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Cosmic Energy Update: Quantum Completions

Cosmic Energy Update: Quantum Completions

Wow what a massive final clean up operation the past two days have been and we are completing now.

Through the 22-11 Activations we successfully finished the clearing of all remaining reversals and interference patterns that are now being fully dissolved and removed from our, the Planetary and Cosmic morphogenetic fields. This so also fully healing the gender divide and split and is now going to bring the Collective Soul Groups, Tribes and Divine Counterparts together, and is part of our Cosmic Re-Union. It’s truly ALL ONE and interconnected.

This is also clearing out and overwriting any remaining limiting thought forms and beliefs/ Matrix programming, including mind control and

MK-Ultra Technologies, programming, and conditioning. As our false ego mind with all its fear based programming, doubts, worries, insecurities, anxieties and disbelief, is being shift deleted, and as it goes offline, linear thoughts become challenging to hold together at times. Our memories of the false Matrix are coming up for their final review and time before they fade away completely.

Many of the forerunners are now fully anchored in the ZERO POINT FIELD of Divine Neutrality and Love in Quantum NO-TIME, which is the place we collapse and co-create realities from. We live in the present now moment from where everything becomes possible, as we fully reconnect with Cosmic Christ Consciousness and the Godhead, atOne with ALL!

Clearing of everything that is false and artificial completes, AI materials, structures and architecture, toxins, and weather manipulation Technologies which I was shown is also connected to the mind control programming and has been detrimental to our mental body functions along with the bombardment of EMF’s, radiation and other artificial frequencies we have been targeted with.

Also, part of the Elemental clearing and re-encryption.

The ozone layer is also being cleared as this is also part of the artificial magnetic field of Earth, that is being reset back to Mother’s Organic Super magnetism, as part of the pole shift and flip that is about to fully complete.

Full removal of all remaining negative alien technologies, machinery and facilities, tunnel systems, psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons, negative entities and beings, fallen angelics, shadow beings, demons, parasitic and vampiric entities and parasites, AI, nanotechnology, black goo, graphene, spikeldy prot-eins, holographic overlays, inserts, implants, seals, membranes, and false light constructs and matrices. All that was part of the old, artificial realities.

Clearing and removal of clones, cloned identities and retrieval of Emerald Founder DNA and clearing of Guardian / Ascended Master level identities and Blueprints. Also, part of the full healing, re-encryption and reset of our Dark Matter/ Rasha Body template.

Imposter identities and those that have committed grave crimes against humanity are being and will continue to be fully exposed and removed and/ or disappear.

As we go BACK TO THE FUTURE, as if none of this has ever happened. Back to the Beginning to start all over again. Where it will be as if non of the holocausts or invasions ever happened, but we will remember the lessons learned, as we continue to re-member what really happened, our true history. Which is what completing this TOTAL RESET of REALity. Back to our organic Divine Blueprints, plus upgrades.


As we merge all of our incarnational and Multi-dimensional Self’s as ONE, and with it also ALL Realities/ Timelines, Dimensions, World’s, Realms and Universes as ONE NEW DIVINE CREATRIX FIELD!


We are clearing and dissolving all remaining interference patterns, reversals, Artificial Intelligence field, nets, materials, structures, and architecture. We are also letting go of any remaining karmic load and miasmas, black magic spells, hexes, courses and fully clearing all back magic nets and grids.

Healing and reunification of the Cosmic Monad is us healing our ancestral lines, the soul groups, Grail lines and bloodlines we are connected to, and together we’re helping to HEAL ALL as we heal ourselves. Quantum style.

Clearing of all false memories and history records also connected to clearing of lower coding’s and interference patterns, holocaust and hybridisation traumas within our DNA and cellular memories. Also, part of our Soul retrieval process and Multi-dimensional integration and merging, as we clear and return all attachments, entities, shadow beings, and lost and stuck Soul’s back to Source and/ or their original spiritual home, as part of the completion of The Emerald Covenant.

As the Halls of Amenti and Interdimensional Stargates have been fully re-claimed and are wide open, allowing Planetary Ascension and for the Halls of Records, Emerald Tablets and Sphere of Amenti to be accessed once again. All through our own multi-dimensional integration, DNA, Plasma LightBody, Krystal Cathedral Network, New Ascension Earth Diamond Grid and Crystalline networks activating, unlocking our true memories, history records and Cosmic Origins as part of the new instruction sets of our Divine Blueprints. The Truth that is everlasting and that cannot be questioned, is arising from deep within each ONE of us through our interconnectedness with One another through the Cosmic Diamond Rose and Emerald Heart Grid and Planetary Crystalline Networks.

We have to keep re-membering that most of what we’re looking at are in our outer realities are synthetic and artificial holographic overlays that will dissolve fully now.


Allow the artificial Matrix simulation to fully dissolve as you continue to hold the balance, Neutrality and Love and shining your light for those that need it for what is to come! Withdraw your attention from any outside distractions trying to take you off course from you manifesting and igniting your biggest dreams becoming real and available now. We keep co-creating our future in every now moment, as we fully align with our Hearts calling and Souls destiny.


As all the fear programming and negative entities and energies are being fully removed very quickly now, they come up collectively and many of us can feel this in our fields as we also help transmute these. Also, the memories and traumas being fully removed now are also what connect us ALL as ONE with the Collective traumas that we all hold the memories of within our cellular memories. Some of us are just much more aware of them and what is happening and others more unconscious.

I see the MASSIVE BREAKTHROUGHS & QUANTUM LEAP’S COMPLETING in this now and the next few days with BIG CHANGES & SHIFTS ABOUT TO UNFOLD! Like no-thing we have seen before and many of us can feel it!


This will become very tangible any moment now!

Keep calling forth & BELIEVE IN MIRACLES!!


Timelessly so.

BIG SUDDEN SHIFTS and CHANGES are brewing and imminent and we will, or already have, received guidance on which are the next steps for us to take or at least a deep inner push into making big changes in our lives happen now, as we’re done with the old, and to bring us into full alignment with our destiny and highest realities! I feel the next few days will reveal how far we’re Quantum leaping.

A lot is still to be surrendered, it’s both and. RELAX and OPEN UP WIDE now to receive all that we have already seeded and that is ready to be harvested. Knowing all of our hard work is finally paying off and everything is coming together for us now as all blocks and interference patterns are fully dissolving. All that we can not resolve ourselves is being surrendered to Source and us CALLing FORTH & BELIEVING IN BIG ASS MIRACLES to unfold NOW! That’s what makes them happen! What we focus upon right now with our attention and energy will become ever more important as manifestations will become instant as we fully merge with our already ascended Diamond Avatar Self and the infinite possibilities of the New Divine Organic Creatrix field.

I can see the Divine Masculine ready to fully rise in his new Essence, overcoming and fully trance-ending his false ego self and mind, which has kept him in a mental cage and prison of his own fears (false evidence appearing real) and stuck in loops of limiting thought forms and beliefs. As he fully rises in his power now, re-claiming his kingship, returning HOME to the Heart, home to his Queen, the old world’s will fall and fully collapse on a physical level, and the new will be born, as THEY RISE TOGETHER AS ONE, and start all over again…

Womb Healing is coming to completion for both masculine and feminine principles, which is helping us free and re-claim our sexual and creative energies, life force and power. Fully clearing any karmic remnants of previous sexual and karmic relationships, sexual traumas and misery programming. As the return of true Sacred Sexuality and New Divine Relationship patterns and Blueprints, is very much at the core of the New Earth Realities and part of our New Eden becoming ignited and realised.

Our Hearts and Minds are being opening wide along with our throat chakras as they do play such an important part and role in us speaking, feeling and thinking ALL NEW WORLD’S into manifestation, and fully aligning with our True authentic Self. We are being prepared for the Supernova of the Heart Event and our mind’s being blown wide open by what God Source has in store for us! Which is basically all of us together as ONE having co-created the many Miracles and OUR BIGGEST DREAM’S COMING TRUE NOW.

True Divine Love is in the air, it is what we are made of, and it is what makes the I’m-possible possible, the invisible visible and it is Love that moves mountains! Divine Love is to be realised through us as the Brave-Hearts that we are! After all.

‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear.’ ~ Jack Canfield

The choice is ours, between love or fear, in every now.

Eternal Love & Blessings,


Ramona Lappin:
Divine Love, Explorer of Consciousness, Reprogrammer, Visionary, Guide, Energy & Sound Healer, Mummy.
All of my transmissions are encoded with Multidimensional Ascension keys and codes that are intended to assist you on your journey.

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