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The Group: George and the Original Spiritual Family of Light

The Group: George and the Original Spiritual Family of Light

Greetings from Home, dear ones.

We are the group of 9 and join you today with such joy. Your recent actions have transcended boundaries, triggering a series of significant events.

This is an extraordinary moment to be present on your planet, and as we have emphasized repeatedly, your space has been reserved. Your intentional arrival at this juncture of time and space is commendable, dear ones. In the coming year and beyond, many individuals will reevaluate their contracts and life paths.

On a larger scale, it’s a magical time to set something in motion. We have previously discussed the celestial convergence involving Eris and the timeline cross. Eris has already undergone a profound shift, mirroring challenges akin to those faced by Earth at this time. Eris and Earth are interlinked to balance each other, just as societies on your planet strive for balance. Eris embodies a dominant feminine energy, contrasting Earth’s historical dominance by masculine energy. Neither orientation is inherently right or wrong, but imbalance causes challenges.

The balance is there right now. If you’re able to anchor this balance, it will stay on planet Earth. And if they are able to anchor it on Eris, balance will stay there as well. For the most part, people on Earth have not yet felt the timeline cross but Eris has. While the majority on Earth may not have consciously sensed the timeline cross, Eris has already experienced its effects. The movement of feminine energy on Earth has been subtle, making it imperceptible to many.

Yet, signs of change are emerging, laying the groundwork for future shifts that will open pathways for feminine energy to harmonize with the masculine. Recognizing the need for both energies is crucial, mirroring the symbiotic relationship between Eris and Earth. Your body is undergoing multifaceted adjustments to harness all its attributes, heralding a truly exciting new era.

The Game

Each and every one of you is an infinite being, engaged in a captivating game of pretending to be human. Taking a brief interlude from your extraordinary existence, it’s akin to unfolding a game board and strategically placing each game piece. In this cosmic play, you consciously select the character you and your earthly vessel wish to embody.

The sheer magnificence of this process is inspiring. As infinite beings, it is not even possible to count your incarnations. To delve into this intriguing scenario, allow us to tell you a story.

Meet George

Let us introduce you to a young man named George—a simple spirit driven by a desire to partake in the game of finite existence with tranquility. Despite being male, George harbored a preference for minimizing the weight of masculine energy. In an effort to achieve balance, he chose to embody feminine energy. This decision set the stage for a remarkable journey. George possessed extraordinary abilities to tap into the energies of those around him.

His empathic nature was so pronounced that he encountered childhood illnesses which he unwittingly acquired from others. This heightened sensitivity compelled him to master the art of setting boundaries within his own physical form. As George traversed this incarnation, he discovered an innate talent for balancing energies and providing people with what they needed.

George realized that his abilities flourished on a larger scale, working more effectively in a collective setting than one-on-one interactions. As he surrounded himself with like-minded friends, they formed a sort of club—a community akin to what you might label as a religious or belief system today.

Quietly entering his world, George aimed to make a positive impact in whatever way possible. Although much of his influence remained dormant, he found himself orchestrating change behind the scenes. George deftly sowed seeds of light that others could unknowingly discover, empowering themselves with newfound light. His legacy was not marked by overt recognition, but by the quiet, transformative ripples he set in motion.

George excelled in planting seeds of transformation and even taught this skill to others, a natural progression when one masters their life lessons. Mastery alters both the role of a catalyst and awakens you as a teacher. This is a transformation that occurs spontaneously. Even if one doesn’t aspire to be a teacher, students invariably appear. George began working with individuals, guiding them on empowering others discreetly and fulfilling their needs. As George’s spirit evolved, a harmonious collaboration emerged among his friends and students, each engaged in their unique contributions.

The collective effort centered around reconnecting and devising projects aimed at planting seeds of light, fostering community evolution, and navigating periods of disharmony. George was renowned for his exceptional abilities.

When George died and left his physical body, he was celebrated by many of the people whose lives he had touched. But that’s only the very beginning of the story from the spirit perspective. Following his death, George was enlisted by the cosmic forces to journey to hotspots across the universe, where tensions ran high. His mission was to quietly sow seeds of light, fostering understanding and unity among discordant entities.

Summoning his friends and former students, George formed a spiritual alliance. Together, they undertook missions to assess planetary situations, strategically leaving certain members behind to incarnate and infuse critical areas with seeds of light. The subtle influence, impossible for spirits alone, created profound effects on the inhabitants of those planets.

The Original Spiritual Family of Light

In the spirit realm, free from physical limitations, this group became known as the Original Spiritual Family of Light. George’s expertise lay in addressing the pervasive imbalance inherent in various incarnations on different planets.

The truth is, you currently inhabit a humanoid form, but there are countless other forms coexisting. Despite the diversity in physical appearances, the universal effectiveness of the seeds of light remains unchanged, benefiting all beings. George, along with his team of healers, has tirelessly traversed the cosmos for eons. Whenever a celestial hotspot emerged, George and his team conducted remote assessments, strategizing ways to offer assistance.

As Silent Ambassadors Remain

Initiating a connection with the energies, the team seamlessly navigated the timelines. Engaging in comprehensive meetings, they collectively deliberated on unfolding events, discussing potential volunteers for incarnations. George’s approach, marked by a delicate balance of masculine and feminine energy, facilitated the unobtrusive planting of vital seeds of light. While numerous teachers have incarnated in diverse places and manners, George’s energy consistently radiated quiet strength.

Transforming Competition into Cooperation

The surging prominence of masculine energy on Earth can be attributed to the awakening presence of the feminine. The masculine feels compelled to evolve, to assert its power and visibility once more. This unfolding dynamic is a frequent occurrence in news cycles, contributing to the prevalence of conflicts on your planet. It’s crucial to recognize that beneath the varied manifestations, the root of most wars lies in a shared source—the game played out in different ways, predominantly fueled by the competitive nature of masculine energy.

Awakening Update

Earth is in upheaval at the moment with control and run-away competition. But fear not, because George is here! And that’s something that has happened only recently. Yes, the team of the Original Family of Light is now on Earth. Those members who chose to incarnate left their memories behind but brought seeds of light.

As the collective consciousness evolves, signs of light, often appearing as opportunities or open doors, will become evident. Regardless of location, those connected to the Original Spiritual Family of Light possess the ability to adapt, grow, and fulfill their purpose.

Anticipate substantial changes, including shifts in systems unable to withstand higher vibrations. Truth-seeking is prevalent on Earth, urging individuals to explore diverse perspectives. There is no singular truth; each person harbors unique truths, reflecting the intricate experiment of humanity.

Balancing between the head and heart is the key to manifestation, a process that requires navigating challenges of over thinking or emotional imbalance. Many have already mastered their life lessons, transitioning into the role of a teacher. Understanding and reconciling with catalysts—those who triggered life lessons—becomes more feasible, especially with the presence of George and his team.

It’s a Great Time to Rebalance

The convergence of timelines heralds a magical period for balancing energy in diverse ways. As you step into the new illusion of time, or, in simpler terms, a new year, the landscape is primed for refreshment and new beginnings. This is an opportune moment to seek out your own seeds of light, discern what you truly desire in life, locate them, and learn how to work with them.

Amidst this transition, many of you will find clarity on confusing matters, and the pursuits you’ve been searching for may unexpectedly materialize. Even within your thoughts, new ideas will emerge, bringing forth solutions to longstanding problems.

The 3 a.m. Club Resurfaces!

Dear ones, the 3 a.m. club is alive and well for many of you. While it used to occur precisely at 3 a.m. for some, it now varies. Some may awaken at 1 a.m., while others at 5 a.m. This shift can be frustrating for those meticulous about tracking their sleep hours. There are moments when your spirit requires attention, prompting us to awaken you in the middle of the night to plant a beautiful seed.

However, it becomes a challenge when fear or concern arises upon waking during the night. Occasionally, you may glance at the clock and worry about having insufficient energy for the upcoming important day, urging you to return to sleep hastily. Such negativity hinders the planting of the seeds of light that prompted your awakening. Sometimes, it might be a dream-like fog that envelops your energy, leaving a smile on your face and hope in your heart.

Dear ones, you are each magical beings, and our role is to reveal that magic to you. Unveiling your true essence creates a sense of Home on your side of the veil, and intriguing developments are set to unfold.

Earth’s Uniqueness in the Cosmos

Planet Earth stands out as an extraordinary place, differing significantly from most others in the universe. This game is distinct, starting at an exceptionally low vibration, almost like a daring experiment in the vast universe. Earth has endured through an extensive period, and while it may not boast the most advanced beings in all realms, it stands out due to the unparalleled range of growth experienced by its inhabitants.

The spotlight is now on Earth, drawing attention from various corners of existence. George and his group are present to guide humanity through the next crucial steps.

Dear ones, you have a beautiful smile on your face because you can feel the energy. Turn around and look for George. You’re likely to see someone smiling at you. Embrace the journey, for you are part of a vast family. The Original Family of Light is on Earth now.

It’s with the greatest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with the highest of respect, and nurture one another at every opportunity.

Play well together in this beautiful game of pretending to be human and help each other. It isn’t a competition, it’s a game. Enjoy the journey.


Thank you for taking your power.

We are the group of 9

The Group:  Espavo Awakening


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