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Message from The Angels - Managing your Momentum

Message from The Angels - Managing your Momentum

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

In today's message, we want to help you understand how to keep the momentum going when life is going your way and how to turn the momentum around when life seems to present one tough situation after the next.

The answer lies, as always, in vibrational reality. A radio can only receive the frequency to which it is tuned. A television can only display the channel to which it is tuned. And you, dear ones, will only see or receive the energies that match that to which you are tuned.

None of you reading this was born and raised with an understanding of the importance of your vibration. You were taught to "do" things, "fix" things, and "think through" things, and while you certainly do have "do," "fix," and "think" as part of your human experience, the overriding factor in terms of what appears in your life is based solely and completely on vibration.

When life is going your way, it isn't luck. You can take all the credit! You are letting love in. Love flows from the Divine in a steady and constant stream. Love flows to you whether you feel it or not, believe in it or not, or even acknowledge it. Love flows whether you are loving or hateful. Love is trying to guide you at all times, in every breath, toward all you desire. Love never quits.

If you are relaxed, happy about anything, feeling appreciative, or simply content, you are tuned into a vibration of love. You are close enough to the "channel" of the Divine broadcast to receive inspirations to do the right things at the right time, be at the right place at the right time, and to focus on things at the right time. You call this a "flow state" because you are indeed aligning your energy with the steady non-stop flow of love from the Divine.

However, if something upsets you, you will feel a temporary wobble in your vibration. You might feel upset or sad and you'll also feel a strong desire for better. It would be inauthentic to stuff your initial feelings. Even the "negative" ones serve a purpose. They are the first indicator that lets you know that your vibration is no longer attuned to love. If you can catch yourself when you feel these unpleasant feelings and reach for a thought that feels better, you'll shift your vibration before you begin to attract chaos. If, however, you keep your focus on what feels bad, you'll start to see and experience more of what you'd rather not.

At the first sign of a negative feeling, you have a few choices. You can ignore it and try to focus on something better. Sometimes, you can easily shift your attention and raise your vibration. Other times you need to give yourself a brief time to feel the upset, love yourself through it, and then focus on something better. This, too, will bring you back to a vibration of love because even self-love and self-acceptance when you feel down is a form of love.

Far too often, however, you do what you learned to do. You "chew" on the negative situation that inspired the negative feelings. You think about it, analyze it, analyze yourself, and analyze whether or not you should feel the way you do. While you certainly can learn from this sort of introspection, if it doesn't feel happy, it would be far kinder to yourself to take a nap, go for a walk, do something you love, or distract yourself until your vibration rises. Then, from a happier or even more neutral place, you can review the situation, if you must, for any nuggets of wisdom it might offer.

If you focus too long on a bad-feeling incident, you'll turn your aura into a tornado of energy that, like a real tornado, will suck in all the junk in the vicinity. You might innocently trip, but if you start to berate yourself, you'll snag your sweater, forget something you need to do, or attract someone else to help beat yourself up. If you offered yourself compassion instead, you would quickly reset your energy vibration, and life would proceed in a more graceful flow.

If you get upset about the delays of being stuck in traffic, you may notice all sorts of other interruptions and delays in your day. If you feel guilty about being late, you'll likely attract those who judge it. If you relax, breathe, and focus on the beautiful day instead, you'll attract people who don't make a big fuss about you being late.

So, on a "good day," keep the positive momentum going by thinking about all the blessings you are experiencing. Think about the kind people, the ease and flow, the beautiful day, the happy surprises, the car you love, etc. Focus on anything and everything that you genuinely love and appreciate. The more you tune into anything with love, the more of it you will see.

On a "bad day," stop for a moment. Sit, breathe, receive, and let us help you recalibrate your energy field. It only takes a minute to relax and allow us to assist. Such a simple act of receiving love can change the course of your entire day.

Dear ones, shifting your energy is not as difficult as it might seem. You do it with every thought you think. With every thought, you feel better or worse. The key to a life in which you navigate the ups and downs with grace is simply remembering that you deserve to feel good and that feeling good starts on the inside, with one better thought at a time.

If you wake up on the "right side of bed," celebrate! If you wake up on the "wrong side of bed," look for something to feel good about. Anything will do.

You are not earning love by shifting your vibration. We already love you! You are not proving yourself worthy of goodness. You already are. You are simply tuning your energy field to the steady, non-stop stream of love that can turn a bad day into good within moments.

You can all learn to be like radios tuned in to the broadcast of love. You can practice focusing on the good when it is easy and focusing on anything better when it is hard.

You will eventually get so good at shifting your vibration that life's ups and downs will no longer spiral you into chaos. You'll be able to recalibrate quickly and easily when you hit a bump in life and once again return to the flow of love, goodness, grace, and guidance that you always, eternally, deserve.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels


Message from Ann

Hi Everyone,

I laughed when the angels' called life's challenges a "bump in the road." Sometimes, our wobbles feel like little speed bumps; other times, they feel like mountains to move. As with many of you, my life has been a roller coaster of diverse experiences lately. I frequently feel surprised at how easily things are flowing into my life despite the external challenges.

My dear family member who came close to the edge of life last month is recuperating, living with greater self-care than I've witnessed before, and going to the angels for help. It is miraculous and beautiful to see. Friends who had challenges are healing. I'm paying off the massive car repair bill in grace. I am truly amazed at the help I am receiving every day. I used to think I had to be in some sort of mythical perfect state to "earn" that type of help. Now, I just tune myself to something that feels good, and it flows!

I was on top of the world earlier in the week, working with clients I love, when my email went down—again. Apparently, the provider blocked it. I type quickly and send a lot of emails, and their automated system determined I was spamming. It wasn't the first time the system's errors had massively inconvenienced me, and I wasn't too happy. Needless to say, my cranky vibration didn't help me find a solution!

At 4 am, after working with customer service and still lacking a good fix, I gave up and decided to have an official, albeit brief, pity party! I wrapped myself in a cozy blanket and let my feelings roll! "Poor me! I work so hard and don't have time to waste my workday and sleep on errors that aren't mine..." I indulged in this train of thought until five minutes later, I started to laugh at myself! Watching from the perspective of the observer, this drama was comical. I recalled a phrase a dear friend used to say—It was time to call the "Waaa-mbulance!"

I started to look around at the beautiful Christmas lights. I appreciated the cozy blanket and the silence of a peaceful night. I started to feel better immediately. Without thinking, like a moth going to the light, I left the computer and headed for the kitchen, aiming straight for the Trader Joe's peppermint meringues! If you've never tried them, they are light, airy clouds of sweetness mixed with real peppermint chips and every holiday season, they transport me to other worlds!

It might not have been the most evolved way to raise my vibe, but one sugary pepperminty bliss bomb at a time, I felt better! After all, Divine love hides in everything when we look for it—even in my peppermint candies! The angels always guide us on the path of least resistance, and at 4 am, that was my path!

The vibe shift worked, and I was soon inspired to google a certain phrase that led me to a support page that wasn't obvious. I finally found an email that led me to tech support folks who understood the problem and could fix it. At long last, I went to sleep and woke up to find everything had been fixed.

We are so extremely, amazingly, and beautifully loved that we can barely comprehend the magnitude of the help available. All we have to do is remember, as I did at 4 am, that the most important thing to do is find a good feeling, recalibrate ourselves to love, and calm the mind. The universe does all the rest!

I cleaned up my vibration further the next day by focusing on all the big blessings and simple pleasures in life. The little honeybees are singing happy hums on my rosemary flowers. My Eggplant is still growing little fruits, to my great delight. The tomatoes are ripening, and the basil is growing back after I chopped it down and made a ton of pesto. I've got some blankets ready to load up on the Etsy shop and am brewing ideas about fun offerings for next year. I had a blast listening to live music with a friend. Once again, the flow returned easily. It just took a simple shift in thinking to turn everything in the right direction again.

Here are some pointers to help you keep the good going when life is easy and to turn the momentum around when you're in a tougher time:

1.  Appreciate every bit of good when life is going well

We can easily obsess over and replay a negative incident in our minds. The angels have taught me to obsess over and replay the positive. I can hold an egg and marvel at the impeccable perfection of its form. I can breathe and enjoy the air flowing into my lungs. I can think about someone who is helpful or kind for hours. The negative folks used to get way too much "air time" in terms of my attention. Now, most of the time, the happy things and kind people get my air time.

Try to look for things to feel good about despite the voices that lie and tell you that things are too small to be relevant and that feeling good about a cup of coffee or a shaft of sunlight won't solve your problems. True, appreciating the small things won't "do" anything to fix your problem, but it could be just the vibe-shifter you need to be open to heaven's help so you can be guided to the effective actions you can take to solve your challenge.

2. When things aren't going well in life, make shifting your vibe the highest priority

Before you start spinning your wheels looking for solutions or running around frantically trying to solve a problem, stop. Make it the highest priority to find a way to feel better. Do that before you take action. Otherwise, your actions will come from fear or upset and create a bigger mess.

I like the angels' analogy of a tornado. They use it often. When we're worked up, we suck bad things into our field, making it spin with even more intensity and therefore attracting more junk.

When we're calm or happy, we're in the center of that storm, receiving clear help from heaven.

Get your energy right first, and then everything else will go right and flow right! Do anything you can to feel better before taking action. You will save time, energy, and heartache by taking the time to feel better first.

3. Practice staying in a good vibe when it's easy so you can get there when it's hard

If you consciously challenge yourself to look for things or think thoughts that make you feel good, you flex your "tuning muscles." When you practice, you find tried and true ways to feel better and raise your vibe. You start to have more confidence in your ability to turn anything around.

I had a little wobble when a family member made a comment that was so insensitive to the fact that the other one almost died that I couldn't even think of something to say. At that moment, I put all my vibe-shifting practice to use. I distracted myself from the unpleasant comment by looking for beauty and found it all around. I focused on the individual's good qualities and, within minutes, let go of the ridiculous comment and worked myself into a better space. I still don't like what was said, but I was determined not to allow the unkindness to poison my vibration.

Did my shift change anything in the outer world? Not really, but it shifted my inner world and the trajectory of my day. Hanging onto injustices doesn't do much good or change anyone else. However, granting yourself peace is powerful.

If you can practice vibe-shifting when it is easy, then you'll be able to recalibrate far more quickly when faced with challenges.

3. When something throws you off kilter give yourself grace

We spiritual folks are often ridiculously hard on ourselves. We know how it feels to feel good and feel God, and when we fall out of that, it feels awful. The last thing you want to do in a challenge is beat yourself up or obsess about what, why, and how something unpleasant happened. The best thing to do is find a better feeling in any reasonable and healthy way you can —peppermint flavored or not :)

The kinder you are to yourself in a challenge, the quicker you'll be open to a way out.

The angels have been working diligently this year to help us all embrace our inner power — to find good, feel good, and thus draw good into our lives.

The energy is so strong that when riding a vibrational wave, be it positive or negative, you get more of what you focus on. I am choosing again and again, so many times a day, to ride the waves of grace, goodness, guidance, and joy. I may not be able to change the world, but I can change my world and maybe inspire a few others to do the same :)

Have a blessed week,

Ann Albers and The Angels
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