed, and ridiculed.

You cannot kill or harm another or harm nature when you are fully aware of your empathic nature and the realization that everything and everyone is connected to the whole.

This is such a strong pattern that when a multidimensional being arrives and chooses a male form, this is an automatic energetic program so to speak. No one questions this. Little boys act differently than little girls. And if a young boy or man stays connected to his intuitive, feeling, creative nature, he is shamed, judged and labeled. If a young girl or woman acts in a controlling, logical and action-oriented manner she is also judged and labeled as a certain type of women. If a boy or man expresses his emotions or offers intuitive guidance, he is considered weak or different.

Your planet as well as humanity is suffering from this controlling, logical, unfeeling nature and behavior. The male dominated reality is disconnected with the whole. Power and control are the strongest actions. They are not tempered by the energy offered from the intuitive, feeling nature and holistic approach of what is best for all. Destruction is often the chosen method of those who oppose a certain belief. 

Humanity is suffering this imbalance, nature is suffering this imbalance. There are cultures and societies on your planet that suppress the feminine energies and all the many gifts those energies offer. This must shift for your planet to ascend.

The evolution that is taking place is that more and more individuals are bringing a balance within their own personal behavior.  It is time that women begin to own their personal power, to offer a holistic, feeling nature to the collective in a manner that is heard and honored.

It is time that men begin to embrace the aspects of their right brain that have been suppressed throughout your history.  It is time that the gifts of the right brain, the feminine aspect, are respected, encouraged, supported and nurtured in both male and female. It is time that the logical, action-oriented, aspect of the individual male or female is encouraged. Each of these traits needs to be encouraged, taught, accepted and honored as they are expressed from male or female.

We encourage and invite men to become aware of your intuitive nature and understanding. Learn to honor your emotions and to allow yourself to feel and express these emotions. Shake off the expected patterns that have been given by all who dominate and control.

We invite the female to be emboldened in her strength of action, to speak her truth and share her insights, to come forth from a place of true knowing and make a powerful contribution. There is strength in compassion partnered with logic, there is strength in being able to view events as whole and see the consequences of how all actions effect this reality and humanity.

The balance of the masculine and feminine energies within each person is what is being called for now. We encourage each of you to step into the behavior that is most foreign to you. Begin to embrace the aspect that you have learned or been taught to repress. If you are female, begin to take action, speak up and share your truth, share your intuitive, healing nature. If you are male, begin to express your emotions, and allow yourself to imagine the consequences of your action and shift to be more receptive, more open to a different way of looking at events. 

One aspect, one type of behavior will always be your strength whether you are male or female; we are just encouraging you to celebrate and redeem your wholeness by developing and nurturing the opposite behaviors of your personal patterns.  Use your tools and the quantum field to envision the balance of the masculine and feminine within yourself and within all. Begin to look at ways and actions that will fortify and support your opposite method of dealing with and viewing your life and actions.

We are grateful that you have read our energy words. We always support your magnificence and abilities to transform your reality. We support you in bringing this balance within.  the 'team'


Peggy Black and the "team" [Hathors]

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