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Archangel Michael Timeline Adjustment for Subterran Earthgroup

Archangel Michael Timeline Adjustment for Subterran Earthgroup

I am Michael and I love you very much! And I will talk about something today, that concerns you who work with Earth, with Mother Earth.

You are not so extremely many but you are very brave, and you are the subterrans.

There are different kinds of lightworkers!

And all of you do important tasks no matter what kind of lightworker you are, and you signed up for it a long time ago, before you entered the ground on Earth, as a newborn child.

Some of you work very much for Mother Earth to uphold her, to aid her, and to prolong her life. I call you Subterrans, for you work underground, really deep down.

But what you Subterrans don´t know is: you have actually worked in another timeline and have not had access to your own timeline for over five years.

Your work has been done in your higher consciousness, and some of you have not been aware of it.

To not be able to use your own timeline has many difficulties and you might have felt certain loss of your energy, you might have felt a confusion about what you are meant to do. 

The thing is: you have the greatest most loving heart and you have voluntarily given your energy to Mother Earth.

You choose to come to Earth to aid EARTH. So, you all can still live there.

And now in the past days me and my crew are working fulltime with you -the Subterran Earthgroup- to adjust each and everyone’s timeline as you are coming back to it after five hard years of work in the timeline of Mother Earth.

Your own timeline is where you left it and it has been waiting for you to come back to it. 

We celebrate your unselfish work! We saw you go down into the darkest place, deep down into Mother, and then you stayed there.

You who work in the Subterran Earthgroup have the strongest of light! 

Otherwise, you could never go down and work there. You shine of your own true light filled with your own faith, hope and love, and this IS your true essence.

But the five years down in the total darkness has taken energy from you. And now you will have it back. 

You will be given all the healing you need and your team of angels are beside you and are ready to start give you whatever healing you need. 

They have already been assigned to you during your work in the dark, and you have been given healing on a regular basis, but now as you are back into your own timeline, the healing your angel team will give you, will actually rejoice you.

You will soon or you already feel re-newed, and more joyful since the solar storms also help here.

You will be right on track really soon, and you will feel rejuvenated once again. 

You have all come up again from the midst of Mother Earth and a new team of Earthgroup stand by to go down and do their fullhearted job to the greatest of creation, Mother Earth.

To work in another timeline means you lack your own certain ability to shape your own life. It is a kind of a handicap. And it is one of the hardest things to work with as a Lightworker on/in Gaia.

You have felt you should and would have liked to do things, but all you found where different hinders or blockings, and you could not steer through properly, to fulfill want you wanted to do.

You noticed how other lightworkers had all their energy to do things, and they all seemed to be able to make things work, and you began to have doubts.

You felt neglected by God, by Jesus and more. And you started to have questions.

You felt like nothing could fall into the right place no matter how you tried.

Well, this is why I have to say very seriously: You are a diamond that shines in the dark, that is how much light you have!

And the most sincere lightworker works where it is complete darkness so you should be very proud of yourself.

But it really takes blood, sweat and tears from you to be this dedicated and work like this, and you feel now that you almost have forgotten about who you are as a result of this mission.

Now once back in your own timeline you will find yourself again.

Now you will find a new positive synchronicity that really works for you. You will find that the very ground carries you and you can see the sun rise for the first time in a long while.

And we stand by your side now and we will give all of you all necessary healing of aura and chakras.

Please drink more water in the coming weeks as it is required for your healing process. And please be extra kind to yourself in these next coming weeks so you can come back into your own track and find your joy as you so very well deserve.

It is your love that makes you work this hard! 

It is your strong faith in every little leaf on every tree, and in every flower that blossoms and in every butterfly that flies around in the sunlight as the sky is blue. 

It is your hopefulness that makes you work like this, in the darkest of places, and with the torments that Mother Earth is put through. 

You have questions about who does this kind of thing? And yes, you think she -Mother Earth- will be fine anyway? Why would anyone work with her and put or throw away all of their energy and even miss out on being in their own timeline? It must almost be a crazy person who would choose to do such a thing, you think?

Well yes firstly, Mother Earth will be fine anyway - it is true - but the exact truth is that she will be very fine without the humans that destroy her.

So in order for enough humans to awaken in time, this particular part of the lightworkers as I call the Subterran Earthgroup work to extend the very time that humans can stay on her. 

When humanity awakens to that Earth is what you all have under your very soles of your feet and that everything matters, and that everything has a soul, even every single little leaf is connected and is a spirited being and a creation of Earth and Heaven, then you begin to understand.

The Subterran Earthgroup has been the very bridge that you all - all of humanity have walked upon.

The Subterran Earthgroup has been the very extension that has been absolutely necessary, otherwise the human rase would not have made it into awakenedness... please say thank you to all those that have sacrificed themselves for you and your mission on Earth as you actually have walked upon them and they have carried you with their light of their souls.

You all have different tasks. But never look down on those that does not seem to really "do anything proper" as you see it?

Maybe they already are the very bridge that you walk upon and you take for granted.

Anyway, you are all important! And you are all unique! And we need you all!

But please be grateful. For you really don´t know everything.

If you are successful it means you are uplifted by others, and this is always how it works. So please say a prayer of gratitude.

I and my crew love you immensely,

archangel Michael

(Channeled through Kerstin Eriksson February 19, 2023)

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(A channeling with Archangel Uriel through Kerstin Eriksson
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