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Best Yoga and Meditation Destinations for Spiritual Awakening


Yoga and meditation are practices which help you reach an inner calm. They will teach you how to find peace within yourself even in the loudest of cities. However, from time to time, going to a quiet place to meditate and practice yoga is something that will help you renew yourself.

Going to a silent retreat is something that will awaken your spiritual senses and help you redefine your meditating centre. These places are safe havens for those who need to recharge and concentrate on their inner beings. So, if you want to enjoy some time with yourself here are the best yoga and meditation destinations.

1.     Barnet, Vermont

Barnet, Vermont is the home to Karme-Choling, one of the branches of Shambhala International centres for meditation. This is a large facility with 540-acre space for complete peacefulness and serenity. It is situated in the Green Mountains and offers various programs focusing on the Shambhala theory of “three gates”. 


Even if you are unfamiliar with the Shambhala teachings you can also participate. Karme-Choling offers an introductory course which will help you catch up and follow classes without missing a beat.

2.     Goa, India

Of course that India is the most obvious yoga choice since it’s the place from where all started. Goa is the state in Western India on the coast of the Arabian Sea. This is a small area but with the largest GDP in all India. Therefore, it comes as a no surprise it has over 100 yoga centres with various programs and practices.


Bamboo Yoga is a centre located on the Patnem beach where you can participate in classes and enjoy the organic vegetarian food. You are free to participate whenever you can and do what feels more natural to you. The sea view and several studios make it easy for you to create your own schedule. This leaves you enough time to visit temples and villages which offer their own practices to reach spiritual awakening.

3.     Bali, Indonesia

Bali is the set of islands in Indonesia which people consider heavenly and ideal peaceful spots to relax and unwind. Moreover, there is nothing more enticing for spiritual awakening then being surrounded by natural beauty and serenity.

You can go as far as to rent some of the elegant accommodations to gain a complete privacy and pamper yourself.  As pointed out by Bali Villa Escapes this is a perfect way to experience “the true essence of the Balinese way of life:  private, peaceful, elegant, serene and charming.” 


The beaches and landscapes offer a variety of spots perfect for meditation and yoga, as well as group practices and classes. Visit Yoga Barn in Ubud which is a gorgeous two-story building with an open view to the nature surrounding it where everyone is welcome to participate in various classes.

On the other hand, the beach of Sanur with quite water and palms is perfect for the yoga studio. The present bamboo construction known as the Power of Now offers a unique chill-out zone with organic drinks and library.

4.     Ibiza, Spain

You may know Ibiza as a home of the music festivals and seaside enchantments, but is also a perfect place in Spain for practicing yoga and meditation. Although you can choose some other place in Spain like Centro Santillan in Andalucian hills, Ibiza’s Adventure Yogi is not something to miss.


It’s flexible with non-mandatory morning yoga classes so the rest of your time you can spend exploring the island. This is a great way to incorporate yoga into your vacation and still dedicate yourself to meditation. There is nothing better than to forget weights of the modern life than when being able to have fun and recharge with yoga moves in the morning.

5.     Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye is the largest island in Belize and already famous for amazing water sports on Caribbean beaches. However, it is also the home of eco-friendly Ak’bol Maya Yoga Retreat. This is a fantastic way to experience Mayan tradition with modern accommodations. The guests can use a thatch-roofed studio to practice yoga and meditate placed near the sea. With so many things to do in Ambergris Caye, like exploring the marine life at the Hol Chan Marine Reserve or sailing in San Pedro, you will have an experience of a lifetime.



Look for the place that will offer comfort and cosines so you would feel free enough to reach the spiritual awakening. It doesn't have to be a completely quiet place and of course, you are allowed to explore and go sightseeing. Yoga and meditation are all about giving yourself with experiences that will help you find the peace within yourself.

ninaNina is a blogger, yoga aficionado and a travel enthusiast with a distinctive taste for home decor. She's passionate about learning new things and sharing meaningful ideas. If you wanna see what she's up to you can find her on twitter!

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