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The Great Quantum Transition: Ops Critical Mass

The Great Quantum Transition: Ops Critical Mass

Many times, Disclosure News emphasized that Earth is a living sentient being. Co-Creators and Gaia helped to animate and spiritualize the terrestrial Logos after its birth by their Higher Aspects.

Then, on the lifeless planet, which Yaltabaoth made, could bring about and evolve human civilizations. The planetary Logos became the bearer of the Universe Vita Grain’s copy, the manifestation of a Single Life Principle. In the future, according to Co-Creators, Earth had to be a “mother” for the same Logos, gestating their “embryos.”

Unfortunately, after many tragic events, it lost the maternal ability, but remained very attractive to a huge amount of NAA and ET races. They came here like flies to honey for various purposes, from genetic experiments to the gigantic looting of natural resources, literally emptying the Earth’s bowels (see – The Global Crystals Operation, Part 1, DNI, 29 September 2020). Many carted out everything they could – from subsurface rock to minerals and rare earth metals, and not only.

In addition to the methods of resource extraction, described in above mentioned post, NAA applied many others, for example, gravitational, wave and sub-atomic technologies. They could take out the necessary elements from any substance – stone, earth, water, air, crystals, or ether. A gravitational beam of a certain frequency activated, loosened and opened the substance structure atomically. Next, two vortexes were turned on. One, by its freqs, pushed the desired element from the inside, and the second pulled and collected it from the outside.

In other cases, the same thing was done by direct programming of the consciousness of atoms and molecules. The material itself pushed them out of self with streams of red, blue, green and golden glow. Flowing out, the energy constricted, condensed, concentrated, and then turned into matter, which, if necessary, was enriched. After that, picturesque hills of multicolored toxic rock remained in place. An example is the Zhangye Danxia Geological Park in China. Tourists are driven exclusively along paved paths so that, heaven forbid, they do not fall into a poisonous substance.

For similar purposes, NAA exploited the elementals of earth, water, air, fire and ether, which keep matter in balance. Their flows are distributed in any substance, and the percentage of elementals changes its qualities. Their programming, with the help of the main Keepers, accelerated the crystallization and forming of veins of the necessary elements in specific rocks. When the concentrate grew to large volumes, its entire harvest was gathered. Sometimes, to accelerate the maturation process, the layers were moved to another pocket of reality, where Time flow switched to an increased speed.

Occasionally, NAA tried to get important materials directly from the ether, its reference quanta. Fortunately, it was unsuccessful. The robbers lacked experience working in the extremely unstable Earth’s energy fields, hadn’t technology and most importantly, the necessary level of consciousness. Only by sync with Gaia’s aspects, one can do anything with pure ether. But the invaders of our world didn’t have access to most of its Divine levels, so all their attempts failed.

NAA and ET achieved slightly better results, albeit short-term, in crystal mining. Today, in these places, kimberlite pipes remain, which were formed during surface energy drilling. The scanning by gravitational beam from orbit checked the most favorable locations. After that, the necessary material was pulled up from the depths and brought to the most suitable rocks. Crystals were grown in them and then extracted. What are mined in them today are pitiful scraps of the former gigantic production.

Crystals were especially important, as they keep all the keys to the consciousness of Earth, its programs, scans, organisms, matters, and systems, access codes to ley lines, parallels and meridians, other worlds and Portals to the planet’s core. But a lot of things didn’t work out for NAA. They could breach defense systems, but have not been able to break all codes.

The colossal value of our planet’s matter is that even the ordinary earth is alive, life-giving and spiritualizing. It is no coincidence that during WWII, after the invasion of Ukraine, the Nazi thousands of echelons hauled away from it the humus to the Third Reich, where fertile soil was depleted or absent. They have solely copied their ET curators, who for millions of years did the same with everything they could reach ALL OVER THE PLANET.

Someone used it to revive and reanimate their worlds, which had lost the ability to support life, as they simply drained all the resources or gobbled them up. This is a typical story of many civilizations not only in our Galaxy and the Local Universe. On a living planet, with an atmosphere, water, flora and fauna, rivers, seas, mountains and minerals, a technogeek race emerges or invades from the outer space. Run by AI and robots, it starts building infrastructure, factories where new robots are manufactured, and those, in turn, construct similar factories, robots and facilities.

Eventually, the atmosphere and minerals on the planet completely consumed. The air burnt in open-hearths and furnaces, fossils spent to produce new robots, and water – to cool structures, mechanisms and engines. The living world perishes. The planet turns into a landscape, without mountains, air and sees, with a dust-covered surface. And the hunt for the next living planet kicks off. There are a lot of such dead and ruined worlds in the Greater Cosmos.

Some ETs used Earth’s matter for cloning it on theirs planets with the help of special technologies. Others applied as a sorbent to neutralize radioactive or other contamination of the biosphere. Thirds even tried to exploit as host strain to grow a copy of our planet. Fortunately, Co-Creators derailed the project.

But they couldn’t prevent the total damage that NAA and ET’s parasites caused to Earth. The volume of seized and exported from the planet turned out to be so huge that created an extremely dangerous situation. As in human donor, when a large volume of blood is taken by a listener, serious problems begin, so a critical defect in the planet’s total mass leads to irreversible disintegration and death, like in any cosmic body. And such a moment has come. Moreover, Darks and Grays not only didn’t stop the pillage, but, on the contrary, intensified it, sort of “Earth hasn’t got long to live”…

Only the emergency intervention of the Galactic Committee, which categorically banned looting under pains and penalties of Cosmic Law, could stop the murder. The ancient quarries were closed. The extraction and export of resources has stopped. In their place remained giant territories that lost tens and hundreds of meters of topsoil layers, cyclopean canyons and ugly riverbeds, huge mountains “gnawed” from all sides and vast lifeless deserts. To save Earth, Co-Creators and the ground team had to conduct several emergency ops (see – The Global Crystals Operation, Part 1, DNI, 29 September 2020; Bloodstained Iron Glance Operation, Part 1 and Part 2, DNI, January 20 and January 23, 2021).

But the problem has not been completely solved. Even at the birth of the Earth’s new, 14D Logos, Al-Terra-Gaya. Why it became so urgent now? There are several reasons. The most important is the discrepancy between the reference value of the Earth’s mass and the actual one. At the birth of any planet, its detailed data base is compiled, which contains all parameters and constants, as well as the range of their permissible maximum deviations. This info is downloaded into the unified register of every planetary Logos. And here the first violation occurred: the parameters of the new, Earth’s 14D Logos, Al-Terra-Gaia, were actually copied from the previous 3D one.

There were other problems. The Causal Matrix of the Earth’s Logos stores all the basic characteristics of our reality. Their violation arose due to changes on the physical plane, when NAA and ET robbed huge amounts of terrestrial matter, and the original values in the Casual Matrix remained the same. This discrepancy has ALREADY caused software errors in the functioning of the new planetary Matrix. Mining and removal of rocks on such a cosmic scale increased the imbalance of the Earth’s core, accelerated the run-up of continents and the split of tectonic plates, multiplied the number of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, and complicated the task of changing poles.

To solve the problem, Co-Creators analyze several options. For example, to make corrections in the Earth’s Causal Matrix, bringing it into line with the actual state of affairs. To bring the volume of physical matter of Earth in accordance with the original values of the Matrix by compensating mass defect. Other proposals of the Galactic Committee expert groups are being considered.

Lightwarriors’ ground team is also involved. They carried out a number of operations on the Subtle and Casual Planes to restore the planetary mass, removed from some quarries and canyons that created vugs in the Earth’s lithosphere. “Dentists,” as the members of the group jokingly nicknamed themselves, filled up the cavities in various ways from different locations in Europe, informing Co-Creators in detail about the results.

On 12 January 2024 at 03:40 UT, came the new particulars about Lightwarriors’ operations to restore the Earth’s mass deficit, caused by the factors that Disclosure News described earlier (see Part 1). The ops were carried out step-by-step in various ways. Staying in the former ancient quarries and canyons, the ground team pointwise filled by cosmic and own energies the cavities in lithosphere. Their flows didn’t morph into physical matter, but help re-establish Casual Matrix reference parameters and balance the planet core’s work. Favorable space weather allowed the ground team to achieve good results. Especially at one of the op’s stages on 12 December 2023, when the 12:12.12.12 Stargate opened.

On this day, planets, stars and constellations, as sources and repeaters of radiation, formed strong harmonious stelliums by their major and minor aspects. Via Portal, the energies from the center of the Local Universe entered Earth in a powerful stream. In the planet’s field and core, their vibrations leveled off, reached a peak and eased correcting the Earth’s Crystal work.

Stelliums’ radiations and, most notably, New Moon in Sagittarius, had a strong emotional effect on Lightwarriors, increasing their vitality and mood, filling them with optimism and enthusiasm, which was very important for the operation success. Even negative energies helped. How exactly?

  • The Sun in 19° Sagittarius 43′ quintile Saturn in 1° Pisces 43′ at 01:10 am (hereinafter of London time) initiated the first harmonious wave on this day. The Luminary in the fiery sign charged Lightwarriors with incredible energy, strengthened the desire to do as much as possible, overcome any difficulties, and at the same time carefully plan every action, weigh all the pros and cons before taking each new step. The vibrations of Saturn in the water sign bolstered the determination to finish the job and achieve the intended results, despite any unexpected situation or possible negative interference.
  • Moon in 8° Sagittarius 21′ semi sextile Mercury in 8° Capricorn 21′ at 02:03 am was also harmonious. The radiations of the Night Star in the fire sign allowed Lightwarriors to react quickly and sync with the continuously changing energy flows. The vibes of Mercury in Capricorn helped to logically analyze incoming info, draw accurate conclusions, without missing a single detail and nuance during the operation.
  • Moon in 8° Sagittarius 28′ sesquiquadrate Lunar Node in 23° Aries 28′ at 02:14 am was a negative aspect. But in LightWarriors, as very strong and harmonious personalities, it created a powerful impulse of creative energy and inspiration, a strong vibrational armor against any possible intrusion of the Black or Gray egregores in the work of the ground team.
  • Moon in 8° Sagittarius 39′ semi sextile Venus in 8° Scorpio 39′ at 02:35 am weakened a bit the negative effect of the previous stellium, but required additional tuning to a new complex mix of vibrations. On the one hand, Lightwarriors had to connect with two planets that have difficulty working together because their energies are alien to one another and need to be integrated. On the other hand, the energy inherent in each sign of the zodiac is a prerequisite for the following one. For this reason, two planets linked by a semi-sextile worked constructively together while retaining their clearly defined roles. The planet in the preceding sign paved the way for the following one. This created favorable conditions for the op.
  • Sun in 19° Sagittarius 56′ quincunx Uranus in 19° Taurus 56′ at 06:21 am increased the general tension when harmonious Solar vibes in active fiery sign collided with the planet’s energy in a “viscous” earth element. But this “cocktail” became a good catalyst for intuition, clarity and sharpness of consciousness, strengthened the paranormal capacities of Lightwarriors.
  • Moon in 12° Sagittarius 11′ bi-quintile Jupiter in 6° Taurus 11′ at 08:46 am helped to further unlock the team members’ potential in op’s course. The combination of vibrations with dissimilar characteristics in different signs created some difficulties, but in the end it had a much greater effect, since it forced the group to maximize its will and efforts to continue the operation.
  • Moon in 12° Sagittarius 56′ conjunct Mars in 12° Sagittarius 56′ at 10:05 am with its powerful, intense radiation permitted the group tuning better to cosmic energy to stabilize the work of the Earth’s core.
  • Moon in 13° Sagittarius 47′ semi square Pluto in 28° Capricorn 47′ at 11:34 am formed a tense aspect. But made it possible to effectively connect planetary elementals and resonant fields to the operation, and highlight hidden errors in the course of work. The Neptune energies in the earth sign eased the link to the planet’s core.
  • Moon in 7° Sagittarius 45′ square Lilith in 7° Virgo 45′ at 12:58 am by its negative radiation created difficulties for Lightwarriors in controlling feelings, but at the same time, as a response, they became more aware that no one would do their job better. This helped to maintain internal balance and redirect the intense vibes of the stellium in a positive direction.
  • Moon in 15° Sagittarius 32′ trine Chiron in 15° Aries 32′ at 02:38 pm, for several hours, formed a special energy field, which increased the acuity of perception, the speed of reaction, and helped the group to track the planet’s response to cosmic flows more deeply and accurately.
  • Moon in 19° Sagittarius 46′ quintile Saturn in 1° Pisces 46′ at 09:59 pm rewarded the patience and efforts of Lightwarriors with a burst of energy of inspiration and simultaneously patience, meticulousness and uttermost focus on the operation.
  • Moon in 19° Sagittarius 55′ quincunx Uranus in 19° Taurus 55′ at 10:14 pm conflicting vibrations forced team members to think twice before each action in order to make the energies of stellium an assistant, not a brake. Uranus in the earth sign helped to better anticipate that was important in the extremely tense situation of that day.
  • Sun in 20° Sagittarius 40′ conjunct Moon in 20° Sagittarius 40′ at 11:32 pm harmonious energies sharpened the senses and helped adjusting to force fields and act in accordance with them, supported the emotional stability of the group members, their self-confidence and full responsibility for the course and results of the operation.

Such was the mix of intense and multifarious energies on 12 December. And how technically did the next stages of Earth’s mass restoring take place on this day? Exactly at 12:12:12 LT, when Stargate opened, Lightwarriors, staying in one of the ancient European quarries, first, mutually sync and merged in energy single whole. Then, they jointly captured strong golden energy stream from the Galactic Centre, as well as the Gaia’s aspect that She had singled out from Self, and directed into the team’s collective Logos. The latter, as a powerful re-transmitter, led the flows into Earth’s core. It immediately responded by vibrations’ surge, which filled and closed the vug in the lithosphere at this place. The energy vortex was so strong that many Lightwarriors had their temperature and blood pressure jump for several days.

Considering the cosmic weather helped the team members in all operations. During their work, in different quarries and canyons of Southern Europe, the ground team tested a wide variety of forms and schemes for restoring the Earth’s mass on a Subtle and Causal Plane. In one case, the lack of substance was filled by fragments of multidimensional bodies shared by Lightwarriors. In another, this work was done by the collective Logos of the group. In the third and fourth ops, the team used the substance of the Absolutized water elemental. In the fifth, the aspect of 5D Earth went into action, which the team members passed through selves to sync with 3D, and then, – via three planetary Logos in third, fourth and fifth dimensions. In the sixth operation, the Perfect Reality Crystal was applied.

With varying degrees of effectiveness, all ops were completed successfully. Earth has never rejected the introduced surrogate substances, except for the water elemental. As it turned out, the necessary result is obtained only by simultaneous use of all four elementals, combined in Perfect Reality Crystal.

As noted above, compensation for the mass defect on the Subtle and Causal Planes did not restore physical matter. This is a work in the future, when will take place the reformatting of tectonic platforms and continents, the final fixation of the Earth’s core and the new axis of rotation, the change of poles and the transition into 5D. So far, the group has dealt with the Earth’s mass’ problem in an experimental manner. But apart from the physical and energies aspects, the notion of “mass deficit” had also a Spiritual bearing.

The first days of January 2024 on Earth coincided with a very important event in the Greater Cosmos – the General Assembly of the Worlds Council. It’s an association of the higher races of the ENTIRE Spiritual Universe. The lowest dimension of the civilizations represented there is 5D, the highest – 13D. Among the hundreds of thousands of space ethnos, in addition to humanoid, there are many energetic, plasma, crystalline, animal-like, plant, megalithic and other Intelligence forms. Many of their diasporas are present on Earth.

The Worlds Council’s powers of are very extensive – from a discussion platform on various aspects of evolution, to the development of specific recommendations, solutions, schemes and scenarios for a particular space race. It is also a Supreme Judicial Body in some matters beyond the competence of Karma Lords, for example, in resolution of “territorial” disputes between civilizations and entire Universes.

The Council has also a living museum, where the achievements of space ethnic groups in various fields are collected. The Hall of Evolutionary Triumph presents Spiritual patterns, realized in different use of matter and energy, and next to it, in the Hall of Shame and Sorrow, the most base and destructive examples of the degradation and death of some Intelligence forms.

On 7 January 2024, the Council invited the ground team members to its meeting to present their collective Logos. A few years ago, 20 Lightwarriors singled out and merged their aspects, giving birth to the new Intelligence form. Later, its Subtle mass underwent a literally cosmic transformation, turning into a powerful energy orb, thanks to the placement of Supreme Beings of the Greater Cosmos substances in its core. Specifically, aspects of the Central Spiritual Sun, the Local Universe’s Logos, the Galactic Logos and its manifestation bodies (Galactioms), the Pleroma and some of Its Hierarchs, the former Black Co-Creator, who passed to the Light Side, and World Mother Sophia, Melchizedek, Yang Bao and Guan Yin, El Moria and Amrita-Zoya, Helios Logos, Gaia, Archangel Michael and Archaea Vera, Tarkh and Tara (the Guardians of former Tartaria).

In making up the Logos’ mass, the collective aspects not only didn’t disintegrate or reject each other, but on the contrary, in the course of numerous Spiritual and cosmo-energetic operations, they reached the highest concentration, as well as Radiant Synthesis, self-glowing with own Light. This has helped Logos to solve problems of any complexity in any dimension on our planet and in the Local Universe.

During the presentation ceremony at the Council of Worlds, at the agreed time on 7 January, the ground team members sent vibrations of Light and Love from their hearts into the Logos core, further increasing its shinning. At the request of the Council, the Logos singled out its aspect and placed it as a model in the Hall of Evolutionary Triumph.

Another collective Logos is undergoing a similar transformation – the Eurasian one, also created with the active participation of Lightwarriors. With the energy power of both Logos can’t compare any Black or Grey egregores of the Golden Billion countries. They have long lost their Logos and now, on the Subtle Plane, have to serve only lower-level predatory parasitic structures that agonize and devour each other to bulk up their vital mass deficit.

In the seething cauldron of mutual hatred, each egregore copy the actions of others, trying to maintain power over them. Strikes are only under a false flag. It breeds, multiplies and intensifies local and global conflicts with maximum destruction, victims, and drags each State into them as deeply as possible. Creates as many economic problems as possible for opponents, provokes and supports each protest movements aimed at overthrowing the current authorities in the opposing countries.

At the same time, the infernal elite of the New World Order is preparing new bloody altars, on which they still hope to make the greatest burnt offering of “countless cattle,” “soulless creatures” and “redneck scums.” Millions of living people are destined, from birth to regulated death, to exist in ghettos, prepared for them, and work for the almighty slave owners – the Golden Billion. All those who disagree and are superfluous are planned to be removed with the help of pandemics, extermination wars, and steered cataclysms. Only the minimum must survive as the servants of the ruling upper caste, armed with sophisticated means of control, suppression and systematic destruction of “excess meat.”

The main hope for the maintenance of the power and defense capability of rulers was assigned to the new NAA landing. But these dreams are no longer destined to come true, as Co-Creators and Lightwarriors in Mesopotamia proved once again with their operations (see Ops in Turkey, Parts 1-7). Black and Gray egregores are rapidly weakening, “with one foot” already in the grave and they know that they are doomed. And neither on Earth, nor in the Greater Cosmos no force will help them fill the critical deficit of their rotten and decaying energy mass.

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