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Message from God: THE PRAYER

Message from God: THE PRAYER

Prayer is merging and listening into eternity - the conscious release of love.

The connection with God

Prayer is communication with your original source, consciously being in connection with God.

Prayer is formulated meditation, voicing your needs, your fears, and expecting answers from the source to which you address your requests.

But this is precisely where a great lack of knowledge lies, a habit that has been learned for a long time and adopted without being asked. A prayer focused solely on your needs and requests is useless, completely worthless and totally misunderstood devotion.

It is absurd to believe that requests that relate to your ego consciousness find resonance in being.

At this level there is no resonance, these forms of energy repel each other and no exchange can take place.

Therefore, frustration and disappointment inevitably arise for people who spend a lifetime in “prayer” and make request after request to the universe, to the saints or to God himself.

It is a cosmic law that the ego and being repel each other. Every prayer at the level of the ego finds no response and radiates into space.

No saint and no master can fulfill “your wishes” if they were born out of your fear and bear the stamp of your unredeemed patterns and blockages. Therefore, the first prayer you should say is this:


Of course, the original source of being knows exactly about your development potential and therefore absolutely no words are needed to make a difference.

Prayer as pure intention

“How should I pray properly?” you may ask.

First, create a suitable environment for yourself, create an atmosphere in which you are undisturbed and alone. It is often good to have a light meal beforehand, because prayer is also an energetic process - and your body needs the necessary strength for it.

Be clear about what you are “asking” for. Is it something that comes from your ego reality - or is it a concern that comes from your being? Separate and check carefully, then formulate your need loudly or quietly (mentally)!

Be fully aware of this process, because a pure prayer offered from your heart will be dealt with immediately and in a very concrete way. The responsible spiritual authorities beyond the veil examine your intention, see your entire “history”, your karmic connections and, based on this awareness, will do everything that is possible and permitted in harmony with your development and in harmony with the divine order.

A pure prayer is an intention presented to God. That's why it's so important to examine your intention. This is the only form of prayer that allows words. Beyond that, prayer is pure silence!

Prayer is listening, listening into the silence to hear what God, your source, has to say and give you.

Prayer in the crowd keeps you from becoming quiet, keeps you from the stillness that is desperately needed to hear His voice. Group prayer has a different vibration and is appropriate where a collective energy field needs to be strengthened. When many people gather for a clearly organized event, an incredible amount of energy can be released.

Here, too, it is important to clearly distinguish between what I am dealing with and what this or that meeting is about. Are there needs from my being that I want to resonate with, or am I falling into a collective pattern of expectations? Is the group energy clearly focused on being or is everyone their own speaker? At what level does a prayer meeting take place?

This needs to be clarified so as not to give new energy to the collective, manipulated reality of fear. Every prayer out of fear is a desperate cry for help, but it is not a prayer - because prayer knows no fear.

Prayer is merging and listening into eternity - the conscious release of love.

If this can be done in a group of people, it is wonderful and absolutely appropriate. Your discernment and insight are required.

As a prayer mantra

Constantly repeating phrases and reciting mantras has incredible power, but again, your intention is key.

Check carefully what you say, and especially how you say it! What energy are you putting into it? If you give love, you will receive love. If your motivation is ego-based, your ego will inflate and the distance from your divinity will increase.

Be aware that once you are present to your pure intention, you become what you continually say to yourself:

“I am light and love!”

This phrase creates transformational energy within you and you inevitably become light and love. This transformation takes time, but this is a cosmic law. You become what you think, and even more so you become what you say. Be aware of this strength and power!

However, the stereotypical, unreflective and automatic repetition of given prayers is worthless and only serves the purpose of fulfilling an old, unquestioned pattern.

Prayers that are supposed to put you in a “good” position after your physical death are also pointless.

Heaven and the kingdom of God are within you!

You cannot buy heaven, ask for it, or earn it through man-made constraints.

Simply moving your lips accomplishes nothing - it is what it is: lip service and nothing more.

Heaven and the Kingdom of God are already within you! This is what you need to discover and find your way into your beauty.

The heaven that is promised to you by all sorts of religious institutions does not exist if you are not willing to let go of your delusions.

After your physical death, the very reality you left awaits you. Your expression of life continues on the subtle level. You find yourself in your ego energy, if you were influenced by it - you regain your light-filled face, if you were already immersed in light and love on earth.

The heaven that is promised to you in many places does not exist! You certainly cannot enter into the almighty beauty of love and light if you are full of false ideas and patterns, behavioral templates that are fed from the collective consciousness of people and which, through the institutions behind them, create such a powerful and dominant "reality" to pretend.

But this time is now over, every deception falls away from people - the flooding of light in the earth causes this.

Prayer will also regain its true meaning and power. People find their being and on this path prayer is also subjected to close scrutiny.

Everything that arises from hidden fear patterns and small and destructive energies is dissolved and true prayer becomes possible.

True prayer

True prayer is absolute silence and unity with being.

If you are practiced at it, you can live in the middle of the world, stand in the market square, and you will always be in your silence and in this connection with the divine source of being.

True prayer knows no time, no place, no church, no mosque, no temple, no mountain and no cave. True prayer IS – always, constantly and unceasingly.

You become prayer – you are prayer!

As soon as you live in this constant connection to God, you are in uninterrupted exchange with your original source; you are not a praying person, but you are prayer.

Who should you pray to when you celebrate your divinity every moment? The separation is abolished.

In this unity you are prayer and praying, everything and nothing, there is no longer any separation, every illusion is taken away from you. You are meditation, prayer and mantra. You listen and all your attention is directed to your spiritual home. This absoluteness, this complete devotion, this unconditionality is true prayer, is the experience of unity and the abolition of all separation.

Heaven is therefore within you and everywhere you walk is heaven - not a distant place that I can earn through "good behavior". No! He is here and now.

If it is not in you now, it will not be there afterwards, since you have not created a reality for it.

You have not resonated with your love self and so you are given further opportunities to practice recognizing your divinity.

You spend some time on a subtle level in order to gain clarity about your further growth and to recognize any failures. Briefly the veil of ignorance is lifted from you and then you find yourself again in a reality like this, the earth, until you have learned to experience yourself here and now as a loving and divine expression. Because everyone and everything needs their maturity and time to resolve and recognize.

The heaven that people and religious guardians happily and carelessly promise you here does not exist!

Yes, certainly, there are places of infinite and unsurpassable beauty in the universe, places of pure light - manifested and all-encompassing love, more beautiful than your most vivid fantasies. They are “places” very close to the source, close to your home – in that sense there is heaven.

But you will only get there once you have created the conditions to raise your being into this vibration of light and love, to perceive all the possibilities that are offered to you on earth in order to come as close as possible to this original expression of yours. Repeating words monotonously and thoughtlessly is not helpful!

Clear your energy field, discern and begin to truly pray. Become prayer, become who you are. Dissolve all opposites, let go and experience yourself in the unity of creation!

Experience yourself as God's breath, as his unique expression!

The more often you come into this awareness, the more often your thoughts, words and actions are reflected in this reality, the closer you come to the state of prayer, of constant listening, of constant attention to your beloved.

This love affair is perfect as there is no disappointment. This union is absolutely fulfilling because there is no lack.

Just as you as a person in love devote your entire attention to your partner, as a spiritually awakened person you give your unrestricted devotion to your original source of being. This is true prayer, devotion and love - undivided listening into eternity.

So pray and approach, your pure intention will guide you and God's grace will light your path.

The light of his love will transform your old, no longer necessary prayer patterns until you stop praying as you have become prayer, until you experience yourself as connected to everything again and completely surrounded by the love of the Father, the Mother, your original source of being, allows to be absorbed.

Be blessed, you are loved beyond measure.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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